Person:Michael Daugherty (1)

Michael Daugherty, Sr., I
m. Abt 1710
  1. Charles DaughertyAbt 1710 - 1763
  2. William Daugherty, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA1712 - 1773
  3. Michael Daugherty, II1714 - 1782
  4. Bryan Daugherty1720 -
Facts and Events
Name Michael Daugherty, Sr., I
Alt Name Michael Mor Daugherty
Alt Name Michael O'Daugherty
Gender Male
Birth? 1690 Lagan Valley, Donegal, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1710 Laggan Valley, County Donegal, Irelandto Catherine Rogers
Reference Number 454917
Elizabeth O'Pattain
Reference Number 245603
Agnes McDernint
Emigration? Abt 1728 To New London, Derry, Chester Co., PA
Occupation? 1728 Storekeeper
Residence? 1728 Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA then Chester Co., PA
Residence? 1737 Rockbridge Co., VA
Military? 1742 Capt. John Buchanan's militia co. listed as Michael O'Doeherty
Other? 1747 Constable, Augusta Co., VAElection
Death? 7 Jul 1763 Augusta County, Virginia[Killed in the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre]
Burial? 1763 Unk. Cemetery, Rockbridge, Augusta Co., VA?

Michael Daugherty was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • 9 March 1745 - Land Survey for Michael Dorharty for 280 acres on the North River (of the Shenandoah), by Thomas Lewis, Surveyor. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 53].
  • Pg. 36 - Land Survey, Michael Dockerty, 98 acres, Forks of James River. Adjoining his own land. February 18, 1759. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 14].

Estate Records of Michael Daugherty

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 304.--16th November, 1763. Michael Dougherty's appraisement (by Jos. Culton, Jno. McKee, Jno. Gilmore, William Edmondston). Recorded--Cash due by Wm. Christy. (Note: it is thought that because this record appears shortly after the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre that killed Charles Daugherty, that this Michael was probably Michael O'Daugherty, father of Charles. According to sources, Charles Daugherty and several family members were killed in the 2nd Massacre).

The Kerr's Creek Massacres

According to several accounts, several Daugherty family members were killed in the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre on 17 July, 1763. An article detailing the Kerr's Creek Massacres is located here:

The Kerr's Creek Massacres 1759-1763

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • AUGUST 19, 1747. (251) John Holms appointed Constable, vice David Stewart; Mich. Dougherty appointed Constable, vice Thos. Williams.
  • Inquisition, 19th May, 1750, at the house of James Greenlee, on James River, before John Mathews, on body of Edward Hogan, late of this County. Found that he was drowned accidentally by the oversetting of a cannow as he was crossing over James River, near the house of James Greenlee, on 13th May, 1750. James Mountgomery, Michael Dougherty, John Hitchins, John Ramsey, Josiah F. Hendon, John Vance, John Poage, Samuel Walker, Joseph Walker, John Mathews, Jr., Joshua Mathews, Mathew Vance.
  • Page 476.--20th August, 1752. Thomas Williams and Jane to John Mathews, Jr., 129 acres. Poplor Spring of North Branch of James between Mill Creek and the river; Michael Dougherty's line. Teste: Mathew Campbell, Wm. Wilson, Robt. Renick.
  • 22 November 1753 N. S., p. 70 - Ordered that John Stevenson on his Petition have leave to Cut a Road from the Bent of Buffeloe to Michael Dougherty at his own Expence. [Augusta County Road Orders].
  • COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS - MARCH, 1754 (B). Neill vs. Dougherty.--Michael Dougherty, of the township of New Londonderry, Chester County, Pennsylvania, storekeeper; William Neale and Thomas Provence of same County, &c. Bond to Simon Hadley of Miler (?) Creek Hundred in County of New Castle on Delaware. 5th January, 1737-8. Witness, James Jordan.
  • Page 111.--5th April, 1755. John Sprout (Sproul?) appraisement, by John McAxwell, Michael Dougherty.
  • Page 171.--1756: Processioned by Henry Kirkum and William Hall, viz: For Samuel Gipson, for Paul Whitley, for John Mitchell, for Michael Daugherty, for Henry Kirkum, for Joseph Long, for James Gilmore, for John and Alex. Walker, for John Batty.

Information on Michael Daugherty

From "Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society, Volume 25", by Lancaster County Historical Society:

On January 5. 1737-8, Michael Dougherty was a resident of New Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pa., and executed his bond to Simon Hadly, Yeoman, of Mill Creek Hundred (Delaware). In June, 1752, Michael Dougherty was a resident of Augusta County, Virginia, and lived on the James River. Neile vs. Dougherty, Suit Records.

Other Daugherty Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 483.--17th August, 1752. Mary Doughart to John Mackee, 170 acres on head branch of Mill Creek in Forkes of James; corner Samuel Walker. Teste: Jacob Gray. (Note: Mary Daugherty lived on Mill Creek apparently in close proximity to Michael).
  • Page 490.-- (undated, abt. Nov. 1753) John Doughert (prob. Daugherty/Dougherty) (signed Jocort) to Alex. Walker, 1753, 94 acres. From Patton, 1751, Craig's Creek at Indian Camp. Teste: John Smith, Adam Lewnis, Richard Borton, Jno. Sproul, Ro. Rennix, Samuel Walker.
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