Person:Joseph Snodgrass (7)

Joseph Snodgrass
m. est. 1710
  1. Joseph Snodgrass1712 - BEF 1782
  2. William Snodgrass1713/14 - 1790
  3. Frances SnodgrassBEF 1724 - BET 1790 AND 1794
  4. Isabelle SnodgrassABT 1728 -
  5. James "Old James" Snodgrass1732 - 1800
m. ABT 19 NOV 1740
  1. Joseph Snodgrass, Jr.1741 - 1809
  2. Hannah Snodgrass1742-1757 -
  3. Rebecca Snodgrass1746 - BEF 1782
  4. Mary Snodgrass1746/47 - 1812
  5. Lidia SnodgrassBEF 1753 -
  6. Phoebe Snodgrassabt 1754 -
  7. Margaret SnodgrassBEF 1760 -
  8. Robert Snodgrassabt 1760 - bef 1806
  9. Isaac Snodgrass1760 - bef 1818
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Snodgrass
Gender Male
Birth? 1712
Marriage ABT 19 NOV 1740 prob. Chester County, Pennsylvaniato Hannah Vernon
Death? BEF OCT 1782 Botetourt County, Virginia

Joseph Snodgrass was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


  • Virginia Patent Book 28, page 385: 20 Sep 1748, Joseph Snodgrass was granted 364 acres on the waters of Ronoak, adj. James Coates Land. (then in Augusta Co., now in Botetourt Co.)


  • Botetourt Co., VA, Survey Book 1799-1922, page 217: 1770, Survey for Joseph Snodgrass, 20 acres, adjoining his 364 acre grant, from new grant.
  • Botetourt Co., VA, Deed Book 1, page 96[196?]: David Little to Joseph Snodgrass; 260 acres; Forks of James River.
  • Botetourt Co., VA, Deed Book 1, page 429[428?]: 5 Aug 1772, Davis Little to Joseph Snodgrass; 38 acres, Forks of James River. [Joseph's land on the Forks of the James River was in Rockbridge Co. after 1778.]

Will of Joseph Snodgrass

Botetourt Co., VA, Will Book A, page 162:

