Person:John Hogshead (1)

John Hogshead, Sr.
b.Est. 1685-1690 Prob. Scotland/ireland
  1. John Hogshead, Sr.Est 1685-1690 - 1756
  • HJohn Hogshead, Sr.Est 1685-1690 - 1756
  • WNancy Wallace1685 - 1756
m. 1717
  1. Mary Mollie Hogsheadabt 1721 - 1788
  2. James Hogshead, Sr.1723 - 1782
  3. John Hogshead1724 - 1798
  4. Walter Hogshead1725 - 1766
  5. William Hogshead1726 -
  6. Michael Hogshead1732 - 1818
  7. Agnes Nancy HogsheadABT 1734 - 1787
  8. Rebecca Hogshead1736 -
  9. David Hogshead1737 - 1799
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Hogshead, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1685-1690 Prob. Scotland/ireland
Marriage 1717 Virginia, United Statesto Nancy Wallace
Alt Marriage BEF 1722 to Nancy Wallace
Death? 2 Jan 1756 Augusta County, Virginia

John Hogshead, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • 30 April 1745 - Land Survey for John Hogshead for 108 acres "Joyning land he lives on", by Thomas Lewis, Surveyor. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 54].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John Hogshead, Sr. was patented 400 acres "on Moffet's Branch" on 1 June 1746 (most likely by William Beverley), apparently adjoining a tract of 400 acres acquired by his son, James Hogshead, that he had acquired four days later on 5 June 1746, as listed in the records below. (Note: the original transaction for the acquisition of this land is apparently not listed in the Chalkley's records of Augusta County, although there is some indication that some deeds during the years 1746 & 1747 may have been lost or mis-placed and are missing from the records).
  • Page 305.--19th August, 1747. John Anderson to John Hogshead, £9 current money Virginia; 270 acres patented, 1st December, 1740, to Jno. Anderson. Teste: Thos. Lewis, John Maxwell, James Hogshead. Acknowledged by John, and dower released by Jane, his wife, 19th Auagust 1747.
  • Page 340.--23d May, 1751. John Francis and Mary, to John Hogshead, 217 acres on Anderson's Branch of Cathey's River; corner Wm. Anderson. Teste: James Bell, John Anderson, Jno. Rutledge. Delivered to Gordon Hogshead, 23d August, 1802.

Will of John Hogshead

  • Page 162 - - 2nd January, 1756. John Hogshead's will - - Son, James; son, John, the bark house and tan yard and 2 acres of Meadow joining robert Gilkeson's line; son, David; son, Michael; daughter Rebecca Hogshead; to grandson, Wm. Allen. Executors, David and Michael Hogshead. Teste: James Bell, John Archer, James Allen. Proved, November 1756, by Allen and Bell. Both executors qualify with James Allen and William Hind.

Records of John Hogshead, Sr. in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List of 1742: No. 1 - Captain John Smith's List: John Smith, Captain; John Moffet, Lieutenant; William Anderson, Ensign; Daniel Daniston, Sergeant; Sam Hogshead, John Hogshead, Will Hogshead, Dan. McAnear, Math. Edmeston, John Finley, Walter Trimble, John Francis, Robert Ralston, John Young, Alex. Blair, Alex. Craig, Thomas Gillespy, And. Erwine, Benj. Erwine, John Erwine, Edw. Erwine, John Trimble, James Trimble, Rob. Moffett, James Wright, Rob. King, Jam. Armstrong, John Pattison, Jas. Lesley, Felix Kanady, Thomas Gordon, And. Mitchell, Jas. Robertson, Gabrl. Pickins, Rob. Leeper, Sam. Moore, John Miller, James Miller, Patr. Quine, Mat. Armstrong, John Ramsey, Dan. Daniston, Sam Northward, Rob. Renick, John Archer, Sampn. Archer, Jam.'s Sayers, Thos. McCulough, George Anderson, John Anderson, Rob. Poage, Rob. Patterson, Jas. Craford, Will Baskins.
  • Page 396.--18th May, 1768. James Hogshead and Elizabeth ( ) to John Hogshead, Jr., 20 shillings. 45 acres on Moffet's branch being part of his father's tract of 400 acres bearing date 1st June, 1746,; corner said John's line. Delivered: George Moffett, Michael Hogshead, James Allen Delivered: James Hogshead, 25th July, 1770. (Note: James Hogshead listed in this record was the son of this John Hogshead).

Information on John Hogshead, Sr.

