Person:Phillip Barger (3)

Phillip Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA
b.Abt. 1700 Germany
  • F.  Barger (add)
  1. Phillip Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VAAbt 1700 - 1755
  2. Casper Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA1708 - 1755
  • HPhillip Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VAAbt 1700 - 1755
  • WMary PrestonEst 1700-1710 -
m. Bef. 1741
  1. Phillip Barger, Jr.1741 - 1803
Facts and Events
Name Phillip Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1700 Germany
Marriage Bef. 1741 to Mary Preston
Death? 30 July 1755 Killed by Shawnee Indians at Draper's Meadow Massacre, Augusta County, Virginia

Philip Barger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Indian Massacre at Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA

Phillip Barger was one of the victims of the Indian Massacre at Draper's Meadow on 30 July, 1755.

Information on Philip Barger

From "Barger Family History Society" website:

(3) Philip Barger died 30 Jul 1755 at Draper’s Meadow, VA during an Indian attack, together with his brother Gasper. According to Mr. Ron Craig of Columbia, Missouri, “Philip Barger was born in the German Palatinate about 1700. He came to Philadelphia from Rotterdam, Holland and from there to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia before 1740. He owned farmland near McGaheysville in what was then Augusta County, (later Rockingham County). His wife’s name is unknown. They were probably married in Germany. Philip’s brother, Gasper Barger, lived on a farm in the same community. He also had come to Philadelphia via Rotterdam, and this may be the origin of the erroneous family tradition that the Bargers were Dutch. In 1755, the Bargers came to notice when Philip and Gasper and Philip’s son, Philip, Jr., were making preparations for a journey to Draper’s Meadows in Southwest Virginia where they had bought farm land in a new land development, their purpose being to erect buildings before moving their families there. It will be recalled that this was the time of the French and Indian War. On July 9th, General Braddock was defeated and killed. Colonel George Washington was retreating with the reminants of Braddock’s Army and the Indians were out of hand everywhere. July 30, 1775, Indians struck the new settlement at Draper’s Meadow and the entire settlement was wiped out. Gasper and Philip Barger, Sr., being among those killed.”