Place:Beverley Manor, Augusta, Virginia, United States


NameBeverley Manor
Located inAugusta, Virginia, United States     (1738 - )

Beverley Manor

"Beverley Manor" is an area of Augusta County, comprising 118,491 acres, originally patented ("The Beverley Patent") on 6 September 1736 to William Beverley of Essex County, Virginia, Sir John Randolph of the City of Williamsburg, Virginia, John Robinson of King and Queen County, Virginia and Richard Randolph of Henrico County, Virginia. Sir John Randolph, John Robinson and Richard Randolph relinquished their rights to William Beverley on 17 September 1736.

William Beverley granted many land "patents" to early settlers looking to establish their future in Virginia. Many of the earlier patents were granted on a "lease and release", which provided the land to the settlers for the promise of a future payment to "release" the land. Many of the first "Scotch-Irish" settlers appeared in Orange County, Virginia court to claim their "headrights", which settlers were promised 100 acres per "head".

Most of the records of the grants and deeds of Beverley Manor are located in the Orange County (the predecessor county of Augusta, where deeds were recorded prior to late-1745) and Augusta County records.