Person:John Dean (61)

John Dean
b.abt. 1723
d.20 Nov. 1810 Bath County, Virginia
m. abt. 1719
  1. Rev. William Dean1719 - 1748
  2. Adam Deanabt 1720 - 1787
  3. Margaret DeanBef 1722 -
  4. John Deanabt 1723 - 1810
  5. Sarah DeanBef 1728 -
  6. Elizabeth DeanBef 1729 -
m. 26 DEC 1759
  1. Mary 'Molly' DeanAbt 1760 -
  2. Margaret Dean1766 - 1839
  3. Alice 'Else' DeanAbt 1767 - 1861
  4. Nancy Agnes DeanAbt 1770 - Aft 1820
  5. Elizabeth Dean1771 - 1813
  6. William McClanahan Deanbef 1779 -
  7. Sarah Deanbef 1780 -
  8. Jane Dean1782 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name John Dean
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1723
Marriage 26 DEC 1759 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes McClanahan
Death? 20 Nov. 1810 Bath County, Virginia

John Dean was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 321.-- 18th May, 1754. Adam Dickinson to John Bird, £25. 215 acres, part of above patent; corner Wm. Jackson. Delivered to John Dean June, 1765. (Note: John Dean represented John Bird's in this transaction. John Dean did not take possession of this land)
  • Page 318.--19th May, 1754. Adam Dickinson to William Dean, £75, 327 acres part of 820 acres patented to Adam as above on Jackson River; corner James Boreland on Indian Camp Creek. Teste: Archibald Boreland. Delivered to John Dean. 1765. (John Dean represented his father in this transaction, 327 acres of this tract was later given from William Dean to his son John in transaction listed below in 1765)
  • Page 193.--17th February, 1762. Alex. Thompson by William Thompson, attorney to William Dean. Alex. Thompson, of Mill Creek Hundred, County of New Castle, on Delaware, taylor, on 7th October, 1761, gave power to William. £58, 202 acres in Beverley Manor, Mathew Thompson's cor. in a line of Robert Armstrong's land ; Alexander's land, cor. to Thompson's; cor. Robert Christian's land. Delivered: Jno. Dean, June, 1765. (Note: John Dean represented his father in this transaction)
  • Page 195.--17th July, 1765. William ( ) Dean and Sarah ( ) to John Dean, £100, 327 acres, part of 820 acres patented to Adam Dickenson, 1st June, 1761, on Jackson's River; corner James Borelan, white oaks on Indian Camp Branch. Teste: John Shields, Thos. ( ) Brown, Mathew Thomson. Delivered: Jno. Dean, 16th March, 1772.

Will Abstract

Pg. 470 - Will of John Dean, dated Aug. 7, 1790
Wit: William Taylor, Samuel Vance, A. Waterman and Jeremiah Edwards
Probated March 1811 Court
Exec: son William
Beq: to loving wife Agness her third of all real and personal estate
to son William and "all heirs of his body lawfully begotten" all land held by patent, deed, transfer, survey or otherwise
to son William stud horse Wild Deer, Negro fellow Isaac and his wife Kate and their children
to daughter Elizabeth a Negro boy or girl valued at 15 pounds in gold or silver
rest to be equally divided among children Else, Sarah and Jane
any gifts or doweries previously given are confirmed:
to daughter Margaret Crawford, Negro girl Nan and her children
to daughter Molly Borland, anything now in her possession
to daughter Nancy, Negro girl and her children
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 59].

Pg. 475 - Inventory - John Dean
Submitted May 11, 1811 by Alexander McClintic, John Byrd and Andrew Bourland, before William McC. Dean
clothing, Bible, 1 large book, law book, account book, loom; bonds of John Harnest, Robert Brinkley, Andrew Wilson, John Dean, Lewis Myars, Edward Turner, Thomas Barber, James blackburn, Patrick McCown.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 60].

