Person:John Waddle (2)

John Waddle
d.Bef. February 1828 Grainger County, Tennessee
  1. John Waddleest 1738 - Bef 1828
m. ABT 1759
  1. Daniel WaddleABT 1759 -
  2. John Waddle, Jr.abt 1761/62 - 1830
  3. Martin Waddle1763 - 1842
  4. Mary Waddle1765 - 1849
  5. Peter WaddleABT 1768 -
  6. Henry WaddleBEF 1770 -
  7. Regina Waddle1772 -
  8. Barbara WaddleABT 1776 -
  9. Jacob Waddle1778 - 1814
  10. George WaddleABT 1780 -
  11. Elisabeth WaddleABT 1784 -
  12. Anna Maria Waddle1789 - 1790
Facts and Events
Name John Waddle
Alt Name Johannes Wedel
Alt Name John Weddle
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1738 Of Saxe-Weimer, Switzerland
Marriage ABT 1759 to Mary Magdalene Unknown
Death? Bef. February 1828 Grainger County, Tennessee

John Waddle was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Virginia

Acquisition of Land in Northern Neck of Virginia:

  • P-84: John Weddle of Frederick County son & heir of Daniel Weddle dec'd, 296 acres on North River of Shannandoan in said County. Surv'd 20 June 1763 for Daniel Weddle by Robert Rutherford and forfeited by Advertisement & recorded in Book N. Deed to John Weddle. Adj. John Crabell, Joseph Readingour, Daniel Shaver. 5 Nov. 1771. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 214].
  • On 5 November 1771, Johannes Wedel made the following oath before John Hite in order to obtain title to 296 acres of land near Strasburg, in the present Shenandoah County, which was originally claimed by his father Daniel. The survey shows the land was adjacent to John Crabell, Joseph Reedingour and Daniel Shaver. (Note: Johannes's name is given as John Weddle for this record in Peggy Shomo Joyner's Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Dunmore, Shenandoah, Culpeper, Prince William, Fauquier & Stafford Counties, 1710 - 1780, Vol. III, p. 163. On 20 June 1763, R. Rutherford surveyed this 296-acre parcel of land for Daniel Weddle (Land Office, Northern Neck Surveys, Frederick County, Box 24, The Library of Virginia). The survey document states "By virtue of a warrant from the Proprietors office Bearing date the 10th day of February 1762 I have surveyed for Daniel Weddle of Frederick County a tract of land on the no River of Shanandoah in the sd County." Markers (chain carriers) were Daniel Weddle, Peter Mack, Martin Black and Goodlip Black.).
"Frederick County, This Day John Woldle came before me one of His Majesties justices of the Pace for sd Conty And made oath that he was the only Heare of his Fathers Daniel Woldles Land Lieing two miles above Lororince Shnapp near by John Grable And Daniel Sheaver Land and was Sworn Before me the 5th Day of November 1771. Jno Hite"

Disposition of Land in Dunmore (later Shenandoah) County:

  • By an indenture on 2 April 1772 they sold (lease) 125 1/2 acres of the 296-acre parcel to Frances Holl (Hull/Holt) for 5 shillings; the next day, on 3 April 1772, the same parcel was sold (release) to Holl for 15 pounds [Shenandoah Co. Deed Book A, p. 16-18]. (Note: The deeds were acknowledged in a Court held for Dunmore on Tuesday, 26 May 1772. Shenandoah County was formed in 1772 with the original name of Dunmore and the county was renamed Shenandoah in 1778).

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County:

  • 16 May 1780 - Johannes Wedel purchased for the sum of £165 a parcel of land containing 205 acres from Mathias Gabbert and his wife Christian [Augusta Co. Deed Book 23, p. 244]. (Note: The parcel was located about 2 miles east of the town of Middlebrook and 9 miles southwest of Staunton on the waters of Christian's Creek). [Source:]

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 456.--16th April, 1782. John Waddle (Signed in German and apparently some other name--Null ?) and Mary ( ) Waddle, to the Congregation adhering to Bethel Meeting House, part of the tract John now lives on, on waters of Christian's Creek. Delivered: Robert Doack, one of the grantees.
  • Page 220.--18th May, 1784. John Waddel and Mary ( ) to Christian Bomgardner and Lewis Celamous (Childmour). Delivered: Jacob Bumgardner, 1st October, 1790.