From: James Cathey (c1685) of Ulster, Ireland, Cecil Co, MD, Chester Co, PA, Augusta Co, VA and Rowan Co, NC (

The first record I have for James Cathey is a Cecil County, Maryland deed dated 5 Dec 1724 where James Cathey of Chester Co, PA sold 75 acres to John Hogshead of Cecil Co, MD. I don’t know when exactly James acquired this land, but the deed history included in the deed started in 1719, so he must have acquired it between 1719 and 1724. ("The Cathey Family History and Genealogy, Volume I (1700-1900)", 1993 page 296).

From "Brief History of Kerr's and Kin, 1730-1930", by Vincent Brown Kerr, pub. 1930, Augusta County, Virginia, pg. 19:

The Hogsheads are descendants of John Hogshead, who came from Pennsylvania to Virginia in 1729, and had sons, James and John, and James' son James was father of Elizabeth Hogsett Kerr.

From IGI:

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name


Born:  1685/1690  Place:  Prob. Scotland 
Died:  2 Jan 1756  Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia 
Wife's Name 

Born:  < 1689  Place:  Possibly Ireland 
Died:  Bef 1756  Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia 

1. Sex Name

M  John HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW87-53)    

Born:  Abt 1724   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Died:  1798   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia, Ch. On Notes  

2. Sex Name

M  James HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-67)    

Born:  Abt 1722   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Died:  Feb 1782   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia  

3. Sex Name

M  Michael HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW87-K5)    

Born:  Abt 1732   Place:  Pennsylvania ?  
Died:  20 Apr 1818   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia, Ch. On Notes  

4.  Sex  Name  
F  Rebecca HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW88-FL)    

Born:  Abt 1736   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia  

5.  Sex  Name  
M  William HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-06)    

Born:  Abt 1726   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Died:    Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia, (Unmarried)  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia  

6.  Sex  Name  
F  Mollie HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW88-2P)    

Born:  Abt 1728   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Died:    Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia  

7.  Sex  Name  
M  David HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW87-7F)    

Born:  Abt 1730   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Died:  Nov 1799   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  

8.  Sex  Name  
F  Agnes (Nancy) HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW88-C8)    

Born:  Abt 1734   Place:  Pennsylvania  
Buried:    Place:  Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia

John Hogshead emigrated to PA with his wife c1720, where they lived until they rai sed their family of eight children. In the fall of 1739, James Hogshead , the eldest son, went to Augusta Co., VA and entered two tracts of lan d, about 400 acres each, one in his own name and one in his father's na me. The one he entered in his father's name is situated on Elk's Run in t he northwestern part of the county, about 10 miles from Staunton (it wa s owned in 1887 by Amic Kerricoff).

In the spring of 1740, John Hogshead, the father, with his family emigr ated to Augusta Co. (just two years after the county was organized) and s ettled on the tract his son entered for him on Elk's Run and lived ther e about 16 years. We have no record of the death of his wife, of their m arriage, or the birth of their children.

Mr. Everett Hogshead, of Huntington, W.VA says that the family was orig inally French, spelled HOGSETTE. They were French Huguenots and driven o ut of France at the time of the Huguenot Rebellion. They went to Northe rn Ireland and there intermarried with the Scotch and Irish. They came t o America as Scotch-Irish and settled first in PA. There is a branch of t he family in eastern PA that still spells their name HOGSETTE. Another b ranch, in Augusta Co., VA, Anglicized the name to HOGSHEAD.

The wills, deeds, etc. for the first American HOGSHEADs may be found at t he Augusta County Courthouse at Staunton, VA. Other references are in t he 3 Vol. set "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA - Record s of Augusta Co., VA, 1744-1800," by Lyman Chalkley. A brief sketch of t he Hogshead family can also be found in "A History of Monroe County, W. VA," by Oren F. Morton, 1916, p.355. Both books are in the DAR Library. T he military service of early Hogshead men is listed in "Historical Regi ster of Virginians in the Revolution" by John J. Gwathmey, 1938, p.384.

HOGSHEADs were noted for their industry, intelligence and integrity.

1 Birth: ABT 1685 in Scotland Death: 2 JAN 1756 in Augusta Co., Virginia Event: Will Proved Dec 1756 Will Book 2 p 162 Augusta County , Virginia Note: Remarks: John Hogshead's will - Son,James; son, John, the bark house an d tan yard and 2 acres of meadow joining Robert Gilkeson's line; son, D avis; son, Michael; daughter, Rebecca Hogshead; to grandson, William Al len. Executors, David and Michael Hogshead.

This probate record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scot ch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original C ourt Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

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