In the name of GOD, Amen, I Joseph Snodgrass of the County of Botetourt & Colony of Virginia, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind & memory, and calling to mind the mortality of my body, & knowing the certainty of Death, do make this my last will and testament.
Principally & first of all, I recommend my soul to God who gave it, in humble hopes of receiving the same again by and thro the merits of my Blessed Savior. My body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried in a decent & Christian-like manner at the discretion of my wife & Exors. hereafter named.
I give and bequeath unto my dear & loving wife Hannah her Bed and Bed clothes & other furniture, a riding horse, bridle & saddle, two milk cows & their increase, to her own proper use and Behoof, without the least claim or Molestation from any of my Children or others, during her natural life; likewise the sole management & Supervisior direction, and entire use of my House & plantation, whereon I now dwell, with the utensils therunto belonging, with all cattle, sheep and horses, hogs, &c., Likewise two negroes, namely Pharoah & Magg, during her natural life, or state of widdowhood.
It is my will that if my wife after my death shall be by sickness, old age or other natural Infirmities should be rendered helpless & unable to provide for herself, she shall be provided for in a decent & humane manner by my son robert. It is further my will that if my wife after my decease shall marry, all that I have bequeathed her shall decend to my children respectively, as shall be willed to them (excepting always her bed, bedcloaths, horse & saddle, milk cows, &c. mentioned above).
I give and bequeath unto my son, Joseph Snodgrass, my elder son, one third part of the tract of land I now live on (to be divided in three equal parts as shall be directed hereafter) to include the improvements he hath made thereon; also one negro boy named Jack, to be delivered him immediately after my death, and the several things I have hereto fore given him and now in his Possession, to him and his Heirs forever.
I give and bequeath unto my Daughters Lydia Cammeron, Margaret McClanahan, Hannah Snodgrass, Rebecca Pots & Phoebe Baker, the sum of Five shillings Sterlling money to be paid them immediately after my Decease if Demanded.
I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac Snodgrass the one third part of the aforementioned tract of land (that is) the middle part of the s'd tract, also two Negroes namely harry & Grace, with the increase, also all the Horse Beasts which now he possesses and is reputed to be his Property, to him and his Heirs and assigns forever, and to be Delivered to him after my Death.
I give and bequeath unto my son Robert Snodgrass, the other third of the before mentioned land (that is) the lower part, or premises which I now occupy, together with all the Improvements on said Premises, also three negroes, namely Pharoah, Magg & Will, with the Increase, also one bay mare colt his property.
It is my will and desire that all the Stock of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Hogs, waggon and gears, all the Plantation utensils and other things willed to my wilfe shall be conveniently as possible divided between my two sons, Isaac & Robert Snodgrass (excepting always) two milk cows and the Increase, Hors, Bridle, and Saddle, her bed, &c, which I will to her proper use and behoof during her natural life whether married or unmarried, and to her own disposal to bequeath as she shall think fit after my Death. Whereupon, I will that notwithstanding while she remains a widdow, she shall have the sole management of all as aforementioned, with the two aforementioned Negroes, Pharoah & Magg, which I will that the said Negroes descend to my son robert if she shall marry and likewise after her death.
I will that my wife may have her dividend equal to each of my two sons, Isaac & Robert, immediately after my Decease of all the aforesaid movables, provided she survives me, and if otherwise to descend to the said Isaac & Robert.
If my son Isaac should die without lawfull issue, it is my will that his part of the land be equally divided between Joseph and Robert Snodgrass, and should Robert die before he hath lawful issue, his to be equally divided between Joseph & Isaac, and should Isaac & Robert both die without lawfull issue, Isaac's part of the land is to decend to Joseph Potts, my grandson, and Robert's part to my grandson (Joe's son) to them and their Heirs and assigns forever. And in case this should happen, their Negroes to be equally divided between Phoebe Baker's two children, Mary & Hannah, and Rebecca Potts' four children (by John Pots). But should only one of them die without issue, the Survivor of them to have the others' Negroes, to them and their Heirs & Assigns forever with all increase.
I hereby appoint my loving wife, Hannah, my sole and whole Executrix of my last will & Testament, and my true & Honest Friend John Armstrong, Overseer of my last will and testament, to see that the same shall be truely complied with according to the true intent and meaning of the Premises. And I do hereby revoke & make null and void all former wills by me made, and declare this and no other to be my last will and testament.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Fifteenth day of May 1782.
Joseph Snodgrass
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of us
Edward Springer Catharine Springer R. B. Townshend
(presented at October 1782 term of court.)
Whereas I reserved one young Negro boy named Peter for my daughter Rebecca Pots, now she has decest, which Negro I give and Bequeath to my well beloved wife Hannah Snodgrass, during her life and at her Death to be at her disposal, as Witness my hand this thirteenth day of September 1782.
Joseph Snodgrass
Teste: John Armstrong Samuel Robinson William Snodgrass, Junor

(Presented at November 1782 term of court.)

[Source: Transcribed by Charlou Dolan]

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 57.--16th March, 1773. Mathew Shawdon's estate to Susannah Shadon, executrix--Cash paid Robert Shipley, Archibald Fisher, James and Joseph Snodgrass, William Bumpass. Whiskey for the funeral, 20/0
  • Page 401.--14th November, 1774. Thomas Paxton and Mary, of Botetourt, to William Paxton, son of Thomas. Teste: Nathaniel Evans, Joseph Snodgrass, James Alexander.

Processioning List of 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler’s lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Page 382.--1765: Wm. Bryans and Jas. Neely report as follows, viz: For James Bryan (on Roanoke), for Wm. Bryan, Jr., for David Bryan (Geo. McAfee present), for Rees Bowin, for Hugh Mills, for David Cloyd (Tinker's Creek), for David Robinson, for Wm. Graham, for Wm. Graham (on Bufallo Creek), Benj. Paulson present; for Wm. Graham, Henry Holston present; for Peter Evans; for Thos. Tosh, Danl. McNeal present; for Jno. McAdoo, Jas. Mellin present; for David Dutton, Wm. Elam present; for Israel Christian, for Joseph Snodgrass, for Joseph Robinson, for John Neilly; for Baptist Armstrong, present Thomas Acres; for Wm. Carvin, for Wm. Terry, for Thomas Ackers, for James Neilly (on Carson's Creek).

