Person:John Gregory (55)

John Gregory
m. abt. 1732
  1. William Gregoryest 1733 - bef 1779
  2. John Gregoryabt 1735 - abt 1786
  3. Napthalum Gregory, Jr.abt 1737 -
  4. Joseph Gregoryest 1738 -
  5. Samuel Gregoryabt 1740 -
  6. Christian Gregoryabt 1743 -
  7. James Gregory1747 - bef 1771
  • HJohn Gregoryabt 1735 - abt 1786
  • WMary Gayabt 1738 - abt 1804
m. abt. 1755
  1. Jacob Gregoryabt 1755 -
  2. Benjamin Gregoryabt 1756 - abt 1801
  3. David Gregoryabt 1764 - 1802
  4. William Gregoryabt 1766 -
  5. Christian Gregoryabt 1767 -
  6. Isaac Gregoryabt 1768 - 1852
  7. Thomas Gregoryabt 1770 -
  8. Catherine Gregoryabt 1773 -
Facts and Events
Name John Gregory
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1735 Orange County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1755 to Mary Gay
Death? abt. 1786 Augusta County, Virginia

John Gregory was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 156.--6th February, 1762.--James Litster's estate sold to, viz. James Ward, Geo. Wilson, Mathew Reed, Wm. Cabeen, Chas. Donnally, Ro. Armstrong, Edward Long, Pat. Cunningham, Andw. Greer, Thos. Fulton, Margt. Cameron, Jno. Stewart, Ro. Reed, Geo. Francisco, David Bell, Wm. Poage, Wm. Crow, Luke Bowyer, Abraham Thornton. Wm. Henderson, Jno. Buchanan, Thos. O'Neal, Alex. Gibson, Alex. Wright, Jno. Francis, James Simpson, Geo. Weaver, Philip Helveston, Jno. King, Geo. Anderson, Rev. Mr. Craige, Andw. Russell, Saml. Caldwell, Joseph Roberts, Jno. Gregory, Jno. Lucas, Mathew Clark, Jno. Anderson, Jr., James Robinson, Jacob Parsinger, Saml. Moore, Christopher Vinyard, Thos. Patterson, the Widow Bell, Ralph Gorrell, Jos. Russell, James Gilmore, Simon Robertson, James Hughes.
  • Page 217.--22d October, 177l. John Buchanan's will--To wife, Margaret, executrix; to daughter, Martha, wife of John Buchanan; to son, William Buchanan; to son, Patrick, £3, executor; to son, Robert; to son, John; to son, James, executor; to sons, Alexander and David; to daughters, Mary and Catherine. Robert Gnear (now in my care) to be taught the art and mystery of a Taylor. Teste: Elijah McClenachan, Moses Williams. Proved, 20th April, 1790, by the witnesses. Patrick qualifies. 20th April, 1790. Margaret refuses to execute. Teste: John Gregory and Jno. Wallace.
  • Page 208.--2d July, 1771. James (his mark) Gregory's will--To mother, executrix; to brother, William. Teste: Saml. Vance, William Fulton (Fullen?). N. B.--My brother Naphtaly is to have £5 and Samuel and John £10 each. Proved, 15th March, 1774, by William Fuller and recorded (formerly proved by Vance).
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 1783. - (129) Walter Cook, an orphan child, to be bound to John Gregory for 8 years, to learn art and mystery of a tailor.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER 21, 1783. - (133) Walter Cook, orphan of William Cook, deceased, to be bound to John Gregory, he being now 10 years and 5 months, until he is 19 years old.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 21, 1785. - (138) On petition of Honor Cook, ordered that John Gregory be summoned to answer complaint of said Ellinor touching his treatment of her son Walter, bound apprentice to John.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1786--February 2, David Gregory and Margaret Warrick; David, son of Mary Gregory; Margaret, daughter of Wm. Warwick; surety, Wm. Rider; witness, John Slavins. (Note: John Gregory had died prior to this record, his widow Mary was listed instead).
  • Page 374.--6th August, 1788. Joseph Gregory, brother and heir-at-law of William Gregory, deceased, who was original proprietor, by his attorney, John Gregory, of Harrison County, to John Dever. Teste: William Burk, James Townsend, Zekail Townsend, Jacob Storkley. (Note: apparently not this John Gregory, perhaps a nephew?)