Person:John Bartlett (59)

John Bartlett
b.9 Nov 1613 England
m. Bef 1611
  1. Joanna Bartlett1610/11 - 1653
  2. John Bartlett1613 - 1678/79
  3. Thomas Bartlett1615 -
  4. Richard Bartlett1621 - Bef 1698
  5. Christopher Bartlett1623/24 - 1669/70
  6. Anne Bartlett1625/26 -
m. Abt 1639
  1. John BartlettAbt 1639 - Bef 1708/09
Facts and Events
Name John Bartlett
Gender Male
Birth[1] 9 Nov 1613 England
Emigration[2] 24 Mar 1633/34 Mary & John
Marriage Abt 1639 to Joanna Unknown
Death[3] 5 Feb 1678/79 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

John 2 Bartlett (Richard1) Born in England Nov. 9, 1615; his name appears on the list of passengers on the “Mary and John” which sailed for New England in March 1634, arriving in Boston, in May 1634. (Reg. 1 855-265). : May 17, 1657. He was one of the eleven men of Newbury, who went on foot “fourty miles” from Newbury to New Towne, now Cambridge) and were made freemen there- the object being to prevent the re-election of Gov. Vane. (Cu. 41) In the stint of the Ox & cow Common in 164l, he, like his father, had one share.

(Cu. 54). His name appears in the list of the Ninety One Freeholders Dec. 1642(Cu. 84). He had lott 27 in the division of land in the new town -on the corner of the Country road and Ordway's lane. (Cu. 88.) In the list of freeholders dated March 1 , 1651 , is the record “John Bartlet besides his owne hath Samuel Guiles”. (Cu. 93). In the list of freeholders Jan. 10, 1652, is the record “Francis Ordway hath not of his owne but at present he hath one he buyes of John Bartlet. (Cu. 94). Apr. 271648, he was chosen way- warden. (Cu, l09). Apr. 19, 1649, he was chosen constable. (Cu. 109) At the Quarterly Court held in Ipswich, Nov. 13, 1649, John Bartlet constable of Newbury was presented for not providing weights and measures for the use of the town. May 23, 1650, the General. Court ordered that John Bartlet, the constable of Newbury, “beinge under a fine of forty shil1ings for not providinge weights & measures according to law upon a petition presented to this Court, hath his fine remitted : the Court havinge received satisfactory information that he did his utmost endeavour to procure the same” MBCR (Cu. 121) With his brother-in -law William Titcomb, he was witness to the deed given to the townsmen of Newbury by Great Tom, Indian April 16, 1650. (Cu. 183) In May 1654, he signed the petition for the release of Lieut. Robert Pike. (Cu. 163) March 1, 1668-9 and again March 7, 1669-70, he was chosen selectman. (Cu. 110) Sept. 2, 1670, John Bartlett, William Chandler, Edmund Moores, Samuel Plumer and Caleb Moody, selectmen received of Nathaniel Clarke a barrell of powder for the Townes use for which they agree to pay ten pounds. (Cu 225) May 1670, these same men signed a petition to the General Court asking that Mr. Woodman” be Impowrd with Magisterriall powr in this Towne.” (Cu. 107) May 7, 1675, Daniel Peirce Senr Nath: Clarke & John Bartlet Senr were chosen to compleat the finishing and finishing [furnishing]of the ministry house built on Hanover St. for Mr. Richardson. ).(Cu. ~31 In the list of those who had taken the oath of Allegiance in 1678, his age is given as 65. (Cu. 180)

From Ould Newbury

At a general town meeting in March , 1667, William Titcomb was granted a piece of land, for his dwelling house, not to exceed a quarter of an acre, in exchange for a parcel of land near the well at the frog pond . Archelaus Woodman, John Bartlet, senior and Richard Knight were appointed to lay it out. (127)

From Essex Probate Records. In his nuncupative will, in May 1647, Richard Bart­lett1 gave his son John ”ye warming pan and upon his sonns request he gave him a great bible” , as he had done more formerly”.

June 29 1654, with John Sanders, took the inventory of estate of Richard Kent, senior.

Henry Fay, weaver, who died June 30, 1655, owed him ls. 2d

Capt. John Cutting, who died Nov. 20 1659, owed him 11s Thomas Seers who died May 16, 1651 , owed him 6s. Anthony Colby of Salisbury, who died Feb. 11 , 1660-61 owed him 21i. 2s. 1d.

