Person:Richard Bartlett (4)

Richard Bartlett
b.Est 1585
  • HRichard BartlettEst 1585 - 1647
  • WUnknown UnknownEst 1590 - Bef 1647
m. Bef 1611
  1. Joanna Bartlett1610/11 - 1653
  2. John Bartlett1613 - 1678/79
  3. Thomas Bartlett1615 -
  4. Richard Bartlett1621 - Bef 1698
  5. Christopher Bartlett1623/24 - 1669/70
  6. Anne Bartlett1625/26 -
Facts and Events
Name[2] Richard Bartlett
Gender Male
Birth[2] Est 1585
Marriage Bef 1611 Englandto Unknown Unknown
Death[2][7] 20 May 1647 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death[7] 21 May 1647 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death[6] 25 May 1647 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[7] 28 Sep 1647 Nuncupative will proved.

Origin of the Bartlett Family of Newbury

"It has been claimed, within the last quarter of a century, that Richard and John Bartlett of Newbury, and Thomas Bartlett of Watertown, were three brothers,—sons of Edmund Barttelot of Ernley, who died in 1591, who was a son of Richard Barttelot of Stopham; and that they 'sold back' their portion of the land in 1634 to make a fair start in New England. This fabrication has been built up on the mere resemblance of name, and is disproved by every known fact. John of Newbury was the son of Richard of Newbury; while Thomas of Watertown, who was born in 1594, was a poor servant in the employ of Pelham in 1631, and sold his master's tools to raise money enough to bridge over some of his expenses; and not one of them ever signed his name as Barttelot, although the home chapel of the latter family is full of memorials of family pride, with its surname distinct and unvariable from A.D. 1428 until the most recent times.

The surnames Batt, Bartlett and Barttelott, are all mere pet diminutives of the baptismal name of Bartholomew; the two latter merely indicating little-Bart, and shows that the family names, like those of John-son, Jack-son and Williamson, came out of the personal name of a landless father.

W. S. Smith, a distinguished English writer on heraldry, says 'it is the ambition of every family in England, which seeks to display genealogical and heraldic honors, to claim descent from some 'Norman knight' who came over with the Conqueror.'

The Barttelot family may be classed among them. They claim descent from Adam1 Bartelot, who is stated on the family pedigree to have come over with William the Conqueror, and to have died in A. D. 1100. From him in direct descent are given William,2 John,3 Robert,4 Thomas,5 John,6 who married Joan de Stopham, and died A. D. 1428. Six generation, covering 328 years, or nearly 55 years to a generation.

If the pedigree is examined from A.D. 1428 towards our time, which covers a period with corroborative record, 11 generations average less than 25 years each.

It is almost needless to say that every thing given of a previous date to John6 was fabulous. The indenture by which he acquired possession of the Stopham lands is dated 7th year of Richard II. (A.D. 1384), and his father may have been a man without a surname—simply known as Bartholomew.

I have not known an instance where a New Englander of intelligence, descended from our early settlers through lines of increasing wealth or reputation, had not been handsomely received and entertained by the present representatives of the 'County Family' from which he supposed that his New England progenitor was derived.

Many members of the Bartlett family have visited Stopham, and while appreciating the courtesy of the host, listened to stories of chivalrous knights, and questioned about the broad acres of the family. Prof. S. C. Bartlett, of Chicago, wrote after visiting Stopham in 1874, that 'an accurate pedigree of the line has been kept from 1069 down to Ada Mary, the youngest daughter of Col, Walter B(arttelot), who celebrated her 12th birthday in August, 1874,' and Col. Bartlett himself wrote that 'the records in the church are complete from John Barttelot, who was born early in 1300 ! down to the prevent day." I have before mentioned that this John Bartellot acquired the estate in 1344 and died in 1428. In the same letter Prof. Bartlett wrote that 'the estate is a large one, some 7000 or 8000 acres,' but the government record gives it as 3633 acres, with a gross income of £1793.

It is necessary in writing of genealogical matters to show the diversity of printed statements, so that the present reader, after hearing both sides of the story, may judge of its truth."[1]

Estate of Richard Bartlett of Newbury.

"Sometime in the year 1646, Richard Bartlett Sr. of Newbury, for 'certaine bushels of corne in hand paid and received, & for ten bushels a yeare yearly, during his naturall life, to be paid upon demand' sold to Richard Bartlett his son his freehold and four-acre lot in Newtown, and six acres of saltmarsh, and five acres of meadow near the ox common, and seven acres of divided land. Two witnesses, Edward Rawson and Anthony Somersby, came forward before Governor Bellingham on 18 August 1654 and deposed that

This is the some & substance of the bargaine & deed, which was made betweene Richard Bartlett sen'r. & Richard Bartlet Jun'r to which I was a witness, and it being lost I afferme to the truth thereof."[2]

"The testimony of william Titcombe & Anthony Somersby concerning the last wilt & testament of Richard Bartlett sen of Newbury deceased the 20th of May 1647 About a month before he deceased we being with him & two of his sonnes being prsent he being very ill & had bene weake all the spring finding in himselfe that he was not like to continew he desired vs to take notice what his mind was concerning that small estate he had how he would dispose of it. As for his sonne John Bartlett he had done for him more then for the rest of his children & at that tyme did not dispose any to him. To his sonne Christofer Bartlett he did bequeath the debt which latly he had borrowed of him which was five bushells of wheat if soe be it should please the lord to take him away at this sicknesse or ells if he should lye longe vizitted his necessity would require that he should pay it againe. To his daughter Johan wife of william Titcombe he bequeathed one paire of new shoes for herselfe & her foure daughters each one a paire of shoes And all the rest of his goods & chattells that were not disposed of he bequeathed wholly to his sonne Richard Bartlett whom he made his sole heire & executor. I Anthony Somersby the next day Pswaded him to give somthing to his sonne John Bartlett his answere was that he had bene with his sonne Richard Batlet this twelve month & all that he had was to little for to give him seing he had bene weake & ill & could doe little but lay vpon his sonnes charges; besides said he if I should lye longe sick I shalbe chargable to Richard & not to any of the rest and for John I have done more formly yet I will give him the warming pan and vpon his sonnes request he gaue him a great bible: this he spake being in pfect memory & soe continewed to the last breath.

'I Edward Rawson wittnes to the last pt of the will that I often heard the said Richard Bartlett sen (the tyme of his sicknesse) say he would & did give all to his sonne Richard Bartlett 29th Septemb 1647. This was before the witness Edward Rawson.'

The first part of this will proved 28: 7 : 1647, by Mr. Rawson, the whole by Anthony Somersby. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 25.

Inventory of estate of Richard Bartlett of Newbury, shoemaker, deceased May 21, 1647, taken by William (his mark) Titcombe, John Batlett & Anthony Somersby: [no real estate, moveable estate only, untotalled] Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 26."[7]

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