Person:Lydia Dugger (1)

Lydia Dugger
d.Before 30 Apr 1762 Surry, Virginia, United States
m. Bef 20 Feb 1716/1717
  1. William DuggerBefore 1720 - 1773
  2. John DuggerBefore 1721 - 1803
  3. Benjamin DuggerBefore 1724 - After 1756
  4. Elizabeth DuggerBefore 1725 - After 1749
  5. Lydia Dugger1727 - Before 1762
  6. Henry DuggerBefore 1733 - 1806
  7. Sarah Dugger1735 -
  • HCheatham
  • WLydia Dugger1727 - Before 1762
  1. John Dugger, Surry1749 - 1834
  2. Alexander DuggerBefore 1752 - After 1825
Facts and Events
Name Lydia Dugger
Gender Female
Birth? ca 1727 Surry, Virginia, United States
Marriage Not married
to Cheatham
Death? Before 30 Apr 1762 Surry, Virginia, United States

Many thanks are owed to various researchers, but special thanks to: Barbara Browder, Carol Dugger, and Joyce Blocker.

Lydia Dugger was born ca 1727 or before (or a little more recently), this is assuming that she was at least 21 when her first record was made (in 1748), though she could have been as young as 14 then.

Lydia Dugger is probably a daughter of Daniel Dugger and Mary Scarborough. There is no solid proof that she is their child, but they seem to be the only choice.

Lydia Dugger is listed in several Surry Co, VA court records pertaining to out of wedlock children.

In May 1748 Elizabeth Duger and Lydia Duger are both in court for having bastard children. They are mentioned on the same record.

In Jun 1749, Elizabeth Dugar and Ledia Dugar are both called into court for bastard children.

In May 1751 Lydia Dugger is again in court for a bastard child.

On 30 Apr 1762 Marmaduke Cheatham made his Will in Surry Co., VA naming his heirs. It was proven 17 Jun 1766.

  • Wife Susanna - her maintenance if she will come and live at home
  • son John Cheatham
  • son James Cheatham
  • son Benjamin Cheatham
  • son Joseph Cheatham
  • grandson James Cheatham son of John Cheatham
  • daughter Sarah
  • daughter Ann and her son Joseph Simmons
  • John Dugger son of Lydia Dugger deceased, a cow and calf.
  • Executors: sons John and Joseph
  • Surry Deeds, Wills, etc. 1754-1768 No 10, p 416.

The above record shows that Lydia was dead prior to 30 Apr 1762. It also implies (but does not prove) that Marmaduke Cheatham was the father of her son John Dugger. He might be the child's grandfather instead, or perhaps he isn't related, but just left him something for other reasons.