Person:Michael Cawley (2)

Michael Cawley
b.est. 1712-1725
  • F.  Cawley (add)
  1. Michael Cawleyest 1712-1725 -
  2. Thomas Cawley
  3. Margaret Cawley
  4. John Cawleyest 1715-1727 - bef 1775
Facts and Events
Name Michael Cawley
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1712-1725

Michael Cawley was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Michael Cawley in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents, Augusta County Levy for 1779: Michael Cawley, gone to Ireland. (Note: this Michael?).
  • Page 59.--Poll of election for two trustees for the town of Staunton, taken 1st January, 1793--For Michael Garber, 18, viz: Jacob Geiger, Robt Gratton, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Boys, Phillip Dyre, Robt. Bailey, Anthony Ingleton, Michael Syford, Jno. Gates, Geo. Weifford, Jno. Gunn, Jno. Backinster, Wm. Heginbotham, Wm. Brieze, Michael Cawley, Jno. Moore, Jno. Price, John Diddy. For Robert Douthat, 22, viz: Jacob Kinney, Daniel Donavan, Robt. McDowell, Peter Heiskell, Jno. Grates, Jos. Dickey, Jas. Barry, Samuel Merrila. Jas. Cochran, Jno. Gardner, Jas. McLaughlan, Jas. Mathews, Alex. Mason, Smith Thompson, Michael Cawley, Wm. Chambers, G. Christian, Jno. Price, Jno. McDowell, Alex. Humphreys. For James McGonegal, 4, viz: Michael Syford, Jno. Gunn, Jno. Backinston, Jno. Diddy. For Peter Heiskell, 25, viz: Jacob Geiger, Andrew Cutler, Jacob Kinney, Jos. Dickey, Jas. Barry, James Cochran, Wm. Heginbotham.