MySource:Quolla6/Pension Application of John Walker, Roane County TN, 1818

MySource Pension Application of John Walker, Roane County TN, 1818
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Pension Application of John Walker, Roane County TN, 1818.

Application S48765, from Southern Campaigns Web Site]

State of Tennesee [sic] Roan [sic] County April 27th 1818 This Day personly appeared before me Robert White one of the Judges of the Supram Court of [word illegible] and Appeals of the State of Tenesee John Walker and being Duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelical of Almighty God Deposeth and Sayeth that he Inlisted a Solder in Capt’n Mathew Arbuckels [sic: Arbuckle’s] Company of Regulars Raised in Botetourt County Virginia for the Term of one year and was stationed at the mouth of the Great Kenaway [sic: Kanawha River at Point Pleasant in present West Virginia] and served the Term of Inlistment and was discharged by said Capt’n Arbuckel the 16th of October 1776 and the August following the 11th Day he Inlisted in a Reagement of horse Commanded by Colo. George Bailer [sic: Baylor] in Capt’n Cadader Jen’s[sic: Cadwallader Jones’s] Company Colo Bailer got wounded and Colo William Washington took command of the Reagement and he the said Walker served in said Reagement to the end of August 1780 when he was Discharged [Several words illegible] in Indigent circumstances and needs help from his Country and Deposited[?] his Discharge[?] with the Register of the land office of Virginia April 27th 1818 [signed] John Walker