Person:Malcolm Allen (3)

Malcolm Allen, of Prince Edward and Augusta County, VA
b.est. 1715/1719
  • HMalcolm Allen, of Prince Edward and Augusta County, VA1715 - 1792
  • WMary CunninghamBef 1722 -
m. Bef 1740
  1. Rebecca Allen1740 - Abt 1830
  2. Mary Allen1741 - 1807
  3. Martha Allen1743 - Aft 1791
  4. Capt. Hugh Allen1745 - 1816
  5. Robert Allen1748 - Aft 1791
  6. Moses Allen1750 - 1812
  7. Elizabeth Allen1750 - Aft 1791
  8. Sally Allen1753 - Aft 1791
  9. John Allen1759 - 1828
Facts and Events
Name Malcolm Allen, of Prince Edward and Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1715/1719
Marriage Bef 1740 Prince Edward County, Virginiato Mary Cunningham
Death? 15 Feb 1792 Botetourt County, Virginia

Malcolm Allen was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's: (unless listed otherwise)

  • Page 24 - Malcom Allen, 48 acres, on line of his own land. February 8, 1763. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 10].
  • Page 26 - Malcom Allen, 70 acres, Joining his old survey. Feb. 7, 1763. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 10]. (Note: this and the preceding survey are likely on the James River, as they are listed immediately before and after several James River surveys, including those of John McClure, son-in-law of Malcolm Allen, and also Samuel McClure, brother of John).
  • Page 770.--21st July, 1764. Joshua Hedley, executor of Joshua Hedley, deceased, to Malcome Allen, of Prince Edward County, Virginia, £16, 50 acres by patent, 3d November, 1750, called the Pound Bottoms, beginning south side James River, at the lower end of the Bottom, a hill opposite an island. Teste: Hugh Martin, Martha Allen, Hugh Allen, Robert ( ) Martin. Mary ( ) McElheny. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767.
  • In addition to the acquisition above, Malcolm Allen acquired two tract of 54 acres and 80 acres, "on the James River", by patent on 16 September 1765, as listed in the dispositions below.
  • Land Survey in Augusta County - Page 65 - Malcolm Allen, 65 acres, Adjoining his own land. February 15, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 25].
  • Land Survey in Augusta County - Page 65 - Malcolm Allen, 100 acres, James River. Adjoining John Taylor. February 17, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 25].
  • Page 112 - Malcom Allen, 310 acres, North side of the James River. April 25, 1768. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 41].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 199.--10th March, 1767. Malcom Allen and Mary ( ) to Martin Kayser (Kaysay), £33, 54 acres by patent, 16th September, 1765, on James River. Teste: Gabriel Smither, Hugh and Moses Allen. Sent to Kayser, February, 1776.
  • Page 222.--9th March, 1767. Malcom Allen and Mary ( ) to Patrick Willson, £45, 80 acres by patent dated 16th September, 1765, on James River, George Poage's land. Teste: Gabriel Smithers, Hugh and Moses Allen. Delivered: Wm. McClenachan, July, 1769.

Processioning List of 1755

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Page 159.-- (Processioning List of 1755) - Malcom Allen and John Bowen, on north side James River from mouth of Cowpasture down to mouth of Purgatory. Robert Looney, Jr., and John Mills, Looney's Creek and waters thereof. Robert Rennick and John Mathews, Jr., from James River to Buffelow Creek, below the old Great Road. Mountain William Hall and Henry Kirkum, on Purgatory and the south west side of Buffelow to the head above the Waggon Road to the Mountain.

