Person:Randolph McDonald (1)

Randolph McDonald
  • HRandolph McDonaldAbt 1710 - 1744
  • WJane Stark1712 -
m. abt. 1731
  1. Randolph McDonald, Jr.1731 - 1757
  2. Margaret McDonaldest 1733 -
  3. Jane McDonaldAbt 1735 -
  4. Mary 'Agnes' McDonaldest 1736 -
  5. Alexander McDonaldabt 1737 - 1811
  6. Sarah McDonaldabt 1740 - aft 1816
Facts and Events
Name Randolph McDonald
Alt Name Randall McDonald
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1710 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage abt. 1731 Pennsylvaniato Jane Stark
Death? May 24, 1744 Beverley Manor, Augusta County, Virginia

Randolph (Randall) McDonald was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Randall McDonald's land (Beverley Manor SM, 141 acres, 1740) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

From Chalkley's:

  • 1738 SURVEY: 8 Oct, for Randal Mc Donnald, corner Andrew Russell, ye said Russell's line bare S, 60 E. ------, Maxwell's Branch. "Hume's Old Field Book", Chalkley's Scotch-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 2, p. 375.

From Orange County, Virginia records:

  • Pages 158-62. 23-24 July 1740 - William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to Randales McDonnald of Orange County. Lease and release; for ₤4.4.7 current money. 141 acres, part of Beverley Mannor... corner to Andrew Russell on the branches of Christie's Creek... Maxwell's branch... (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: Moses Thomson, William Skillirn, John Lewis. 24 July 1740. Acknowledged by Wm. Beverley, Gent. [Relinquishment of dower as above, Beverley to Page.] [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 44]. In the margin, the clerk wrote "and delivered to Alexander McDonald, July 3, 1767".

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

Listed consecutively:

  • Page 513.--16th May, 1768. Alexander McDonald and Margaret ( ) and Jean ( ) McClelland, his mother, to John Ramsey, £100, 141 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Andrew Russell on branches of Christie's Creek; oak on Maxwell's branch; Andrew Russell's line. Teste: Hugh Ross, Andrew Russell. Delivered: William Ramsey, 5th October, 1772.
  • Page 515.--16th May, 1768. Alexander McDonald, John Gray and William Hutcheson to John Ramsey, bond in £200 conditioned to make secure title to 141 acres for £100 in Beverley Manor, excepting mines and minerals, if any (mentions deeds of lease and where as having been made on same date as this).

Records of Randolph (Randall) McDonald

From Orange County, VA records:

  • 1741 REL: Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Meeting House, Beverley Manor, Orange Co, VA, 14 August Subscribers list, .....Randal McDonnall etal. Wilson's The Tinkling Spring Headwater of Freedom, p. 84.
  • 1742 MIL: Capt. John Christian's Muster List, Rand McDonel etal.
  • 4 February 1742/3 - The action of debt between William Beverley, Esquire, Plaintiff and Randall McDonald of Augusta County. Planter, Defendant - Being agreed, is dismissed. Orange Co, VA, DB3-350.
  • 16 February 1743/4 - Henry Downs petitions for counter security from Jane McDonald, widow and Admx. of Randol McDonald, (administration granted in Orange County), NOW THE WIFE OF JOSEPH MCCLALLAN. Chalkley's Scotch-Irish in Virginia, Vol 1, p. 37. (Augusta Co, VA).
  • 24 May 1744 - Jane McDaniel (SIC) with Henry Downs, Gent., her security, gives Bond in the sum of 250 pds as Administratrix of the Estate of Randolph McDaniel (sic.)Orange County, VA, WB1-321.
  • 24 May 1744 -Certificate for obtaining Letters of Administration of the Estate of Randolph McDaniel (SIC) DECEASED, Is granted to Jane McDaniel SIC) the widow and relict of the said Randolph, she having according to law made oath and with Henry Downs, Gent., her security, entered into Bond for her true and faithful administration of said decedents estate and acknowledged the same in open Court, which is admitted to record. Orange County Order Book 4-103.

From Chalkley's:

  • April and June 1746 - John Lewis, gent., vs Joseph McCleland and Jane, his wife, Administratrix of Randall McDowell, (SIC) deceased. Chalkley's Scotch-Irish in Virginia, Vol 1, p. 293.
  • 23 August 1746 - Joseph McClelhill and Jane, his wife, bring suit against Francis Bealy (or Beaty ?) - the suit being agreed is dismissed. Augusta Co, VA, Order Book 1, page 95.
  • Jun 1747 COURT: Augusta Co, VA, James McClelhill vs. Andrew McClure.----James and Jane, his wife, admrs. of Randal McDonnald. Writ dated 25 Jan 1745. Chalkley's Scotch-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 1, p. 295.
  • 17 March 1747/8 - Joseph McClehill and Jane, late widow of Randolph McDonall, to give counter security. Do, p. 34.
  • Page 203.--16th November, 1757. Jannet McDonald's bond (with John Wright, Danl. Smith) as administrator of Randall McDonald. (Note: this record is referring to Randall McDonald, Jr., son of this Randall McDonald. Jannet (his mother) was named administrator of his estate.)
  • Page 311.--17th May. 1759. Samuel Scott's estate settlement, by Robert Scott and Robert Hooks, executors. Paid Thos. Stevenson, Christopher Zimmerman, Robt. McFarson, David Nelson, Henry Downs, Saml. Wilkins, Wm. Craig, Wm. Snodon, Margaret Fowler, William Jordan, Jno. Vought, Patrick Cain, Doctor Harrison, Hugh Thompson, Jonathan Gibson, Jas. Beard; 1 coffin for Samuel Scott; 1 coffin for George Scott; keeping 3 negroes one year, nine months, bv R. Scott. Vendue to, viz: David Crighton, Jno. Paul Fought, David Logan, Jas. Underwood, James Berkley, widow McDonald, Patrick Quin. Joseph Kinkade, John Love, Bernard Man, Jacob Pence, John Wilkins, Ann Scott. (Note: Margaret Fowler listed in this record was Randolph's daughter, "widow McDonald" was Raldolph's wife and Patrick Quin was Randolph's son-in-law).
  • Page 153.--18th August, 1766. John Ramsey's bond (with Israel Christian) as guardian (chosen) to Alex. McDonall, orphan of Randall McDonall. (Note: a John Ramsey was also named as guardian for several children of a John McDonald, who died prior to June 1764, relationship of John McDonald to this Randolph McDonald has not been established).