His brother Richard who was the executor of their brother Christopher's estate , paid him l0s. Christopher died March 15, l669-70, but account was return Nov. 13 , 1625.

Abraham Toppan who died Nov. 5, 1672, owed him 5s. Susanna Jordan who died Jan. 25, 1672-3, owed him 2s. There was a debt of 11 li. due the estate of Giles Cromwell of Newbury, from John Bartlet, Sr. , March 25, 1673.

Jedediah Andrews of Salisbury, who died July 12, 1673 owed him 1li. 3 s.

Isaac Browne of Newbury, who died May 15, 1674, owed 1li. 5s.

Sept . 26, 1676, with Anthony Somerby, Samuell Plumer, and Richard Bartlet, Sr, he took the inventory of the estate of his brother-in-law, William Titcomb. Mar. 27, 1677, he was appointed administrator of the estate of Daniel Button of Haverhill (?), who owed him 7s. 6d

Nicholas Batt who died Dec. 6, 1677, owe& him 3s. 2d Thomas Hardee of “Merimack towne, near Haverhill, owed him lli. 8s. , at his death Jan. 4, 1677-8

Will and inventory E. P. R. Vol. 3 p. 287.

From registry of deeds Nov. 29, 1647, John Pike, Jr., of Newbury, for a bill of 5Li., assigned for me to take up of Richard Kent, senior of Newbury, by John Bartlett & 1 li. cash” conveyed to John Bartlett, of Newbury, ”4 acres in ye verge of lot on the north side of the frogge pond in Newbury, in the new towne, being bounded on ye north with land of Anthony Morse, on the south with the land of Thomas Browne on the east end the land of John Brown, and on the west with the street. (I. D book 1. p. 54. -177).

This lot was on Cross St. now Market St. March 'I , 1648; Edmund Moors, of this Towne, acknowledged, to have sold unto John Bartlett, also of this Towne, the four acres of planting land that lately was Samuel Plumers that lyeth in that verge of lotts on the right hand going down to Watts Sellar, bounded with street on the west, the land of Henry Somerby on the north and east, & the land of Francis Plumer on the South. (town records).

May 2 , 1650, John Bartlet senr of Newbury, for love as part of a portion in marriage to my son John Bartlett with Sara, daughter of John Knight, senr, of Newbury conveys to said John and Sara 6 acres of land in Newbury, in the field commonly knowne by the name of the nether nyne lotts , being six acres of my eight that is scituate in the field above sayd, reserveing full two acres of the sayd eight for my owne proper use the north syde next to the land of Anthony Morse, senior, the other six acres is bounded with the lane of Stephen Greenliefe on the east, the above sayd two acres on the north, the high street on the South, the Cross Street on the west, as also two acres of land more being halfe my house lott, having Edward Richardson land on the North, Wm. Chandlours land on the East the lane goeing downe to Watts his Seller on the west and my other part of land on which my house stande upon the south with house built on the two acre etc; also, a freehold bought of Thomas Dow. March 29, 1652; William Stevens in consideration of full satisfaction received sold to John Bartlett shoomaker all my rights title & interest in those patches of meadow which I and Henry Lunt bought jointly together of Richard Browne about two or three acres as it is expressed in the grant from ye town to Richard Browne. Ack 1 d[ay]:2nd m[onth] 1653 before Samuel Symonds. ID I-107

  1. Dean, John Ward. "The Bartlett Bible and Its Record", in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society)

    Richard Bartlett Bought this booke Anno Domyni 1612
    I Richard Bartlett writ this for the age of my children
    John Bart borne . the . 9 . of november. 1613 . a. 11. of the lcok in the day
    ["?eaues day" in margin]

  2. "Passengers of the Mary and John, 1634", in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society)
    9:267, July 1855.

    The names of such Passengers as took the Oathes of Supremacy, & Alleigeance to pass for New England in the Mary & John of London Robert Sayres master.
    24th Mar 1633[/34]
    John Bartlett

  3. Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Mass.: The Essex Institute, 1911)

    Bartlet, John, sr., [died] Feb. 5, 1678.

Mary and John (1634)
This Mary and John, to be distinguished from the 1630 voyage, sailed in early 1634. The passenger list is somewhat more certain by virtue of lists of oathtakers dated 24 and 26 Mar 1633/4, but it does not cover the entire list.
Sailed: late Mar 1633/4 from Southampton, England under Master Robert Sayres
Arrived: June? 1634 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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