Person:Mathias Gebert (1)

Mathias Gebert, Sr.
m. 12 APR 1723
  1. Hans Michael Gebertbet 1723-1731 -
  2. Sabina Gebertbet 1723-1731 -
  3. Mathias Gebert, Sr.1728 - 1798
m. abt. 1750
  1. George Gabbert1750 - 1821
  2. Catherine Gabbert1755 - 1835
  3. Christina Gabbert1760 -
  4. Michael Gabbert1761 - 1832
  5. Hannah Gabbert1763 -
  6. Sarah Gabbert1764 -
  7. Peter Gabbert1765 - 1837
  8. Rebecca Gabbert1766 -
  9. John Gabbert1767 -
  10. Elizabeth Gabbert1770 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name Mathias Gebert, Sr.
Alt Name Mathias Gabbert
Alt Name Mathias Gabbard
Gender Male
Birth? 28 February 1728 Schwaigern, Neckarkreis, Wurttemberg, Germany
Baptism? 24 FEB 1728/29 Schwaigern, Germany
Marriage abt. 1750 to Christina Kreemer
Death? 1 JUN 1798 Rockbridge Co., Virginia

Mathias Gebert (Gabbert) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Matthias Gebert's land (Beverley Manor NW, 2 Tracts (apparently adjoining) - 1) 150 acres from James Young, which was given to him by his father Robert Young, 1769; 2) 105 acres from Robert Young, which was conveyed to him by his father Robert Young, 1771. Both were apparently part of Robert Young's original 550-acre patent granted in 1749) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Land Grant Surveys in Virginia:

  • * O-56: Peter Mauk of Frederick Co., 410 acres on Toms Brook of North River of Shannandoah in said County. Surv. Robert Rutherford. Adj. Charles Huddle, Mathias Gabbart, Rynard Bodding, Henry Fravel. 3 Aug. 1767. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 191].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 139.--17th October, 1769. James Young to Mathias Gabert, £__, 150 acres in Beverley Manor, transferred to James by his father Robert by deed of gift; corner Samuel Young, William McClintock's line. Agness ( ) Young, widow of Robert, release dower in above. Delivered: Mathias Gabbert, 1780.
  • Page 72.--26th November, 1771. Robert. Young, formerly of Augusta County, but now of South Carolina, yeoman, to Mathias Gabbert, 105 acres in Beverley Manor, conveyed to Robert by his father, and part of 550 purchased by Robert's father from Beverley. corner Wm. McClintock in James Young's part of said 550 acres. Samuel Young's line.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 318.--14th May, 1770. Mathias Gabbert and Christian ( ) to James Brown, £35, 7-1/2 acres, part of a tract bought of James Young. Delivered: Jas. Brown, April, 1783.

Processioning List of 1767-68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 442.--Processioned by Wm. Bell, George Berry, Wm. McPheeters, James Syers, 1768-7, viz: For John McCleerey, for Thos. Kirkpatrick, for James Peerey, for Saml. McNab, for Mathew Wilson, for Alex. McKinney. for David Stewart, for Robert McKittrick, for John Kirk, for Wm. Crawford, for Rob. Wallace, for Rob. Philips, for James Bell, Sr., for Charles Cummins, for John Jamison, for Mathias Gabort, for William Dean, for William Lockhart, for Patrick Lockhart, for Wm. McClintock, for John Campbell, for John Philips, for James Philips, for David Trimble, for Sampson Sawyers, for James Sawyers, for John Stewart, for Elizabeth Wallace, for Wm. Hodge, for Maj. Jno. Brown, for Thos. Brown, for James Bell, Jr.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • O-56: Peter Mauk of Frederick County, 410 acres on Toms Brook of North River of Shannandoah in said County. Surv. Robert Rutherford. Adj. Charles Huddle, Mathias Gabbart, Rynard Bodding, Henry Fravel. 3 Aug. 1767. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 191].
  • Page 326.--29th January, 1768. John Henry Eastminger, blacksmith, to Mathias Gabert, £40, blacksmith's tools, cows, iron stove and all the articles in the house belonging to me; mortgage. Teste: Simon Robinson, Margaret ( ) Clotzhine, Elizabeth ( ) Sasinger.
  • Page 29.--6th April, 1768. Samuel McNabb and Isabel) ( ) to Jacob Gabhart, 10 shillings, 225 acres, part of a larger tract surveyed for Thomas Percy, deceased, in Beverley Manor conveyed to him, 28th February, 1749, this part being bounded, viz., joining John Campbell, William McClintick and James Percy. Teste: Mathias Gabert, William Jamison, Andrew Thompson. Delivered: Jacob Gabhert, August Court, 1769. (note: Jacob was a cousin of Mathias).
  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents, Augusta County Levy for 1779: Mathias Gabert, removed to Rockbridge.
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1795 (A to K). - Mathias Gabbert vs. Jacob Bailor. Eject. 105 acres in Beverly Manor formerly Robert Young's.
  • Vol. 2 - Bailer vs. Gabhart--O. S. 110; N. S. 38--Bill, 1st December, 1805. Orator is George Baylor, executor of Jacob Bailer, his (George's) father. Jacob bought land of Mathias Gabhart in Augusta. Conveyance was not made. Mathias is dead testate, but intestate as to his land, leaving children viz: George, Michael, Peter, John, Hannah, Sally, Catherine, since intermarried with Peter Wittinghill. Elizabeth, since intermarried with Jonathan Intsminger. Peggy, since intermarried with Benjamin Hart. Christina, since intermarried with Peter Gabhart. Bill in name of Jacob Baylor says the purchase was in 1780. Jacob was a German lately removed from Pennsylvania. (This is bill 1795, filed in Richmond.) Jacob Baylor's will recorded in Staunton District Court. Mathias Gabhert's will of Rockbridge, dated 179_, proved in Rockbridge 5th June, 1798. Codicil 14th February, 1798. Wife, Christina; eight children, viz: Hannah, Michael, Rebecca, Peter, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Christina; son George, daughter Catherine have received advancements. Affidavit 23d March, 1809, that George, Michael, John Gabhart and Peter Witlinghill and Catherine, his wife, are non-residents.

Information on Mathias Gebert

BIRTH: 24 FEB 1727/28, Schwaigern, Germany [S29]
DEATH: JUN 1798, Rockbridge Co. Virginia [S29]
Mother: Susanna Catharina BOGER

The Pennsylvania Merchant sailed from Rotterdam to Dover in England, then on to the United States where it docked in Philadelphia on 9/10/1731. Listed as passengers were: Johann Friedrich Gebert and Susanna Catherina Boger Reiner and their children Mathias and Sabina; Hans Michael Gebert; Harman Hunsucker and Abraham Hunsucker; a Michael Gabertz, and Fredrick Gybertz.