Person:Peter Hanger (3)

Peter Hanger
m. ABT 1759
  1. Peter Hanger1761 - 1828
  2. Frederick Hanger1764 - 1812
  3. Elizabeth HangerAbt 1766 - 1800
  4. Barbara Hanger1767 - 1825
  5. Johannes Hanger1769 - Bef 1803
  6. Hannah Hanger1771 - 1841
  7. Jacob Hanger1773 - 1834
  8. George Hanger1775 - 1844
  9. Catherine Hanger1777 - 1852
  10. David Hanger1782 - 1831
m. Abt. 08 Apr 1785
  1. Catharine HangerAbt 1785 - Aft 1829
  2. David Hanger1786 - 1851
  3. Elizabeth Hanger1787 - 1817
  4. Hannah Hanger1790 - 1872
  5. John Hanger1792 - 1862
  6. Peter Hanger, Jr.1795 - 1869
  7. James Hanger1804 - 1811
Facts and Events
Name Peter Hanger
Gender Male
Birth? 29 Jan 1761 Frederick County, Virginia[pr possibly Pennsylvania]
Marriage Abt. 08 Apr 1785 Augusta County, Virginiato Catherine Link
Death? 23 Dec 1828 Augusta County, Virginia

Peter Hanger, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 315.--16th June, 1789. Hugh Green's executors (William Wilson and Robert Reed) to Peter Hanger, Jr. Patented to Hugh, 10th April, 1781.

Records of Peter Hanger in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1785--April 8, Peter Hanger, Jr., and Catherine Link, daughter of Mathias Link; surety, Peter Hanger, Sr.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 18, 1787. - (404) Thomas Cook to be bound to Frederick Hanger, and Peter Laywell to Peter Hanger, Jr.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1791. - Peter Link and Judy, his wife, vs. Peter Hanger, Jr.--Writ, 24th February, 1791.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1793--September 3, James Allen and Peter Hanger, Jr., surety. James Allen and Elizabeth Tate, daughter of Robert and Margret Tate (consent). Teste: Ibby McClung, Polly Tate.
  • Vol. 2 - 29th November, 1803--Peter Hanger, administrator of John Hanger. (Note: John Hanger was the brother of Peter Hanger).
  • Page 361.--30th May, 1809. James Allen's will--To wife, Margaret; son, James; daughter, Polly Lewis; to grandsons, Allen Trimble, Allen Page, Allen McCue; has heretofore deeded land to his children. Executors, sons William and James. Teste: James Allen, Peter Hanger, James Kinney. Proved, 28th May, 1810. James qualifies.
  • Page 108.--24th April, 1810. George Blakeley to Peter Hanger, deed trust for Joseph Wayland, wagon and horses.
  • Page 390.--15th February, 1814. Henry King's will, aged and infirm -- To wife, Susannah; to daughter, Mary; step-daughter, Martha Cochran; to wife's grandson, John Cochran; to wife's grandson. Henry King Cochran; to William King Patterson; to grandson, Henry Thornton, who has lately intermarried with my wife's granddaughter, Susanna Patterson; to granddaughter, Nancy Thornton; to grandson, Joseph Thornton; granddaughter, Mary Thornton. Executors, Col. Andrew Anderson, James Cochran, John Cochran. Teste: Samuel Miller, Lewis Wayland, Sr.; Peter Hanger. Proved, 24th August, 1818. Cochrans qualify.
  • Page 342.--16th October, 1817. James McKemey, Sr.'s. will. aged--To wife, Agnes, $15 yearly, to be paid by son James; to son, James; to daughter, Jane; to daughter. Nancy Hogshead; to son, John; to daughter, Polly Herdman (Hendman). Executors, wife Agness and son James. Teste: Wm. Wilson, Peter Hanger, James Crawford, Jr. Proved, 24th March, 1818, by Crawford, and 27th March, 1818, by Peter Hanger. James qualifies.

Information on Peter Hanger, Jr.

Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19

Husband's Name

Peter HANGER (AFN:RZZD-P2)  Pedigree  

Born:  29 Jan 1761  Place:  , Augusta, Va   
Died:  23 Dec 1828  Place:  , Augusta, Va   
Married:  Abt 8 1785 Apr  Place:  , Augusta, Va   

Father:  Johann Peter HANGER HENGERER (AFN:RZZF-7R)  Family  
Mother:  Hannah GABBERT GEBERT (AFN:RZZB-3N)   

Wife's Name

Catherine LINK (AFN:RZZD-Q7)  Pedigree  

Born:  1767  Place:  <, Augusta, Va>   
Died:  1837  Place:  , Augusta, Va   
Married:  Abt 8 1785 Apr  Place:  , Augusta, Va   



1.  Sex  Name    
 M David HANGER (AFN:RZZD-RD)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1786   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  Abt 1850   Place:  , Augusta, Va   

2.  Sex  Name    
 F Elizabeth HANGER (AFN:RZZD-SK)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1787   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1817   Place:    

3.  Sex  Name    
 F Hannah HANGER (AFN:RZZD-TQ)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1790   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1872   Place:    

4.  Sex  Name    
 F Catherine HANGER (AFN:RZZD-VW)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1791   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1803   Place:  , Augusta, Va   

5.  Sex  Name    
 M John HANGER (AFN:RZZD-W3)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1792   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1862   Place:  , Augusta, Va   

6.  Sex  Name    
 F Mary Catherine HANGER (AFN:RZZD-ZF)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1798   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1864   Place:    

7.  Sex  Name    
 M James HANGER (AFN:RZZF-0K)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1804   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1811   Place:    

8.  Sex  Name    
 M William Smith HANGER (AFN:RZZF-1Q)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1806   Place:  , Augusta, Va   

9.  Sex  Name    
 F Eveline Evans HANGER (AFN:RZZF-2W)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1809   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  1865   Place:    

10.  Sex  Name    
 M Peter HANGER (AFN:RZZD-X8)  Pedigree  

   Born:  19 Aug 1795   Place:  , Augusta, Va   
   Died:  Apr 1869   Place:  Waynesboro, , Va