Person:John Taylor (446)

John Taylor
d.Bef 18 Aug 1772 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 1730
  1. John Taylor1731 - Bef 1772
  2. Andrew Taylor1731 - Abt 1787
  3. Lettice Taylor1733 - Aft 1800
  4. Isaac Taylor1734 - 1801
  5. Catherine TaylorEst 1735 to 1745 - Aft 1771
  6. William Taylor1736 - Bef 1768
  7. George Taylor1738 - 1801
  8. Elizabeth TaylorBef 1742 - 1760
  • HJohn Taylor1731 - Bef 1772
  • WEsther WaiteAbt 1735 - 1783
m. Abt 1753/54
  1. Sarah TaylorAbt 1754 -
  2. John TaylorAbt 1755 -
  3. Eleanor 'Ellinor' TaylorAbt 1756 -
  4. Archibald TaylorAbt 1757 -
  5. James TaylorAbt 1759 -
  6. Catherine TaylorAbt 1760 - Aft 1815
  7. Joseph TaylorAbt 1761 -
  8. William TaylorAbt 1763 -
  9. Margaret TaylorAbt 1764 - Abt 1830
  10. Frances TaylorAbt 1767 -
  11. Esther TaylorAbt 1769 -
  12. Jonathan TaylorAbt 1771 -
Facts and Events
Name John Taylor
Gender Male
Birth? 1731 County Armagh, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1753/54 to Esther Waite
Death? Bef 18 Aug 1772 Augusta County, Virginia

John Taylor was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 451.--14th June, 1757. John Taylor and Esther ( ) to Thomas Gordon, £20, 120 acres cor. Wood's and Green's land on head Muddy Creek; cor. Jno. O'Neal's land. Teste: Geo. Bigham, Elijah Clery. Delivered: Thos. Gordon, April, 1771.

Will of John Taylor

  • Page 580.--6th May, 1772. John Taylor's will--To wife, Esther, executrix; to eleven children; to son, John, £5 more than the others. Teste: Archibald Huston, James Waite, John Stephenson. Proved, 18th August, 1772, by Waite and Huston. Esther qualifies (her mark) with James Waite, Archd. Huston.
  • Page 29.--9th October, 1772. John Taylor's estate appraised by John Stephenson, James Bruster, John Young.

Records of John Taylor in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's: (unless otherwise listed)

  • Page 25 - Esther Stephenson, executrix of John Taylor, 230 acres by virtue of an entry made January 10, 1771. (Massanutten Springs). January 14, 1783. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 105].
  • Page 46 - Ester Stephenson, executrix of John Taylor, deceased, 184 acres, between two tracts of her own land. May 24, 1785. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 113]. (Note: these land grants provide key pieces of evidence to prove that Esther had married both John Taylor and John Stephenson, who both had died prior to this date. Since Esther was a widow, she was able to acquire land on her own).
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1803 (N to Z). - John Taylor, Archd. Taylor, James Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Jonathan Taylor, Wm. Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Francis Carter and Margaret, late Margt. Taylor, Saml. Twitchet and Catherine, late Catherine Taylor, Sylvenus Gibson and Elenor, late Elenor Taylor and Easter Taylor, devisees of James Waits, deceased, vs. John Huston--Writ of right, Rockingham. Two tracts, 150 acres in Rockingham; Jno. Stephenson's line, 20 acres, Stover's Mill Creek; James Downing's survey. Copy patent to John Stephenson, 400 acres on Orange (Augusta) County, on Stover's Mill Creek, of South River, Shenandore, 1st June, 1741. John Stephenson to Archd Huston, 18th May, 1773, recorded. John Stephenson's will, dated 13th October, 1777, probated in Rockingham 23d November, 1778; wife. Devisees, Jonathan Taylor and Easter Taylor, two of wife's children (infants). Daughter, Mary Huston, widow of Archd. Huston. Grandsons, Jno. Huston, Stephen Huston, George Huston and Nathan Huston. Grandchildren, Ann, Abigail, Sarah, Jane, Elizabeth and Archibald Huston (infants), daughter Mary Huston. Executors, Daniel Smith, Sr., and Felix Gilbert. Patent to James Waits, 1st September, 1782; 20 acres by survey, 18th December, 1751, on Stover's Mill Creek. James Waits' will, dated 9th October, 1771. Probated in Rockingham, 24th September, 1781. James Waits' will: Wife Catrine. John Taylor's children, they being the lawful issue of his wife Esther--Sarah and Catherine--to have more than others.

Information on John Taylor

Husband: John Taylor
Born: 1731 at: County Armagh, Ireland
Married: ABT. 1755 at:
Died: 1772 at: Augusta Co Va.
Father:Isaac Taylor
Mother:Isabell Wilson
Wife: Esther Waite
Born: ABT. 1735 at:
Died: at: