Person:John Davidson (95)

John Davidson
b.est. 1723 Ireland
d.11 April 1762 Augusta County, Virginia
m. bef. 1720
  1. John Davidsonest 1723 - 1762
  2. Mary Davidson1725 - bef 1793
m. bef. 1753
  1. Samuel Davidsonest 1756 -
  2. John Davidson1757 - aft 1832
  3. William Davidsonest 1760 - 1793
  4. Ann Davidsonabt 1753 -
Facts and Events
Name John Davidson
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1723 Ireland[estimated]
Marriage bef. 1753 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Unknown
Death[2] 11 April 1762 Augusta County, Virginia

John Davidson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Davidson's land (Borden Tract SE, 353 1/2 acres, 1751) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 445.--27th August, 1751. Borden & Co. to John Davison, 353-1/2 acres of 92100, Isaac Taylor's line.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 9 Nov 1786. - Elizabeth Davidson, Relict of John Davidson dec'd, and Samuel Davidson (heir at law and son of Sd John Davidson, dec'd) and wife Elizabeth Davidson, to Joseph Russell of Shannandoe County, for £375; 300 acres next to Isaac Taylor and corner to John and Widow Davidson's Land. Sg: Elizabeth Davidson, Saml Davidson, Elizabeth Davidson Rec: 3 Apr 1787 Witts: Henry Makey (McKey/McKay), David Rogers, James Dougherty, John Davidson. Rockbridge Co. VA Deed Book A, p. 632 (Deed Abstracts, p. 65)
(Note: The record above record proves that the John Davidson who married Elizabeth is the same John Davidson that settled in the Borden Tract by 1751, note both reference being next to Isaac Taylor's tract).

Processioning List of 1768

Image:1768 Processioning List.jpg

The following Processioning list of 1768, shows that John Davidson had died prior to 1768 as his widow was listed. You will notice that several of the Davidson's surrounding neighbors (refer to J.R. Hildebrand Map above) had their land processioned by William Caruthers and David Gray (Davidson's land highlighted in orange, others procesessioned land highlighted in blue):

  • Procession list for 1768, by William Caruthers, and David Gray includes:
John Paxton, Nathl. Evans, James Robertson, Wm. Ramsey, Alex. McClure, James Harries, Saml. McCaskrey (McCroskey), Widow Davidson, Wm. Caruthers, Jno. Peoples, Thomas Paxton for Patrick Lowrey, John Dailey, Thomas Dreydan, Moses McClure for Benj. Gray, David Gray, Widow Taylor, And. Taylor present; Widow Huston (widow of Robt. Houston that died in 1760), Jno. Huston present; Joseph Reed.

Many of these folks appear on HIldebrands map owning land in the vicinity of Warm Run.

Will and Estate records of John Davidson

From Chalkley's

  • page 69 Page 133.--The last will and testament of John Davison, being taken suddenly ill of a colick and departed this life the 11th of April, 1762, expressed these words (to wit): that all his just debts should be paid and Elizabeth, his wife, should have her share as the law directed, and all the rest to be equally divided amongst his four children--Thos. Paxton, David Gray. Proved, 18th May, 1762. Elizabeth Davison ( ) and Danl. Lyle qualify, with Thos. Paxton and David Gray.
  • Page 526.--18th April, 1786. John Davidson's estate appraised--1773, 13th March, paid John McKeemey, who married Ann, daughter of deceased; paid Samuel Davidson, son of deceased; paid John Davidson, son of deceased; paid John Douglas, schooling of the orphans; 1762, 9th June, to amount of goods this day sold at vendue--To cash received of John Higgins. Errors executed James Lyle, executor of Daniel Lyle, deceased.

About John Davidson

John Davidson - By Debbie Miller

John Davidson was born about 1720 in Ireland and came to America with his parents and sister in 1735. His father, Robert Davidson was born about 1690 in Ireland and died between 10 Jan 1751 and 29 Aug 1751 in Augusta Co, VA.

From Chalkey's Vol III p 387: Will of Robert Davison wr 10 Jan 1751, proven 29 Aug 1751. Wife Ann, son John, dau Mary Huston. Teste: John Mackey, Wm Lusk.

Date: Jan 10, 1751, Augusta Co., VA

Notes: This probate record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

Remarks: Robert Davison's will, yeoman - Son, John Davison, 13 1/2 pence; daughter. Mary Huston, 13 1/2 pence; wife, Ann. Executrix, Ann. Ann refuses to execute, and administration granted to John Davison.

Description: Decedent's Wife Book date: WB1-387 Prove date: Aug 29, 1751

John’s mother was Ann – possibly Ann Dunlap, though the last name is not proven. John’s sister Ann Davidson was born c 1720-1725 and died in September 1793 in Augusta Co. She was married about 1745 to Robert Huston (Houston).

