Person:John Newman (87)

John Newman
b.Est 1613
  • HJohn NewmanEst 1613 - 1673
  • WAlice DutchEst 1640 - 1704
m. Bef Nov 1673
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Newman
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1613
Emigration[1] 1634 On the Mary & John.
Residence[1] 1634 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Bef Nov 1673 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesNo record of date or place of marriage; no children mentioned in his probate record.
to Alice Dutch
Death[1][2] Nov 1673 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Estate Inventory[1][2] 30 Dec 1673
Probate[1][2] 31 Mar 1674 Administration granted to the relict.

Estate of John Newman, Sr. of Ipswich

"The last will & testament of John Newman Senr deceased Nouember ye 1673 Hee said hee left his wholl estate to his wife while shee liued & at her decease he gaue her leaue to dispose of Tenn pounds where she would, & what his wife left was to Im> returned amongst his owne Kindred."

Thomas (his + mark) Newman, Ser.
Witness: James Chute, John Wooddame. Robert Pers.

Inventory taken Dec. 30, 1673. by Robert Peirse and Frances (his X mark) Jordan: his wearing Apparrell & 2 beds & beddinge & bedsteads, 19li.; pewter & brass, Iron pott, Iron kettle & other Irons. 5li.; 2 steeres & a heyfer, 6li.; 3 Cows, 9li.; 6 ewes & 1 ram, 3li.; the house, barne & homestead. 25li.; the feild lott, 10li.; 3 acres marsh, 3li.; a Sow & a Shoate, 1li.; total, 81li. Bills & debts, 91li. 6s. A Coslet and a mare in the wodes and 20s.

Attested in Ipswich court Mar. 31, 1674 by Alice. Newman, the relict of John Newman.

Debts: Mosus Pengren, 1li.; Mr. Samewell Bushop, 18s.; Goodman Piper, 1li.; Goodman Day, 7s. 5d.; Ms. Wainrite, 1li. 5s.; cofen, 8s.; Haverd, 10s.; Goodman Brewer, 4s. 6d.; Decon Knoulten, 7s. 6d.; to Wodam cut of of his bill upon reconing, 18s.; Goodman Deneson. 3s.; goodman Sayer, weaver, 1s. 6d.; Rates and bureall, 12s. 6d.; minesturs, 6s. 6d. Essrx County Probate Files, Docket 19,416.

Administration on the estate of John Newman, intestate, granted Mar. 31, 1674 to Alice Newman, the relict, and an inventory amounting to 172li. was allowed. Court ordered that by consent of the brother of deceased, 38li. was to be paid to the brother and sister, two parts to the brother and one part to the sister, and the rest of the estate to the widow. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, page 240."[2]

Mary and John (1634)
This Mary and John, to be distinguished from the 1630 voyage, sailed in early 1634. The passenger list is somewhat more certain by virtue of lists of oathtakers dated 24 and 26 Mar 1633/4, but it does not cover the entire list.
Sailed: late Mar 1633/4 from Southampton, England under Master Robert Sayres
Arrived: June? 1634 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    MIGRATION: 1634 on the Mary & John (on 26 March 1634, "John Newman" was enrolled at Southampton as a passenger for New England on the Mary & John (Drake's Founders [71].
    OCCUPATION: Husbandman [ILR 1:46].
    BIRTH: About 1613 (assuming he was aged about 60 when he was freed from training [EQC 5:138]).
    DEATH: Ipswich [blank] November 1673 [EPR 2:386].
    ASSOCIATIONS: John Newman was brother of Thomas Newman {1634, Ipswich}. On 30 January 1650[/1?], Thomas Newman deposed that "he went 'to my brother John' to hire his oxen" [EQC 1:213]. On 26 June 1666, "John Newman Jr." deposed regarding "his uncle, John Newman" [EQC 3:325]. These two brothers may also have been related to Robert Newman (1635, Unknown}, who was a passenger to
    New England on the same vessel with them [Drake's Founders 70]. The sister referred to in the distribution of the estate remains unidentified [EPR 2:386-87; EQC 5:288].

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