Person:John Walker (202)

m. 5 DEC 1740
  1. Barbara Walker1741 - 1811
  2. Katherine Walker1743/44 - 1814
  3. Jane Walker1746 - 1822
  4. Capt. Samuel Walker, Jr.1748 - 1830
  5. Elizabeth Walker1750 - 1825
  6. James Walker1752 - 1791
  7. John Walker1755 - 1830
  8. Joseph Walker1758 - ABT 1816
  9. Joel Walker1764 - 1823
m. 1 AUG 1782
  1. Nancy Walker1783-1803 -
  2. Elizabeth Walker1783-1803 -
  3. Barbara Walker1783-1803 -
  4. James Walker1783-1803 -
  5. Jane Walker1785 -
  6. Samuel Walker1787 -
  7. Margaret Walker1790 -
  8. Katherine Walker1793 -
  9. Audley P. Walker1793 -
  10. John B. Walker1805 -
Facts and Events
Name John Walker
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 OCT 1755 Augusta (now Rockbridge) County, Virginia
Marriage 1 AUG 1782 Augusta (now Rockbridge) County, Virginiato Margaret Paul
Other 27 April 1818 Roane County, TNpension Application
with Margaret Paul
Death? 2 FEB 1830 Roane County, Tennessee


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This article concerns John Walker, son of Samuel Walker and Jane Patterson. Samuel's family is well documented in Source:White, 1902 [2] John was born 5 Oct 1755, and married Margaret Paul, August 1 1782 (White, 1902:180). The couple had 12 children

From:Pension Apppication of 1818

"... John Walker ... Sayeth that he Inlisted a Solder in Capt’n Mathew Arbuckels Company of Regulars Raised in Botetourt County Virginia for the Term of one year and was stationed at the mouth of the Great Kenaway and served the Term of Inlistment and was discharged by said Capt’n Arbuckel the 16th of October 1776 and the August following the 11th Day he Inlisted in a Reagement of horse Commanded by Colo. George Bailer [Baylor] in Capt’n Cadader Jen’s [Jones] Company Colo Bailer got wounded and Colo William Washington took command of the Reagement and he the said Walker served in said Reagement to the end of August 1780 when he was Discharged [Several words illegible] in Indigent circumstances and needs help from his Country and Deposited[?] his Discharge[?] with the Register of the land office of Virginia April 27th 1818 [signed] John Walker

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 6, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Walker, John - entered service Botetourt County, Virginia, in Virginia company; entered service 1777 in 3rd Virginia Regiment; served at Battles of Monmouth & Siege of Chareleton; received Pension age 64 in Roane County, Tennessee, 1818; wife Margaret died 8/1819; soldier resided 1821 there age 66 when all children were grown up; died 2/2/1830 leaving children: Audley P., Jane P., Margaret, Elizabeth M., Barbara, Nancy, Catharine wife of James Galloway, who all resided in Roane County, Tennessee, & John B, resided in Morgan County, Alabama. F-S48765, R2475.


From: Source:White, 1992B See: Notebook:Walker Family Tapistry

Person:John Walker (221), Continental and Virginia Line, BLW# 2230-100, soldier had enlisted in Botetourt Co VA, he applied April 27, 1818 in Roane Co.,TN in September 1819, soldier gave his age as 64, in 1821 soldier referred to his family as all grown up, one Samuel Walker made affidavit in 1819 in Knoxville TN that he saw soldier's discharge when he returned from Rev service, the jacket cover stated soldier's wife was Margaret ( no data on her).


  1. Source:White, 1992B notes that in his pension application "in September 1819, soldier gave his age as 64"
  2. White documents in great detail descendants of John Walker I of Wigton Scotland and wife Jane McKnight. Collectively, these descendants are commonly referred to as "Wigton Walkers". Samuel is the head of what is known by some as the "Natural Bridge Line" of Wigton Walkers, settling near Natural Bridge c1750, just south of Borden's Grant. Another line of Walkers, referred to as the "Walkers Creek Line" settled on Walkers Creek in the northern portion of Borden's Grant. These two lines intermarried at an early date. By about 1840 their descendants lost track of their separate relationships, simply considering each other as "cousins". As a result White, 1902 was unaware that they had separate origins, and merged the two lines. YDNA tests on descendants of both lineages demonstrate that they do not have a common ancestor in a genealogically meaningful timeframe. We know for certain which of the two lines descend from John Walker I.