Person:Patrick Wilson (1)

Patrick Wilson
b.bef. 1730
d.bef. 13 April 1774 Botetourt County, Virginia
Facts and Events
Name Patrick Wilson
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1730
Death? bef. 13 April 1774 Botetourt County, Virginia

Patrick Wilson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 411.--2d July, 1752. Same (From Christophel Francisco by Stophel Francisco, his son and attorney) to Patrick Wilson, 380 acres as above (Part of Jacob Stover's 5000 acres, on Shanandore; corner Nicholas Trout's line, on Cub Run; Morris Pound's line; corner Patrick Wilson; Val. Pence's line; the 3,100-acre lines. These Francisco conveyances are part of Stover's 5,000-acre tract.); land Morrise Pound lives on.
  • Page 222.--9th March, 1767. Malcom Allen and Mary ( ) to Patrick Willson, £45, 80 acres by patent dated 16th September, 1765, on James River, George Poage's land. Teste: Gabriel Smithers, Hugh and Moses Allen. Delivered: Wm. McClenachan, July, 1769.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 283.--15th October, 1765. Patrick ( ) Willson to George Weaver. £130, 380 acres, art of 5,000 acres patented to Jacob Stover, 3,100 acres thereof being conveyed by Jacob to Christopher Francisco and recorded in Orange County, on Shanando River; corner Morris Pound whereon he lives. Delivered: Geo. Weaver, 20th December, __94.
  • Page 587.--7th August, 1769. Patrick ( ) Wilson to William McClenachan, mortgage, £36.6.2, on James River, George Poage's line, purchased by Patrick of Malcomb Allen by deed, 9th March, 1760. Teste: John Maxwell, Audly Paul, James Neelly, John Buchanan, William Hall. Delivered: William McClenachan, August, 1770.

Will of Patrick Wilson

Botetourt Co., Virginia, Will Book A, page 43: Will of Patrick Wilson. Mentions sons Wm. Wilson, Moses Wilson, son Andrew's oldest daughter, son John's daughter. Executor: son William. Witnesses: George Poage, John Gray, Rachel (x) Poage. will dated 26 Mar 1773, will proved 13 Apr 1774.
Wilson, Patrick. Will probated December 1774. Names children: William, Alexander, Moses, Andrew, John and Thomas. [Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 65].

