Person:Nathaniel McClure (1)

Rev. Nathaniel McClure
  1. Halbert McClure1738 - Bef 1772
  2. James McClureABT 1740 - 1799
  3. Hannah McClureABT 1743 -
  4. Dorothy McClureABT 1744 -
  5. Mary McClureABT 1746 -
  6. Rev. Nathaniel McClure1747 - ABT 1792
  7. Alexander McClurebef 1749 - abt 1809/10
  8. Thomas McClure1753 - 1818
  9. Margaret McClure1757 -
  10. Moses McClure1760 - 1810
m. ABT 1767
  1. Halbert McClure1767-1774 -
  2. Nathaniel McClure1769-1778 -
  3. Sarah McClure1769-1778 -
  • HRev. Nathaniel McClure1747 - ABT 1792
  • WDorcas Cole1770 - BEF 1860
m. ABT 1780
  1. Eleazar McClureBET 1781 AND 1795 -
  2. Isabella McClureBet 1781 and 1795 -
  3. Dorcas McClure1785 - AFT 1850
  4. John McClure1787 - AFT 1850
  5. Mary Jane McClure1792 - 1853
Facts and Events
Name Rev. Nathaniel McClure
Gender Male
Birth? 1747 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1767 Prob. Virginiato Unknown Spouse
Marriage ABT 1780 to Dorcas Cole
Alt Death? 1791 St. Clair's Bottom, Washington County, Virginia
Death? ABT. SEP 1792 Washington County, Virginia

Nathaniel McCoure, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • Page 112 - Nathaniel McClure, 150 acres, Forks of the James River. April 28, 1768. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 41].


From Family tree Maker site of Robert E Bray (

56. Nathaniel MCCLURE, born Abt. 1747 in Rockbridge Co, VA; died 1791 in St. Clair's Bottom, Washington Co, VA. He was the son of 112. Nathaniel MCCLURE and 113. Unknown. He married 57. Unknown Abt. 1767 in Most likely on the Virginia frontier.

     57. Unknown, born Abt. 1750 in Rockbridge Co, VA. 

Notes for Nathaniel MCCLURE: Subj: The McClure Genealogy Date: 12/22/1999 5:34:14 PM Pacific Standard Time From: (Evelyn Waters) To: (Robert E. Bray)

Hi Robert!

Got your e-mail the other day and copied all your information down for future reference. I will give you as much as I can of McClure data. Most of it came from the notes of Redmond S. Cole, a genealogist/lawyer from Tulsa, Oklahoma with Washington County, Va. roots. He did much research on Coles and McClures as well as other of his family lines.

After careful study of all material available to me I have decided that the following is most likely to be the line of descent from Rockbridge County, Virginia McClures to the Washington County, Va. McClures. Nathaniel McClure along with his kinsmen Alexander and Halbert McClure arrived in St. Clair's district of Washington County, Va. sometime between 1768 when he was noted as "living in Rockbridge County." (today, St. Clair's Bottom is in Smyth County, formed 1832) and when he filed for a land deed in 1785.

I believe the McClures and others, migrated down the Shennandoah Valley of Virginia as early as 1773. "The History of Southwest Virginia " by Lewis Preston Summers (1903) shows a Halbert McClure was granted 100 acres on the South Side Middle Fork of Holston River on 17 May 1775. "The Annuals of Southwest Virginia" show that Nathaniel McClure's holdings were dated August 8, 1785....400 acres on Branch of South Fork of Holston River, and once more a Halbert McClure was deeded land on March 16, 1793...109 acres on South Side of Middlle Fork of Holston River. Alexander McClure also had early land holdings. The earlier Halbert was probably Nathaniel's cousin Halbert (mentioned in his father's Will) but the later one may have been his son, Halbert.

Nathaniel McClure was born ca. 1747 in Rockbridge County, Va., (s/o Nathaniel,s/o Halbert and Agnes s/o James, the Irish immigrant from Rhaphoe County, Ireland). He died in 1791 as the result of a fall from a hay wagon at St. Clair's Bottom, Washington County, Va.

His first marriage (bride's name unknown) may have occurred in Rockbridge but no record has been found of the marriage. Most likely it occurred on the Virginia frontier with no record of the marriage surviving nor of the second marriage. The second marriage occurred according to tradition ca. 1780.

