Person:Margaret Cloyd (2)

Margaret Cloyd
b.ABT 1740
d.ABT 1810
m. 1726
  1. James Cloyd1731 - 1817
  2. Michael Cloyd1735 - bef 1807
  3. John Cloyd1738 - 1764
  4. David Cloyd1738 - 1789
  5. Elizabeth Cloyd1739 - 1796
  6. Margaret CloydABT 1740 - ABT 1810
  7. Mary Cloyd1740/41 - 1827
  8. Maj. Joseph Cloyd1742 - 1833
m. 1766
  1. David Templeton1766 - 1824
  2. James Templeton1770 - 1828
  3. Anne Templeton1773 -
  4. Robert Templeton1781 - 1857
  5. Jane Templeton1782 - 1854
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Cloyd
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1740
Marriage 1766 Pennsylvaniato John Templeton
Death? ABT 1810

Records of Margaret Cloyd in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

The following records are listed consecutively in Chalkley's:

  • Page 416.--This day Lanty Armstrong maed oath that sum time in the fall of the year 1764 the deponent and John Neeley, Jr., was conversing about Mrs. (s/b. "Miss" as listed in record below) Margaret Cloyd, the deponent asked said Neeley if he was not going to be married--Mrs. Cloyd. Neeley replyed not; that she was not the gurl he took her to be; that he had seen her drunk sundry times and one in particular at his father's, and this deponent further sayeth not. Sworn before me this 4th day of May, 1765.--Lanty Armstrong. Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 416.--The deponent being in company with John Neeley, Jr., on the 1st January, 1763, and, after some discourse, asked said Neeley if Miss Margaret Cloyd and him was not going to be married; Neeley replyed not, for she was losing her character. The deponent asked how. Neeley replyed she was too much given to liquor and that she was seen several times when it was plenty so taken she was obliged to leave the company, and further sayeth not, June 8th, 1765.--James McAfee. Samuel McDowell.
  • Page 416.--Augusta S. S. This day John Neeley, Jr., made oath before as he never said or reported that Margaret Cloyd, daughter of David Cloyd, was guilty of getting drunk; nor that Lanty Armstrong ever had any criminal conversation with her; nor that he had of his own knowledge the least foundation for reporting such things of her in case he had reported them. As witness my hand. John Neeley, Jr. Sworn before us April 17th, 1765. Robert Breckinridge, William Preston.