Person:John Warwick (10)

John Warwick
b.est 1712-1720
  1. Martha WarwickEst 1710 - 1763
  2. William Warwick1710 - Abt 1764
  3. John WarwickEst 1712 to 1720 - 1801
  4. Jean WarwickAbt 1721 - 1758
  • HJohn WarwickEst 1712 to 1720 - 1801
  • WUnknown GayBef 1726 -
m. Bef 1743
  1. Charles WarwickAbt 1745 -
  2. John WarwickAbt 1749 -
  3. William WarwickAbt 1751 -
Facts and Events
Name John Warwick
Gender Male
Birth? est 1712-1720
Marriage Bef 1743 to Unknown Gay
Death? 1801 Clark County, Kentucky

John Warwick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on John Warwick

There are conflicting stories regarding this John Warwick, brother of William Warwick. Some sources claim that John Warwick was killed by Indians abt. 1763-64, but there are no apparent records in Augusta County to prove this. In fact, records after that time period appear to indicate that John Warwick lived well past that date. According to records of the Crouch family, John Warwick appears to have moved with the Crouch's to Tygart Valley, Virginia and then to Kentucky in 1787 (Source: )

In fact, research by John B. Robb of Virginia confirms that John Warwick did NOT die in 1763/4 (from e-mail of 18 May 2010):

What is not in controversy is whether John Warwick, the brother of William was killed in 1763: he wasn't. Lynn (Hutchison) has marshalled plentiful evidence that John was alive and kicking long after that. By 1771 he was apparently settled in the Tygart River Valley in now Randolph Co WV, where he purchased half a dozen tracts, and in 1787 he migrated to the Lexington area of Kentucky, and died in Clark Coounty, KY in 1801. John's son, Jacob Warwick, died a hero at the Battle Tippecanoe, and Warrick Co Indiana is named for him.

Also, some sources claim that John Warwick may have married a sister of James Gay, who sold John Warwick land in the Calfpasture in 1759 (listed below). Although it is possible, there seems to be little evidence to support this. Additional research is necessary to determine the identity of this James Warwick's wife.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in the Calfpasture:

  • John Warwick, the brother of the William Warwick, apparently was going to acquire "Lot 18" on the Big Calfpasture, but apparently never completed the patent. [Research by John B. Robb of Virginia]. This lot was later conveyed to John's brother William Warwick.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 83.--21st March, 1759. James Gay to Jno. Warrick, £4 yearly for three years; lease, 149 acres in Calf Pasture bounded by Jno. Gay and Wm. Eliot. Teste: Pat. Cunningham and Thos. Rutledge.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 30, 1751. - (225) John Warwick--a witness.
  • Page 82.--21st November, 1754. Archibald Boreland's accounts as administrator, vs. estate of Wm. Jackson--Paid Andrew Dunlap, John Harden, Robt. Duffels, Archd. Elliot, Wm. Davis, Alex. Wright, Alex. McAllroy, Michl. Harper, Jno. Carolile, Samuel McAlvery, Jno. Graham, Joseph Mays, Samuel Ferguson, Wm. Elliott, Stephen Wilson, Alex. Gillespy, Naphtalin Gregory, Jno. Warwick, John Crockett, Charles Dunlap, Geo. Lewis, Thos. Bryan, Nathan Patterson, James Boreland, Wm. Hamilton, James Brown, James Lockridge, John Williamson, David Stanley; cash paid James Armstrong; 7 gallons whiskey for 2d vendue; to Jinney Boreland's account proved.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1762 (B). - John David Wilpert, administrator Henry Baughman, vs. Mathew Lindsay.--Invoice of Henry Buchman's estate left in Greenbrier when drove off by the enemy. Witnesses are John Gay, John Warrick, Hugh Young and wife, John Meak (in which house saw same articles, Lawrence Hencemen. Witnesses when they killed the man, Felthe Yoken, Mathes Yoken, Nap. Gregory, Robert Allin, William Elliott. (Note: this record was a foreboding indicator of the Indian unrest in Greenbrier and many surrounding areas at the time, since John Warwick would meet his demise at the hands of the Indians shortly thereafter).
  • Page 193.--16th November, 1762. Naphtalum Gregory's appraisement, by Alex. Galespy, Jno. Warwick, Jas. Hamilton. Recorded. Some histories and other books.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1764 (B). - John Warrick Sertify to eight or nine hogs that Sepn. (?) Wilson killed. Evidences names: William Givens, James Gay, William Warrick, Andrew Singleton, John Warrick. This was transacted in ye year 1758. John McCreery for. (Addressed) Mr. John Warrick, these--.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1767 (D). - Archer vs. Wilson.--Ephraim Wilson deposes, 10th April, 1766, in Augusta: That he went to William Wilson's, on Jackson's River, with Mr. John Archer in 1756 or 1757 John Warrick was at the house at the time and employed there.
  • Page 165.--19th August, 1765. Margret ( ) Risk. Jr., relict to James Risk. deceased, to John Risk, Jr., £__, 200 acres at foot of Brown Hill in line of Wm. McCutchen's land. Teste: John Risk, John Worick, Moses Moore. Delivered: Jno. Risk, Jr., 19th November, 1770.,
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 25, 1767. - (177) John Warwick and John Davis (Hunter), sureties.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1768. - (503) Following orphans of Charles Whitman to be bound: Hurson Mathias Whitman, to James Gregory, to learn trade of a weaver. Catherine Whitman to Andrew Sitlington. Jacob Whitman, to John Warwick, to learn trade of shoemaker.