Person:Richard Jacob (2)

Richard Jacob
b.Bef 1614
d.Bet 6 Sep 1672 and 5 Oct 1672 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
m. Bef 1639
  1. Samuel JacobAbt 1639 - 1672
  2. Ensign Thomas JacobAbt 1641 - 1706
  3. John JacobEst 1644 -
  4. Richard JacobEst 1648 - 1676
  5. Martha JacobAbt 1649 - 1721
  6. Judith JacobAbt 1650 - 1718
  7. Nathaniel JacobEst 1653 -
  8. Joseph JacobAbt 1655 -
  • HRichard JacobBef 1614 - 1672
  • WJoanna _____Bef 1612 - 1681
m. Aft 8 Sep 1659
Facts and Events
Name[1] Richard Jacob
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bef 1614
Marriage Bef 1639 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child (Samuel).
to Martha Appleton
Marriage Aft 8 Sep 1659 After death of his previous wife.
to Joanna _____
Will[1] 6 Sep 1672 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] Bet 6 Sep 1672 and 5 Oct 1672 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States(probably)
Probate[1] 5 Oct 1672 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    MIGRATION: 1634 on the Mary & John (on 24 March 1633/4, "Richard Jacob" was enrolled at Southampton as a passenger for New England on the Mary & John [Drake's Founders 70]).
    FIRST RESIDENCE: Ipswich. OCCUPATION: Yeoman [ILR 3:136, 4:445-46].
    BIRTH: By about 1614 (based on date of freemanship and estimated date of first marriage).
    DEATH: Between 6 September 1672 (date of will) and 5 October 1672 (probate of will).

  2.   Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862)

    RICHARD, Ipswich, came, 1634, in the Mary and john; freem. 6 May 1635, m. Martha, d. of first Samuel Appleton, had Richard, Thomas, John, Samuel, Nathaniel, Joseph, Martha, and Judith; but no dates are found; d. 1672, or 4. His sec. w. Joan had been wid. of deac. Robert Hale of Charlestown, and d. 28 Nov. 1681, in 78th yr. at C.

  3.   Richard Jacob, in Davis, Walter Goodwin, Compiler, and Introduction by Gary Boyd Roberts. Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1885-1966): A Reprinting, in Alphabetical Order by Surname, of the Sixteen Multi-Ancestor Compendia (plus Thomas Haley of Winter Harbor and His Descendants). (Baltimore, Maryland, United States: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996)

    in the ship Mary and John, which, the "last of February," 1633/4; oath as freeman May 6, 1635,; He was married by 1638 to Martha Appleton; Over Mile river he built a bridge and in 1658 a town order was passed "that George Giddings and Edward Bragg are appoynted to lay out a highway through Mr. Saltingstall's 40 acres and a part of John Andrews his farm to the Bridge over the River to Richard Jacob's House a rod and a half wide." [Candlewood, by T. F. Waters, Ipswich Historical Society's Proceedings XVI: 41.] Richard Jacob made his will September 6, 1672, and it was proved on the following October 5. To his wife Joanna he left what he had agreed and engaged by a writing under his hand dated May 3, 1669. To his son Thomas … Thomas was to pay his sister Martha...To son John, £100. To son Nathaniel, one half of the farm near Topsfield … and £60 to his sister Judith; For his daughter-in-law, widow of his son Samuel, he made careful provision:

Mary and John (1634)
This Mary and John, to be distinguished from the 1630 voyage, sailed in early 1634. The passenger list is somewhat more certain by virtue of lists of oathtakers dated 24 and 26 Mar 1633/4, but it does not cover the entire list.
Sailed: late Mar 1633/4 from Southampton, England under Master Robert Sayres
Arrived: June? 1634 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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