Will of John Waddle

Will of John Waddle

In the Name of God Amen.
I John Waddle of the County of Grainger and State of Tennessee considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of Sound and Disposing Mind and Memory blessed by Almighty God for the Same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, (that is to say) It is my will and desire and I hereby give and devise to my Son Jacob Woods and his heirs forever all my estate both real and personal on the following express terms and conditions, (to wit) that the said Jacob Woods Shall continue to live with us during our joint lives and the life of the Survivor of us that he shall Cultivate my farm take care of my Stock, and that the said Jacob Woods Shall out of the proceeds of my farm and Stock take care of Maintain and Support Myself and my Wife Magdalene during our joint lives and the life of the Survivor of us in a comfortable manner agreeable to our State & Condition in life and according to our present manner of living. It is my will and desire and I hereby order and direct the Said Jacob Woods to pay the burying expenses of Myself and wife hereby revoking annulling and declaring void all other & former Wills by me made In Witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this eight day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five.
John X Waddle (Seal)
Signed sealed published and declared by the above named John Waddle to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses in the presence of testator
Rice Moore p.
John F. Jack
fees paid in part Feby Term 1828
[Source: Grainger County, Tennessee, Loose Wills , WPA Records (1938)(Mountain Press), pp 90, 91]

Records of John Waddle in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1767 (C). - George Carpenter vs. William Crow.--Simon Robinson deposes, 21st May, 1767, before John Poage: That he was employed by Capt. Crow to help him to take a drove of cattle towards Pennsylvania, and on their way said deponent saith several strange cattle came into the drove, and particularly below Frazier's some came in, as likewise at Davies Mill, all which he believes was turned out, and had particular orders from Mr. Crow to take care of the drove, and likewise to be careful to turn out all stray cattle, and likewise said Crow did assist himself to turn out cattle at different times and order people where they lodged to detain stray cattle from their drove till they could get clear of. William (mark) English deposes: That passing by Shurley's he saw in his pasture Capt. Crow's drove of cattle, and with them he saw several of Mr. Carpenter's cattle. Next morning, after they were started off out of the field and met several of Mr. Carpenter's cattle on road coming back. Randal Lockhart deposes, 21st May, 1767: That about four years agone he met with Mr. Crow at Pat. Frazier's with his drove and was desired by said Crow to count his cattle, which he did, and counted 131. He assisted Mr. Crow down the road as far as where John Waddell lived, and helped to turn out some cattle out of the drove, and was desired by said Crow so to do. Some time after Mr. Crow came home. Deponent heard Mr. Carpenter and said Crow discoursing about cattle that Carpenter lost. Crow affirmed that he discovered one stray cow, and no more, in his drove at Robert Wilson's. Some time afterwards Crow went down to speak with Carpenter about cattle that he had lost, who affirmed he had lost two. Crow asked him what price he valued his cattle to. He said £6. Crow said he would set the price on an average, or leave it to two men, if he could prove his cattle were in his drove. They nominated Robert Shanklin and William Beard. The appointment was set, and the time came, but Carpenter did not appear. James Bruster deposes: In October, 1763, deponent went to house of George Carpenter in search of lost cattle, which he suspected Mr. Crow had taken off in his drove, and they went in search of Crow's drove. On their way they came to Michael Shirley's. Mrs. Shirley said Crow had asked her to count the drove, which she did, and found them 141. They proceeded to Alex. Buchanan. Mrs. Buchanan told them that Crow's drove increased damnably. Thence they went to one Heard's. Mr. Heard said Crow offered to sell one heifer. They came to Mr. Crow's house in Staunton. Mr. Crow says: Mr. Bruster, I understand you are like to make me out a cow thief? I never called you a thief, but you acknowledged a stray cow which I dare ventur to say is mine, and I have come to see what you have done with her.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1785--June 28, Jacob Bumgarner and Mary Waddle, daughter John Waddle.
  • Vol. 2 - Insolvents and Delinquents, 1790: - John Waddle, to French Broad; John Waddle, Jr., to French Broad; Peter Waddle, to French Broad. (Note: the "French Broad" was later known as the State of Tennessee).


Familysearch submissions

  1.   Dickinson, Robert G. Genealogy of the Johannes Wedel Family.

    The family of Johannes Wedel (John Waddle) and his wife Maria Magdalena, family name unknown, lived in Shenandoah and Augusta counties, Virginia, and in Sullivan and Grainger counties, Tennessee. No will or other document has been found that lists
    the members of the family. However, from various church, marriage, deed, tax, pension, and family records their sons appear to have been Daniel, Martin, John, Peter, Henry, Jacob and George and their daughters were Maria Magdalena, Regina,
    Barbara, Elisabeth and Anna Maria. These children may be only those who survived and for whom records have been found.

    The Wedel family was German-speaking and Johannes signed his name on deeds with a distinctive signature in German script. The signature, as recorded in the deed books by the clerks, appears to be a facsimile of the way they perceived his signature on the original deed. The transcription of the given name usually looks like "Johnns" and the surname variously resembles "Will"," Well", "Ull", "Null", etc., but these
    apparent names do not resemble the English-script name given within the deed records.