Kevyn Jacobs

Current location: Bellingham, Washington, USA
Born: Topeka, Kansas, USA, 1968
Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas, USA

My mother's people are from Knoxville, Tennessee, mostly Germans, English, French and Irish, and have roots stretching back to the colonial era.

My father's people are from Western Kansas, and were ethnic Germans who immigrated from the Volga River region of Russia in the late 1800s.

My mother was a career U.S. Army officer, so I have moved around a *LOT* in my life.

1968: Manhattan, Kansas 1969: St. George, Kansas 1970-1974: Kansas City, Kansas, USA
1974: Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas (Mother was in basic training here)
1974-1979: Pastorius Strasse U.S. Army housing, Nürnberg, Germany
1979-1981: Fort Gordon, Georgia, USA, and Hephzibah, Georgia, USA
1981-1984: Ft. Irwin, California, USA
1984-1989: Ft. Knox, Kentucky, USA; Brandenburg, Kentucky, USA; Radcliff, Kentucky, USA
1989-1999: Manhattan, Kansas, USA
1999-2001: Augusta, Georgia, USA
2001-2003: Juneau, Alaska, USA
2003-2004: Seattle, Washington, USA
2004: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
2004-2006: Lynnwood, Washington, USA
2006-present: Bellingham, Washington, USA