Information on Joseph Snodgrass

Snodgrass, Joseph
Date: Mar 16, 1773
Location: Augusta Co., VA
Record ID: 37652
Description: Creditor
Book Page: WB5-57
Remarks: Mathew Shawdon's estate to Susanah Shadon, executrix -- Cash paid Robert Shipley, Archibald Fisher, James and Joseph Snodgrass, William Bumpass. Whiskey for the funeral, 20/0.
Notes: This probate record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.
Snodgrass, Joseph
Date: Nov 14, 1774
Location: Augusta Co., VA
Record ID: 34667
Description: Witness
Book Page: 20-401
Notes: This land record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original CourtRecords of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.
ID: I3047
Name: Rebecca SNODGRASS
Given Name: Rebecca
Sex: F 1
Birth: 1746in Virginia
Death: BEF 13 SEP 1782 in (aft 15 May) Botetourt Co, Virginia
Father: Joseph of Tinker Creek SNODGRASS b: 1712
Mother: Hannah VERNON b: 16AUG 1717 in Goshen, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1 John Jr. POTTS
Married: 1767 in Botetourt Co, Virginia
Joseph POTTS b: BEF 1782 in Virginia?
Sarah POTTS b: BEF 1782 in Virginia
Rebecca POTTS b: BEF 1782 in Virginia
Hannah POTTS b: BEF 1782 in Virginia

Sources: Abbrev: Imported GEDCOM file Title: GEDCOM file imported on 19 Dec 2002.

Snodgrass, Joseph - d by (14 Nov marked out) Oct 1782 Bot co (will) - ref WB A p162, will dated May 1782 Admr bond - wife Hannah; ch Robert, Joseph, Lidia (Cammeron); Margaret (Mcclenachan); Hannah; Rebecca (John Potts); Phebe (md [Martin] Baker); Isaac; gs Joseph Potts - admr John Armstrong, Hannah Snodgrass


[Charlou Dolan: The deeds below, witnessed by Joseph Snodgrass, are the earliest records we have of Joseph in America. At a bare minimun he would have to have been 18 to witness these deeds. We need to check the laws of Pennsylvania during that time period to see if Joseph had to be 18 or if he had to be 21.]

  • 18 Apr 1729 -- Chester Co., Pennsylvania, Deed Book G7, page 38: Release. On 18 Apr 1729 John Cheyney of Thornbury, yeoman to John Yarnall of Edgmont. Whereas William Penn by deed dated 26 & 27 Sep 1681 granted to Richard Marsh of the City of Bristol, merchant, a tract of 5000 acres. Whereas William Penn by deed dated 26 & 27 Sep 1681 granted Richard Marsh another 5000 acres. Whereas Joseph Baker did contract & agree to purchase 5000 acres from Richard Marsh & took up the said 500 acres more that was laid out to Richard Marsh. Whereas Richard Marsh by deed dated 14 & 15 May 1685 granted to John Bellers of London, merchant a tract of 5000 acres & John Bellers by deed dated 15 & 16 Jan 1724 granted to John Cheyney & Thomas Cheyney the 1500 acres. Whereas John Cheyney & Thomas Cheyney made a division of said land and 800 acres fell to John Cheyney. Whereas Thomas Cheyney & Elizabeth his wife by deed dated 6 Mar 1726 granted & confirmed the 800 acres to John Cheyney. Now John Cheyney for £105 granted to John Yarnall a tract of land lying in Thornbury bounded by other land of John Yarnall, land of John Cheyney & Chester Creek containing 156 acres being part of the 800 acres.
[signed] John Cheyney
Delivered in the presence of Phillip Yarnall, Thomas Williamson, William Seymour, John Taylor, Elizabeth Cheyney & Joseph Snodgrass.
Recorded 28 Jun 1746.
  • 18 Apr 1729 -- Chester Co., Pennsylvania, Deed Book G7, page 41: Release. On 18 Apr 1729 Elizabeth Cheyney of Thornbury, widow of Thomas Cheyney late of Thornbury, yeoman, & executrix of his will & John Cheyney of Thornbury, yeoman, brother & executor of the will of Thomas Cheyney, dec. to John Yarnall of Edgmont, yeoman. Whereas William Penn by deed dated 26 & 27 Sep 1681 granted... Whereas John Cheyney & Thomas Cheyney made a division of said land, and two tracts, one containing 500 acres & one containing 200 acres fell to Thomas Cheyney. John Cheyney by deed dated 26 Mar 1726 confirmed to Thomas Cheyney the 2 tracts containing 700 acres. Thomas Cheyney made his will dated 31 Aug 1728 & bequeated 50 acres to his brother John, 60 acres to his wife & with some legacies to his children; he directed that Elizabeth & John take the remainder of said land (not already disposed) & sell said lands & the money arising from said sale to pay all just debts & legacies mentioned & to divide the residue as follows, if my wife shall be with child at the time of my death, if child is born alive & live to 21 years, the Elizabeth & John to shall [pay] the sum of £80 to said child, the residue I give to my wife Elizabeth for the bringing up & educating my children. Thomas Cheyney soon after died. Now Elizabeth Cheyney & John Cheyney for £70 granted to John Yarnall a tract in Thornbury bounded by land of John Cheyney, John Yarnall, & Jonathon Hunter containing 171 acres being 150 acres of the 200 acre tract & 21 acres of the 500 acre tract.
[signed] Elizabeth Cheyney & John Cheyney
Delivered in the presence of Joseph Snodgrass & Love Gardiner.
Recorded 4 Jul 1746.
1732 -- Tax List: Willistown, Joseph Snodgrass, tax 7 shillings 6 pence.
1735 -- Tax List: Willistown, Jose. Snodgrass, 6 shillings.
1737 -- Tax List: Willistown, Jos. Snotgras, 6 shillings.
1739 -- Tax List: Goshen, Joseph Snowergrass, 6 shillings
1740 -- Tax List: Willistown, Joseph Snotgrass, 1 shilling.
1741-1746 -- Tax lists are missing.

[Charlou Dolan: Sometime during this last period Joseph moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia, to the part that is now Botetourt Co., but because of the missing tax records we have no way of knowing the exact year he left Chester Co. He may have moved to Lancaster Co., PA, briefly on his way to the Shenandoah Valley, but because the Lancaster Co. tax records are also missing for this time period, this remains pure speculation.]

1782 Botetourt Co., VA:

District 51 (able-bodied men between the ages of 18 & 50, who were elgible to be drafted into military service if needed):
Isaac Snodgrass
Joseph Snodgrass
Robert Snodgrass
[District 51 was part of Capt. David May's Company. These are the sons of Joseph Snodgrass & Hannah Vernon.)]

14 Feb 1782 -- Virginia State Library, C-6247, Public Service Claims, Botetourt County, Virginia, Court Booklet: "At a Court held for Botetourt County (Virginia) the 14th Day of Feby 1782 the following Claims against the Publick were settled and allowed by the Court and ordered to be certified to the General Assembly:" Joseph Snodgrass "for 40 Days Driving Beeves, Publick Service" £8

Birth: by 1711
Death: BEF 14 NOV 1782 in Botetourt Co., Virginia
Will: 15 MAY 1782 Botetourt Co., Virginia
Marriage 1 Hannah Vernon b: 16 AUG 1717 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania
Married: ABT 19 NOV 1740 in probably, Chester Co., Pennsylvania
Rebecca Snodgrass
Lydia Snodgrass b: in Botetourt Co., Virginia
Phoebe Snodgrass b: in Botetourt Co., Virginia
Margaret Snodgrass b: in Botetourt Co., Virginia
Joseph Snodgrass
Isaac Snodgrass b: 14 NOV 1760 in Botetourt Co., Virginia
Robert Snodgrass
Hannah Snodgrass b: in Botetourt Co., Virginia

From post:

Attention for McClanahans and Snodgrass Posted by: Juliane J. Burbach Date: October 24, 2000 at 19:36:13

  of 1609  

I have a Approved DAR application on Joseph Snodgrass Sr, Botetourt Co. Va. Proved by 3 wills. Joseph Snodgrass abt 1720. Va ?, d, Oct 1782 .,m. Hannah. Children;

Joseph Jr.b., 26 Sept 1741.,d. 15 Aug, 1809, Botetourt. M., Mary Bartley 07 July 1771.
Mary, b. 11 Jan 1747, Botetourt,. d. 16 March 1812, Botetourt.
Robert; abt 1760 m. Nancy Adams , 17 Feb 1789
Lydia;m.John Cameron 09 Sept 1771.
Margaret; m. McClanahan
Hannah,.no information
Rebecca, m. John Potts
Phoebe,m. Martin Baker., 11 Feb 1772.
Isaac . abt 1758, no more information on him.

Joseph Jr: one of his children was Bartley Snodgrass, b. 24 Sept 1797, Botetourt, VA m. Elizabeth " Betsy " St Clair abt 1805, Bedford Co, Va,.he d. Jackson Co, Mo 18 June 1881.

I have one line from Joseph Sr. down and that is Bartley's.

Joseph Snodgrass Sr. rendered material aid to the colonies " for 40 days driving beeves, Publik Acct ", Botetourt County, Virginia, as shown by " Public service Claims, Botetourt County court Booklet', dated 14 Feb. 1782, the date the claims were paid. Copy of the file of DAR library - # 459365, DAR Patriot index -p. 631