Person:John Robinson (221)

John Robinson
b.12 August 1749
d.23 November 1820 Botetourt County, Virginia
m. 1775/75
  1. Elizabeth Robinsonabt 1775 -
  2. Thomas Robinson1784 - 1869
  3. John Robinsonabt 1785 - bef 1850
  4. Mary 'Polly' Robinsonabt 1787 - abt 1844
  5. Eve Robinsonabt 1790 -
  6. Catherine Robinsonabt 1793 - 1874
  7. Hester Ann 'Hetty' Robinsonabt 1796 - 1851
  8. Nancy Robinsonabt 1801 -
  9. Susanna Robinsonabt 1802 -
  10. Magdaline Robinson1804 -
Facts and Events
Name John Robinson
Gender Male
Birth? 12 August 1749
Marriage 1775/75 Frederick County, Virginiato Elizabeth Kern
Death? 23 November 1820 Botetourt County, Virginia

John Robinson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Virginia

  • Page 212. Nov 14, 1821 -Elizabeth Robinson, admx of John Robinson, deceased, files motion for estate appraisal of sd. John Robinson, deceased. [Source: Botetourt County, VA Minute Book 1820-22].
  • Page 124. John Robinson of Botetourt death certified November 1821. [Source: Montgomery County, VA Court Order Book 26].
  • Page 263. October 1835 - "It is ordered to be certified that it appears to the satisfaction of the court that John Robinson who was a soldier in the revolution, died intestate, and that John Robinson, Mary Woolwine, Catherine Caldwell, Eve Woolwine, Magdaline Robinson, Thomas Robinson, Nancy Hamilton, Susanna Switzer, Hetty Davis are the only heirs of the said John Robinson dec'd, and that the four last named heirs have not been heard of for more than seven years past." [Source: Montgomery County, VA Court Order Book 26].
  • Page 18. April 1, 1839 - Elizabeth Robinson personally appeared in court and made a declaration to enable her to obtain a pension under the act of Congress of the 4th of July 1836 as the widow of John Robinson, which declaration is ordered to be filed and certified to the war department. [Source: Montgomery County, VA Court Order Book 29].
  • Page 86. Feb 3, 1840 - Elizabeth Robinson, widow of John Robinson deceased made a declaration in court in order to obtain the provisions of an act of Congress of the 4th July 1836 which is ordered to be filed, and the court certifies that it appears to them by the evidence of William L. Woolwine who was duly sworn and examined in court, who the court certfies to be entitled to credit on oath, that Elizabeth Robinson the widow of John Robinson deceased is now and has remained a widow ever since the death of her late husband the said John Robinson deceased. [Source: Montgomery County, VA Court Order Book 29].
  • Page 311. Feb 3, 1845 - "It is ordered to be certified that it appears to the court by satisfactory evidence that Elizabeth Robertson was a pensioner of the United States at the rate of $31.33 per annum, was a resident of the County of Montgomery in the State of Virginia and died in the said county in the state aforesaid in the year 1844 on the 9th day of December. That she left the three following children, to wit: Eve Woolwine, Magdaline Robertson, Katherine Caldwell." [Source: Montgomery County, VA Court Order Book 30].

Revolutionary War Pension Application

Botetourt County Virginia
On this 9th day of August 1820 personally appeared in open court being a Court of Record for said County John Robinson aged 71 years on the 12 instant, who being first duly sworn according to Law – doth on his Oath make the following Declaration, (in Order to obtain the provision made by the acts of Congress of the 18th March 1818 and the 1st May 1820) That he enlisted for the term of five years – in the year 1781 – under Captain Kirkpatrick of the 4th Virginia Regt. on Continental establishment Commanded by Col. Barbour – That he continued to serve in said Corps until November 1782 when he was discharged – That he was present at the Capture of Lord Cornwallis – and that he has no other evidence of his said service now in his power –
I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1820 [sic] and that have not since that time by sale, gift, or otherwise, disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent to diminish it & thereby bring myself within the provision of the act of Congress for the relief of the soldiers of the revolutionary war, passed on the 18th march 1818 And that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property, securities, contracts, or debts due to me, nor have I any income other than is contained in the Schedule by me subscribed & hereto annexed –
Schedule: One mare, one cow, one heiffer, one set old plough train, one axe & mattock, one wedge, & draw knife, one sythe & old hoe – one fire shovel & thongs – two ovens, one pot, one skillet, one frying pan, pot rack, smoothing iron pewter dish & basin, 6 knives & four forks 6 cups & saucers, 8 plates 3 old milk crocks – That he is a labourer but has to depend upon the charity of his relations for support – That he has no family living with him except a wife 60 years old – and his daughter aged 16 years.
(aigned) John [his X mark] Robertson

State of Virginia, Montgomery County Ss
On this 3rd day of February 1840 personally appeared before the Justices of the Court of Montgomery County, being a court of record, Elizabeth Robinson, a resident of said county and state, aged about 81 years, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on her oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836. That she is the widow of John Robinson deceased, who was a soldier in the war of the revolution, and whose services, and the names of his officers, and all the particulars connected with his services are set forth in a declaration made by the said John Robinson before the county court of Botetourt some years ago, and to which she begs that reference may be made. She has often heard her husband relate the particulars of his service but from old age on the part of your applicant, & consequent loss of memory, she is unable at present to state them. She however remembers that his Captains name was Killpatrick and his General, was Muhlenburg, it was in the county of Frederick in this state, that he enlisted. She has been informed by a late communication, received from the War department that the said John Robinson entered the service in 1781 and was discharged November 1782, but she is strongly inclined to the opinion that he had been in the service before that period, for she was married to him in the year 1775 or 1776 and she feels well convinced that he left her some short time after their marriage, and went into service. She is also inclined to the opinion that he served several tours, but it is impossible for her now at this late period to be particular or certain on that subject. She further declares that she was married to the said John Robinson on the ____ day of ____ in the year 1775 or 1776, the precise date she cannot now remember, that her husband & herself both being unlearned they kept no family register. she was married to the said John Robinson in the county of Frederick, by a minister of the Gospel, who published the Banns of matrimony, that no marriage license was obtained, and consequently she is unable to procure any documentary evidence, as will appear by the certificate of the clerk of Frederick County and that she does not know of any person now living by whom she can prove her marriage. That her husband the aforesaid John Robinson died in the county of Botetourt on the [blank] day of [blank] 18[last two digits blank] – some 16 or 17 years ago, perhaps longer, and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed. Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before the County Court of Montgomery, now in session.
(signed) Elizabeth [her||mark] Robinson
[A typed summary dated 1 Nov 1934 adds the following: John Robinson married Elizabeth Kern or Karn and died 23 Nov 1820 in Botetourt County. They raised a large family; one daughter was 16 in 1820. “Nicholas Kern residing in Frederick County, Virginia in 1840, referred to the widow, Elizabeth Robertson (Robinson) as his aunt.”].

1835 Virginia Pension Roll
AGE 71