Records of John Dean in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 218.-- November, 1750. John Bird's estate, settlement by James Boreland, administrator--13th January, 1757, paid J. D. Wilper, John Dean, John Sempell, Andrew Hamilton.
  • Page 166.--17th November, 1756. John Dean's bond (with John Dickinson, Wm. Dean) as administrator of George Kinkade.
  • Page 260.--16th August, 1758. John Dean's bond (with John Stuart, Thomas Hugart) as guardian (?) to Sarah Bird, orphan of Joim Bird.
  • AUGUST 16, 1758. - 179) Margaret Reaburn, widow and admx. of her decd. husband, has since married with Robert McMahon, and she is summoned to show cause why her children shall not be bound out. Conrod, aged 12, last June; Savina, aged 8; Katrina, aged 6, orphans of Conrod Kensley, to be bound. John and Elizabeth Price, orphans of Wm. Price, to be bound out. Philip Williams orphan of Henry Williams, to be bound to Augustine Price. Wm. Wilson summoned for not providing for his daughter, Margaret, in a Christianlike manner, and she to be bound. Sarah Bird, orphan of John Bird, decd., aged fifteen, chose John Dean her guardian.
  • Marriage License in Augusta County - 1759 - December 26, John Dean.
  • Page 106.--17th February, 1762. Adam Dean's bond (with John Dean, Robt. Allen) as administrator of James Bourland.
  • Page 775.--19th March, 1765. Adam Dean and Eleanor, his wife, to Charles Teas, 5 sh., 310 acres on South River, part of a tract patented to Robert Turk, 6th September, 1736; corner to Robert Turk's land; corner John Patrick's line. Teste: Wm. Teas, Jno. Dean, Samuel Kinkade. Delivered: Charles Teas, September, 1766.
  • NOVEMBER 17, 1767. - (337) Hemp certificates: John Dean, Christr. Vinyard, James Hogshead, John Trotter, Alexr. Walker, Saml. Davis, Andrrw Russell, Saml. Gibson, John Davison.
  • Page 429.--(undated, prob. Nov. 1767) Processioners appointed: John Willson Stephen Willson, John Dean, Robert Armstrong, William Mann, Edward McMullen, from head of Jackson's River to mouth of Cowpasture.
  • JUNE 27, 1769. - (313) John Dean appointed road surveyor from Forks of Lewis and Dickenson Road to the Warm Springs, vice John Hamilton. Road to be surveyed from Davis's cabin to Warm Springs.
  • Page 107.--17th September, 1771. William Dean's will--To wife; to daughter, Mary; youngest daughter, Elizabeth; son, John; to son, Adam, executor. Teste: Saml. McClung, Andrew Bourland, Sarah Bourland. Proved, 17th August. 1773, by McClung and Sarah Bourland. Adam Dean refuses to qualify. Administration granted Sarah, the widow, who qualifies (__ her mark) with Adam Dean, Saml. McClung.
  • Page 464.--20th November, 1771. John Willson's estate, Dr., to John Dean, settlement.
  • Page 278.--21st May, 1772. William Dean, of Augusta, one of the children and devisee of the late Rev. William Dean, of Province of Pennsylvania, and lawful attorney for Joseph Dean, merchant of City of Philadelphia; John Dean, sadler of said city; Benjamin Dean, merchant of said city; the Rev. John Slemmon, of Marsh Creek in County of York, Pennsylvania, and Sarah (Slemmons), his wife, to Hugh Kelso. Delivered: Hugh Kelsey (Kelso?), 30th August, 1785. Whereas William Dean, late of Pennsylvania, was seized of 265 acres, and on 7th July, 1748, and devised said land to said Joseph, John, (Benjamin?), Sarah, now wife of John Slemmon, and William. Teste.
  • MAY 17, 1774. - (443) Hemp certificates: Mathew Kenny, James Pollock, John Dean.
  • Page 304.--25th June, 1774. John McClenachan's will--To wife, Margaret, tract near Staunton, where Thomas Scott lived, given me by my father in his lifetime; to son, Thomas, above tract after wife's death, 3 negroes; brothers and sisters, to inherit in default of heirs of Thomas; John Frogg, to be fully satisfied for testator's board while at his house. Executors to abide by a memorandum left with John Lewis. Executors, John Hervie, Charles Lewis, Alex. Sinclair. Teste: Margaret Lewis, Wm. Haddon, John Lewis. 16th November, 1774 -- Widow Margaret Ann appears and renounces the will and its provisions for her. 17th January, 1775--Will and memorandum (follows) proved by John Lewis and Wm. Haddon. Sinclair qualifies with Robert McClenachan, John Dean, Alex. Gibson, Alex. McClenachan. Memorandum mentioned in the will, p. 306, viz:
  • Page 314.---17th January, 1775. Alex. Sinclair and Alex McClenachan's bond (with John Dean, Robt. McClenachan, Alex. Gibson, John Dickinson) as guardian to John McClenachan, orphan of John McClenachan.
  • Page 14.-- (undated, appears to be in March, 1783) Part of tract on Jacksons River, patented William Jackson, deceased. Teste: John Dean, Richard Elliote, James McLean.
  • Page 368.-- (undated, prob. bet. 16 Aug. 1784 and 12 Oct. 1784) Thomas Hughart and James Hughart and Margaret to Nathan Crawford, tract patented to James Hughart, Sr., 10th April, 1751, and devised to Thomas and James, his youngest son; corner John Cartmill. Teste: Andrew Sitlington, John Dean, Hugh Brown.
  • Page 448.--15th March, 1785. Alex. McClenachan's, this day appointed Clerk, bond as Clerk of the County, with Alex. St. Clair, Samuel Lewis, Jno. Dean.
  • JUNE 21, 1785. - (137) Deed from John Kinkade and Sarah, and Agnes Dean, wife of John Dean, to Brownlee--recorded.
  • McClung vs. Dean--O. S. 190; N. S. 67--Bill 24th July, 1811. Complainants are Andrew McClung and Jane, his wife, late Jane Dean, one of children and heirs of John Dean, late of Bath County. After marriage Jean went to live in Greenbrier. Complainants claim John's son, William McC. Dean, used improper means to induce John to convey his property to William. William McC. Dean answers: He was only son of his father who was at death between 80 and 90. John Bird deposes in Bath, 30th October, 1811, that he has known and lived near John Dean more than 40 years John Dean was John Bird's uncle. John Kincaid deposes ditto: He married Dean's daughter 20-25 years ago. Alexr. McClintic deposes ditto: Has known Dean near 40 years. Elizabeth Kincaid deposes in Lewisburg, 25th May 1812. daughter of John Dean. John died in fall of 1810. Sarah Venable deposes ditto: Daughter of John Dean. Jeremiah Burns, a minister, eposes in Bath County, 1812: He married Andrew McClung and Jane and buried John Dean. John Kinkead deposes ditto: He and his brother James, married daughters of John Dean. Alley Kincaid deposes ditto: Daughter of Jno. Dean. Thomas Bird deposes ditto: Nephew of Jno. Dean; has lived near Jno. upward of 30 years.
  • Bourland vs. Dean--O. S. 342; N. S. 124--Bill, August, 1812, by William Bourland and wife Mary, William Crawford and Margaret. John Kincaid and Alice, James Kincaid and Elizabeth, James Anderson and Nancy, James Venable and Sarah, Andrew McClung and Jean. The females are daughters of John Dean, deceased, of Bath, who died 1810 or 1811 at age of nearly 90, testate. Suit against Wm. McC. Deane, the only other child to set aside the will, and certain deeds. Will of John Dean. Wife, Agness; son, William; daughter, Elizabeth, Elzse, Sarah, Jane; daughter, Margaret Crawford; daughter, Molly Borland; daughter, Nancy. Dated 7th August, 1790. Recorded in Bath, March, 1811. Deed, 10th April, 1807, by John Dean to William Dean, 1,660 acres on Jackson's River joining Andrew Bourland. Recorded in Bath, April, 1807. Deed, 9th April, 1806, by same to same, 1,661 acres on Mill Run and other branches of Jackson's River. Recorded in Bath, April, 1806. William Ward deposes, in Bath, 17th July, 1813, knew John Dean from time Wm. was a small boy. John was sheriff of Bath. 1794. Wm. has lived in Kentucky. 22d January, 1814, Anthony (Anton) Courtner deposes, in Lewisburg, at house and tavern of James and Hugh McLaughlin. 22d January, 1814, Catherine Courtner deposes, knew John 16 years before his death, living his neighbor. John McClenachan deposes, John Dean died 20th November last, 3 years ago. 26th February, 1814, Capt. Wm. Byrd deposes, in Botetourt, at house of Jno. Allen, Sr., was born, raised and lived within two miles of John Dean. 3d November, 1821, John Byrd deposes, James Blackburn left the County before death of Jno. Dean. James Venable left 10-12 years ago. 3d November, 1821, Alexr. McClenachan deposes, Lewis Myers left the County in 1803. Thos. Barker left the County in 1803-4. Jas. Blackburn left the County in 1808 or 3. 3d November, 1821, Andrew Bourland deposes, William Bourland is his brother. Wm. moved to Kentucky. 26th October, 1822, Wm. Bourland deposes, at house of Benj. Vance in Woodford County, Ky. 20th May, 1813, W. H. Cavendish deposes, he knew Jno. Dean more than 40 years. 20th May, 1813, Alexr. McClintic deposes, he knew Jno. Dean more than 30 years. 20th May, 1813, Henrietta Taylor deposes, she knew Jno. Dean more than 20 years. 20th May, 1813, John Byrd deposes, he knew Jno. Dean 45 years. 20th May, 1813, Jeremiah Burns, deposes, he was a preacher.