Person:John Kirkpatrick (35)

John Kirkpatrick
b.est. 1750-1760
d.bef. 1 September 1823 Rockbridge County, Virginia
m. bef. 1783
  1. James Kirkpatrick1783 - 1845
  2. Charles KirkpatrickEst 1785 to 1799 -
  3. Thomas Kirkpatrick1788 - 1854
  4. William Kirkpatrick1789 - 1844
  5. Andrew KirkpatrickEst 1790 to 1805 - Abt 1842
  6. Louis KirkpatrickEst 1790 to 1805 -
  7. Margaret Kirkpatrick1794 - 1859
  8. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Kirkpatrick1796 - 1848
  9. Samuel Kirkpatrick1800 - 1861
Facts and Events
Name John Kirkpatrick
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1750-1760
Marriage bef. 1783 to Catherine Unknown
Death? bef. 1 September 1823 Rockbridge County, Virginia

John Kirkpatrick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisition of Land in Rockbridge County

  • 7 Mar 1778 - John Collier and Jean his wife and Sisela Collier of Rockbridge County to John Kirkpatrick of Rockbridge Co., £500. 181 acres on North Branch of Buffalo Creek, bounded as follows: "Beginning at a cherry tree & mulberry on the Creek and runneth thence south 3 Degrees West fourty poles a hiccory and black Oak thence South seventy five Degrees west one hundred and seventy poles to a white Oak and ash thence South five west Sixty four poles to a white oak thence North seventy East two hundred & forty poles to a black oak & Dogwood thence South forty two East Sixty poles to a pine thence North forty Eight East Sixty poles to a pine thence North forty Eight East, Eighty two poles Croping the Creek to a white oak and black oak thence North forty two west one hundred and sixteen poles to a ---- oak near a great Spring thence North twenty west Eighty poles to a White oak bush thence South Seventy four West ninety four Poles to a red oak one the Creek and Down the same ninety four poles to the Beginning." Rockbridge County Deeds

Will of John Kirkpartick

Written 18 April 1823, Proven 1 September 1823.
To wife Katherine during her widowhood the use of the house and kitchen in common with daughter Betsy and son Samuel.
Also to Katherine two beds & their furniture of her choice, two of her choice of his cows, the cupboard & its furniture &the kitchen furniture and her saddle and bridle and a living from the plantation.
Daughter Betsy, a living from the plantation, two beds & their furniture, a milch cow, and "my bay horse commonly called Thom which horse to be used on the plantation whilst Betsy remain unmarried but when she marries her living from the plantation shall cease."
Daughter Margaret Reid one horse least equal in value to the one given to Betsy.
Sons James and Samuel use of the profits of the plantation during the lifetime of his wife provided they provide a living to her and to Betsy while she remains unmarried.
Son Samuel-one grey horse and a saddle and bridle
Son Andrew one bed and its furniture.
James at the death of my wife 2/3 and Samuel 1/3 of his land
To wife and daughter Betsy my loom and tacklings.
Wife- all hose furniture not mentioned
Wife, Betsy & Samuel rest of cows, all sheep and hogs; James and Samuel-wheat fan my waggen & all other farming tools and utensils, all this if they furnish Margaret with the horse
James and Thomas executors. Witnesses-Samuel Campbell, Robert Skeen, Wm. Finley, David H. Finley.

Information on John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick witnessed the will of Robert Kirkpatrick (possible father?) of Augusta Co., "Congregation of Providence." proved 7 Nov 1780. [Source:]

In the year 1778 a John Kirkpatrick located on Buffalo Creek, Rockbridge County. He is listed as an Immigrant from Ulster, but he must have located elsewhere for some years as there were no immigrants from 1776 to 1781. [Kirkpatrick Family Newsletter (1993), V.IV #2, p. 30]