Will of Malcolm Allen

Botetourt County, Va
Will book A, pg 311-12
In the name of God Amen, I Malcom Allen of the County of Botetourt & State of Virginia being sick and weak of Body but of perfect mind and memory Thanks be to God the giver of all Mercys, and calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is aoynted for all men once to die first of all I comitt my soul to God who Gave it and my Body To be Buried in the Earth at the Discreten of my Exicutors hereafter menchened, in the faith that at the General Resurection he will Raise it an Imortal body and Reunite soul and body Together and by the Rightusness of Christ Being freely aplyd will make me to triumph in his Glory and sing his praises through an Endless Eternity, and as for whot Wordley Estate it has pleased God to bestow upon me I shall Dispose of in Manner and from as followeth (Viz) I order all my Just and Lawfull Debts to be paid.
Item I give and bequith to my sun Hugh that part of the survey where he now Dweles to be layd of at the Est end Beginning at a corner marked on Two white oaks and a Locast neir to a hallow on the Est End of a (fiel) of Robt and to Run a north curve to the out side line of the bequea.
Itam I gave and bequeath unto my sun Robt Allen the other part of that patten land being the same where he the sd Robt now Dwells.
Item I gave and Bequith unto my sun Mosses Allen the ninty acre survey known by the name of the gracye Botom and that part of the (Fan) survey as high as where the old path forked to go Down the lick Runn and the other along the Poplar hallow it being at a large poplar the lands Bequithed above is to be to them their Heirs and assigns for Ever
Item I give and bequathe to my Daughters (viz) Rebecca, Mary, Martha, Elisabeth and Salley five shillings Each as having Received thir portion beforeItem I give and bequith to my sun John Allen all the rest of my Estate Both Reil and personal to him his heirs and assigns for Ever Lastly I nominate Constitute and aoynt my sun John Allen to be Executor of this my last will and Testemont and do by these presents Revolk Disnull and Disaprove of all other and this to be my last will & Testment Given under my hnad this Twelfth day of December one Thousand seven hundred and ninety one
The words as having receved this porshen before
Enterlined before selling and Delivering of the above
(Signed) Malcolm Allen Sr. (Seal)
Signed sealed and Delivered in presence of
David Henderson
John Gallespie
Court 15 February 1792 - - proved by David Henderson and John Gellispee. On motion of John Allen Exec ordered recorded.

[Source: June 1792 – Botetourt County Will Bk. A, pg. 326 [VaStLib)] [Source: Bk. A, pg. 311-312 Virkus' Compendium of American Genealogy, 5:295].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 17, 1756. - (32) Ananias Dart, servant of Wm. Wright; same, Malcome Allen.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1757 (A). - Maxwell vs. Allen.--John Maxwell was Captain of a Company in 1756 and called out Allen, one of his Company, to go against the Indians, but Allen refused and Maxwell sues qui tam Malcomb Allen. Maxwell denies he ever made out the writ.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1759. John Hanna vs. Malcolm Allen.--1758. Not executed because the man lives out of the County.
  • Page 382.--16th January, 1760 (33d year of Reign). James Cunningham's will, of Colony and Dominion of Virginia--To wife Margaret; to son Moses, infant; to Hugh Cunningham, 1 shilling; to daughter Elizabeth, 1 shilling; to James Cunningham, son to son Jacob; to John Cunningham, son to son Isaac; to daughter Mary; to daughters, each and every of them, 1 shilling. Executors, wife and son Moses. Teste: Malcom Allen, Robt. Bowen, Lilly Bowen. Proved, 19th March, 1765, by Malcom Allen and Lilly Bowen. Margaret is dead. Moses qualifies, with Hugh Cunningham, Geo, Dougherty.
  • Page 544.--18th August, 1761. James Trimble and Sarah to Mary Cunningham, of Hampshire, £12.5, 160 acres on North Fork of South Branch of Potowmack, above John Cunningham's Walnut Bottom. Teste: John McFerran, Malcolm Allen, Samuel ( ) Luisey.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 17, 1762. - (282) Malcom Allen, with his son, Hugh, added to tithables.
  • Page 232.--23d June, 1763. Caleb Worley to Malcome Allen, £89, personal property.
  • Page 905.--Caleb Worley to Malcom Allen, heretofore recorded. Delivered: Francis Smith, October, 1767.
  • Page 675.--21st July, 1764. Joshua Hadley, executor of Joshua Hedley, late of Augusta County, gent., to John McClure, £46, 186 acres by patent 3d November, 1750, in the Long Bottom, south side James River. Teste: Hugh Martin, Malcolm, Martha and Hugh Allen.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (B). - Malcolm Allen vs. Martin Kersey and Caleb Worley.--Debt. Writ, 1766, 28th August. Only the summonses. Copy left.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 17, 1767. - (466) Commission for priv. exandnation of Margaret, wife of Robert Miller. Commission for priv. examination of Jane, wife of Robert Gwinn, Jr. Commission for priv. examination of Mary, wife of Malcom Allen.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1767 (D). - Cabell vs. Bowen.--Malcolm Allen deposes, 13th March, 1767, that Dr. William Cabell said that as Moses Bowen's wound had been received in defense of his Country, the Country would pay him for curing Moses.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1767 (D). - Cabell vs. Bowen.--Augusta, ss: This day Malcom Allen came before me, John Dickison, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid, and on his oath sayeth that he went with Moses Bowen to Dr. William Cabell, and that he, the said Allen, informed Dr. Cabell that his instructions from said Moses Bowen's father was to make a certain agreement with said Doctor, viz: How much his charge must be if he performed a cure upon said Moses Bowen, and how much his charge will be if he missed making a cure, and said Dr. William Cabell answered and said that as said Moses received his wound in defense of his country and in his Majesty's service, the country would pay him, the said Doctor, and that his, the said Moses's father, nor mother, nor uncle, nor aunt, had nothing to do with it; and I said: Then I had nothing more to do with it, and some time afterwards said Moses came to my house, and I went with him down to the Doctor, and the Doctor then informed me that his charge was £15, some shillings and pence. (Signed) John Dickison. 18th March, 1767. Same witness continues, 19th March, 1767: Moses Bowen informed me in his lifetime that Dr. Cabell yoused him very kindly during his continuance with him, and also that he in that time, by the Doctor's direction, went to the river to wash his wound, but instead thereof he swimmed over, and upon his coming back the waters went into his body, and was in danger, but he was preserved by the help of a canoe. Said Moses was of age when he went first to Dr. Cabell; to the best of knowledge he was of age the April before he went to said Doctor. (Signed) John Bowyer.
  • Page 53.--17th November, 1767. John Montgomery's bond (with Mallcom Allen, Saml. McRoberts) as administrator of Alexander Bruce.
  • Page 143.--12th April, 1768. William Watterson to James McCarty, of City of Williamsburg, £150, 600 acres bounded by the lands of John Anderson and James Allen, Jr., on Middle River, in County aforesaid, called Shanando, Mortgage. Teste: William Goodall, Lewis Tyler, John Warburton, Daniel Kidd, Malcom Allen, William Bowen, William Crow.
  • Page 136.--27th July, 1768. John Bowen's will--three sons, John, Moses and William Bowen; 3 daughters, Ann, Rebecca and Elizabeth; wife, Rachel. Executors, wife Rachel, Wm. Mathews, Wm. Bowen. My trusty and well-beloved brothers. Teste: John Smith, Joseph Luney, Richd. Mathews, Malcom Allen. Proved, 17th August, 1768, by Mathews and Allen. William Mathews and Wm. Rowen qualified executors.
  • Page 159.--29th October, 1768. Henry Bowen, heir-at-law of John Bowen, to Lilly Bowen, widow of John--Since John's death the slave left to Lilly had had a child, and, in order to settle the question of the title to that child, Henry conveys the slave's increase to Lilly, who has conveyed to him 400 acres. Teste: Malcom Allen, Robt. Bowen.
  • Page 253.--15th March, 1769. Ezekiel Morrise, only acting executor of Daniel Morrise, late of County of Bedford, deceased, to Samuel Lindsay. £16, 33 acres by patent, 3d May, 1763, on James River below mouth of Catapa Creek. Teste: Malcom Allen, William Porter. Delivered: Walter Smiley. 20th February, 1786.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 20, 1769. - (199) Overseers of road: Thomas Reed, vice Malcolm Allen; Mathew Kinney.
  • Page 587.--7th August, 1769. Patrick ( ) Wilson to William McClenachan, mortgage, £36.6.2, on James River, George Poage's line, purchased by Patrick of Malcomb Allen by deed, 9th March, 1760. Teste: John Maxwell, Audly Paul, James Neelly, John Buchanan, William Hall. Delivered: William McClenachan, August, 1770.
  1.   Austin, J. William, and Rebecca H.R Austin. Related families of Botetourt County, Virginia. (Baltimore, Maryland: Clearfield, c2000 (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub.))
    pg. 206-207.

    John Allen, the son of Moses Allen, was the grandson of Malcolm Allen, the first settler in the gorge of the James River above Pattonsburg. (Pattonsburg was the settlement just across the river from present day Buchanan, to the north). He appears first in the year 1754 when he entered 285 acres of land on a small branch of the James River and 200 acres on the north side of the James. This land was located in a sort of limestone pocket at the western end of Purgatory Mountain. The spring selected was a good one, somewhat back from the river... he built his house on a shelf of rock immediately above the spring. A hundred yards away he found an ideal place for a bank barn on the rim of a broad crater which was drained towards the spring branch at the south. Around the dome site there was gently sloping land to furnish amply fields for an attractive plantation. He brought his wife Mary, and several small children from Prince Edward County, but through the Indian was from 1756 to 1762 he was reported in Augusta as "not in the County"... His will made in December 1792 provided that his son, Hugh, should have the land at the east end of the place; Robert was to have the other part of that "Patten" land where he dwelt; Moses was to have the ninety acres known as "Gracy Bottom", and that part as high as where the old patch forked to go down Lick Run. The daughters, Rebecca, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth and Letty were to have five shillings each, they having received their portion before. John was to have all the rest of the estate, both real and personal, and act as executor of the will. [Kegley: "Virginia Frontier", pg. 484]