Records of Patrick Wilson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 144.--20th February, 1750-51. Sale of personalty of Mathias Shaw, by James Nicholas, executor--Recorded 18th May, 1762, viz: Sold to Jno. Craig, Wm. Frazier, Jas. Downey, Jno. Love, David Nelson, Henry Dooley, William Craig, Bernard Man, Joseph Wait, Saml. Muncy, Joseph Muncy, Casper Faught, Owen Reed, Joseph Wait, Jacob Harmon, Jno. Stevenson, Jacob Nicholas, Peter Herman, James Beard, Cathrine Pence, Michael Cam, William Williams. 5th May, 1755--2d sale, to viz: Jacob Nicholas, Henry Dooley, David Nelson, Peter Miller, Conrad Kimsley, Catrine Shawp (3 books), Michael Cam, Francis Kirtley, Jno. Davison, Margaret Shawp, Jno. Davis, Charles Man, Joseph Cravens, Jno. Couch, Robt. Craig, Jacob Courtsious, Simon Powell, Geo. Cam, Henry Long, Evan Evans, Conrad Backfish, Patrick Wilson, Jno. Hetrick, Nicholas Brock, George, Robert, and widow Scott. By sundries received of the estate of the deceased Jacob Pence.
  • Page 421.--27th August, 1751. John Lynn and Naomie, to Robert Shanklin. 320 acres on No, River Shan, joining Robert Scott, Stoney Lick Branch. Teste: Robt. Hook, Patrick Wilson.
  • Page 406.--2d July, 1752. Christophel Francisco by Stophel Francisco, his son and attorney, to Peter Hull, 230 acres. Part of Jacob Stover's 5000 acres, on Shanandore; corner Nicholas Trout's line, on Cub Run; Morris Pound's line; corner Patrick Wilson; Val. Pence's line; the 3,100-acre lines. These Francisco conveyances are part of Stover's 5,000-acre tract. Teste: Robert Hooks, Nicholas Trout, Val. Pence. Delivered: Nicholas Trout, 3d January, 1753.
  • Page 431.--2d July, 1752. Same to same (hristophel Francisco by Stophel Francisco, his son and attorney), to Valentine Pence, 168 acres. As above (Part of Jacob Stover's 5000 acres, on Shanandore; corner Nicholas Trout's line, on Cub Run; Morris Pound's line; corner Patrick Wilson; Val. Pence's line; the 3,100-acre lines. These Francisco conveyances are part of Stover's 5,000-acre tract.). Cub Run, corner John Craige: corner land said Pence lives on. Teste: Patrick Wilson.
  • Page 447.--6th December, 1753. Sale bill of Nicholas Trout's estate to, viz: Jno. Love, Jno. Hales, Patrick Wilson, Jno. Walles, Valentine Pence, Wm. Logan, Gasper Faught, Jacob Sink, Andw. Faught, Evan Evans, Pat. Kinney, widow Trout, Nicholas Millberry, Thos. Crawford, Geo. Trout, Jno. Craig. Setttlement of above estate by Geo. Trout, administrator, recorded 21st May, 1766--Cash paid for liquor at the vendue, 5 gallons at 3/; cash paid for liquor at a grubbing frolick, 6 quarts at 9 per quart, £0.5.6.; cash paid for 6 quarts liquor at the funeral, £0.4.6.; paid Teter Couts, Bernard Man. Contra--Received from John Capebritton.
  • Vol. 1. - MAY 24, 1756. - (159) John Meeley, servant of Patrick Wilson.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 24, 1756. - (300) James Ward, servant of Patrick Wilson, prays freedom dues. Domnick Barrett, witness.
  • Page 107.--13th October, 1761. Henry Perkey's (German) will, farmer Wife, Margaret; eldest son, Jacob, tract purchased of Mary Pond, 360 acres on the tract purchased of John Wilson if other is lost; daughters, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth; daughter, Elizabeth, 135 acres on Lick Run joining Nicholas Null; daughter, Ann, a tract on Shanando joining Elizabeth; sons, John and Henry. Executor, wife Margaret. Dated at end 2d November, 1761. Teste: Robt. Hook, James Bruester, Patrick Wilson. Proved, 17th February. 1761 (should be 1762), by the witnesses. Margaret qualified, with James Waite, James McClure. Margaret's mark ( ).
  • Vol. 1 - 1763-4, Pt. 1. - Petitioners to open a road that usually led from a ford of the South River above Joseph Hannah's over Cole's ford on the middle and from thence to Mathew Thompson's, which has been lately stopped by Henry Reaburn, notwithstanding it has been a bridle way for nearly twenty years. Robert Scott, Patrick Frazer, James Bruster, Robert Hook, Robert Hook, John Denniston, William Hook, J. Madison, John Stephenson, Archibald Huston, John Craig, John Davison, John Davison, Jr., Patrick Willson, Robert Shanklin.
  • Page 640.--9th June, 1764. Peter Hull and Susanna to Jacob Passenger, £60, receipt whereof, &c., and discharge the said George Lewis Hockheimer, 240 acres in southwest side of Cub Run, a branch of Shanandoe; corner Charles Rusk's land, line of Curby's land; corner Patrick Wilson; corner Pouley's land, line of Russell's land, part of tract patented to Jacob Stover and conveyed to Christophell Francisco, the elder, and by him to Peter Hull. Delivered: Nicholas Mildebarger, March, 1769.
  • Page 267.--14th March, 1769. Jacob ( ) Parsinger and Cathrine ( ) to Nicholas Millberry, £70, 240 acres on Cub Run of Shanando, Charles Rush's line; Courtz's line; corner Patrick Wilson; corner Pound's land, part of Stevens' patent conveyed to Christophel Francisco and to Peter Hull, and to Jacob Parsenger. Delivered: Peter Rush, 20th August, 1787.
  • Page 283.--20th March, 1770. Christian Colly's estate settled, by Christopher Ermantrout--Paid Pat Wilson, Matt. McDowell, Danl. Stringar, Jacob Ruh.