The known children of the first marrige are thought to be:

1. Halbert McClure married 1792 Phoebe Habiatt (Va.Col.Abstracts Vol.34 by Beverly Fleet) 2. Nathaniel McClure married Jane ( Estate Settlement of Nathaniel McClure) 3. Sarah McClure married Thomas Wilson (Estate Settlement of Nat'l McClure)

All were named in a document in Washington County, Virginia Settlement as "of heirs of Nathaniel McClure." (Deed Book 7, pg. 208)

The children of the second marriage of Nathaniel McClure to Dorcas Cole (d/o Eleazar Cole & Eunice Cole) were:

1. John McClure married Ann Cole, dau. of Capt. Joseph Cole and Freelove Mason. 2. Eleazar McClure 3. Isabella McClure married Timothy Mains, her first cousin ,( s/o Sabeirs Mains & Hannah Cole.) 4. Dorcas McClure married on Jan. 19, 1804 Squire James Cole, (s/oJoseph Cole Jr. & Margaret Leaper) 5. Mary (called Polly) born 1792, died October 1853 in Grayson County, Va. married on June 29, 1809 Drury Senter (s/o Henry Senter & Rebecca Avent)

After the death of Nathaniel McClure, the Widow Dorcas married #2 1795 Jacob Rouse (s/o Paulser Rouse) Dorcas and Jacob Rouse had six daughters.

1. Hannah Rouse b. ca. 1795 married Jan.8, 1822, Voluntine Ingram 2. Eunice Rouse b. June 11, 1796-b4 1876 married on June 3, 1815 Erastus Tomlinson 3. Sarah (Sally) b. 1798-after 1870 married on Feb.17,1817 Elijah DeBusk 4. Katherine b. Mar. 14, 1800-Jan.18, 1876 became the second wife of William Meek. 5. Mary Rouse married on April 3, 1823 James Robinson. 6. Anna Rouse never married.

All were named in their father's will probated in 1832.

I have calculated that the mother Dorcas Cole McClure Rouse probably died before the 24 th day of June 1809 when the Settlement of Nathaniel McClure's estate was first entered in court records. Land included 197 acres in Washington County, Va. on the waters of the South Fork of the Holstein River cornered by Abraham Lefevor, James Cole.


1 bay mare large sorrell horse large chestnut horse valued @@ L20 (English pounds)

1 gray mare wagon plough brown cow w/white back black cow red cow and cart red cow & brown heifer red and whiteheifer white-faced steer 3 calves weather ram of ewe lamb weather of 5 hogs 9 small hogs (valued @@ 2 L )

Writing very difficult to read.

Grindstone cutting knife pair drawing chains skin dressing tools rifle gun & shot bag (valued @@L 3.5.2) powder (valued f 5) (farthing?)

pair horse gears (valued 10 f.)

Hackle shoemaker tools 8 chairs (14 f.) 2 pots dutch oven shovel pewter cubbard (valued 12 f. )

14 books (25 f.) stone jug wool cards curry comb dresser furniture (L 4.5)

Body clothes (L .5 g) iron steel leather salt barrels crocks churn flax brake wool washing tub cash (L 14 g.)

Judgement 20 G. Note for 26 bushels corn to be paid December 25 1792.

Signed John Huston William Watson Adam Suarber


1 grey mare ( L 12.10) brown cow w/white face ( L2.8) 1 black cow ( L2.15) 2 calves (12 f ) 1 ewe (7 f ) lamb (3f) loom ( L 2 ) box iron ( 5 f ) bed stead ( L 5 )bedstead (L 4.5 ) dresser ( L 2.4) 3 bags (10 f) check real (4 f ) crock and churn (2 f ) washing tub (1 f ) dutch oven ( 9 f ) 2 pots ( 10 f ) flax wheel ( 10 f ) big wheel ( 4 f ) set spools (2 f ) pr. wool cards ( 1 f ) 2 sifters ( 1 f 6 ) table (3 f ) 4 chairs (7 f ) ? hogs ( L 2 f 2 ) 12 lbs wool ( 18 f ) 7 books ( 12 f 6 ) shovel (2 f )

In English money ( obviously in use at the time) the first figure in the money amount is pounds (L) the second figure is farthings ( f ) and the third is tuppence. Thus L 3.4.5 would be 3 pounds, 4 fathings and 5 tuppence.

from Evelyn G. Waters

Children of Nathaniel MCCLURE and Unknown are:

 28 i.   Nathaniel MCCLURE, born Abt. 1775 in Washington Co, VA; married (1) Dorcas COLE; married (2) Unknown Abt. 1799 in Washington Co, V
  ii.   Halbert MCCLURE, born Abt. 1775 in Washington Co, VA; married Phoebe HABIATT Abt. 1800 in Washington Co, VA; born Abt. 1780 in Washington Co, VA. 
 Marriage Notes for Halbert MCCLURE and Phoebe HABIATT:

See "Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 34 by Beverly Fleet.

  iii.   Sarah MCCLURE, born Abt. 1775 in Washington Co, VA; married Thomas WILSON Abt. 1800 in Washington Co, VA; born Abt. 1780 in Washington Co, VA. 
 Marriage Notes for Sarah MCCLURE and Thomas WILSON:

See "Estate Settlement of Nathaniel McClure" .