John first shows in the record as a witness to a will in 1753:

Will of Halbert McClure - 23 March 1753 Source: Augusta Co., VA Will Bk. 2, Pg. 67-68

At a court held for Augusta County the 15th Day of May 1754 This Last Will and Testament of Halbard McClure, Gent. Being proved by the oaths of John Davison and Samuel Lyle, witnesses.

By this time he is married to Elizabeth, born about 1730. Her maiden name is unknown but family speculation gives it as either Houston or Maben. John Davidson died “suddenly of colick” on 11 April 1762 in Augusta Co, VA. He left a will:

Three of his four children are later named in the estate distribution along with his wife Elizabeth: dau Ann married John McKemmey, sons Samuel and John. Son William d 1793 is not listed in the estate distribution of 1773. His parentage is proven by his own will : Will in 1793 lists wife Elizabeth, brothers John and Samuel, sister Ann McKemmey. No children listed. In 1795 his widow Elizabeth married Henry McKey.

The estate distribution of 1773 seems to have been prompted by the youngest son John Jr coming of age.

John Davidson’s widow Elizabeth shows up in these transactions:

CHRONICLES OF THE Scotch-Irish Settlement IN VIRGINIA EXTRACTED FROM THE ORIGINAL COURT RECORDS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY 1745-1800 DEED BOOK NO. 14. ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. page 461 Page 69.--10th August, 1767. Borden's executors to Benjamin Gray, £25, 260 acres, part of 92.100; corner widow Davison and William Taylor, poplar in Daniel Lyle's line, David Gray's corner. Delivered: Benjamin Gray, 26th September, 1773.

Washington Co, VA 19 May 1784: Elizabeth Davidson & Daniel Lyle, executors of John Davison Decd. Plaintiffs against James Hemphill Deft, In Chancery. Plaintiffs in their bill said Deft owed 4 pounds 19 sh & 7 pence plus interest since Oct. 1, 1752 (WC-COMB 1:265)

9 Nov 1786 Elizabeth DAVIDSON, Relict of John DAVIDSON dec'd, and Samuel DAVIDSON (heir at law and son of Sd John DAVIDSON, dec'd) and wife Elizabeth DAVIDSON, to Joseph RUSSELL of Shannandoe County, for £375; 300 acres next to Isaac TAYLOR and corner to John and Widow DAVIDSON's Land. Sg: Elizabeth DAVIDSON, Saml DAVIDSON, Elizabeth DAVIDSON Rec: 3 Apr 1787 Witts: Henry MAKEY, David ROGERS, James DOUGHERTY, John DAVIDSON. Rockbridge Co. VA Deed Book A, p. 632 (Deed Abstracts, p. 65)

Then in 1813 the will of Elizabeth Davidson of Rockbridge:

Rockbridge Co, VA Will Book No 3, pp 529-530:
"Will of Elizabeth Davidson, Rockbridge County Virginia. To Wit: In the name of God amen I Elizabeth Davidson Senior of Rockbridge County being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind do make and constitiute this my last will and Testament and first of all I recommend my soul to Almight God who gave it my Body I recommend to the Earth to be decently buried. And as for such wordly goods as divine Probidence has bestowed upon me I dispose of in the manner following To wit, :first I Bequeath to my Grand Sons fifty four pounds to be divided as follows-
To Wit to John the Eldest ten pounds to James ten the balance to be equally Divided between the other two William & Robert.
To the three sisters of the above legetees I Bequeath fifty pounds to be equally divided between the sd Sisters Ann, Elizabeth, and Nancy.
To John McCemey I bequeath twenty dollars also to (Margunce Reid?) twenty dollars to my son Samuel Davidson I give one dollar the balance if any there be I bequeath to my Son John Davidson likewise my bed and Clothes of every kind & whatsoever property shall remain after my decrease and lastly I do constitute my son Jonn Davidson to execute this my last Will.
In Testimony whereof I have affixed my hand and seal this fifth day of March one Thousand eight hundred and thirteen."
(Signed) Elizabeth Davidson (seal)
Dicky Beard
William H. Letcher
At Rockbridge County Court May 3, 1813
A writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Elizabeth Davidson dec'd was produced in court by John Davidson Executor
Therein named and proved by the oath of Dicky Beard and William H. Letcher the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
Copy Attest AW Reid CRC

<Deb's note: William Houston Letcher 1781-1861 is a Davidson relation. His grandmother Mary Davidson Houston was a sister of John Davidson, father of Samuel Davidson. William Letcher's wife was Betsy Davidson b 1788, the daughter of John Davidson, brother of Samuel Davidson.>

Of the four children of John and Elizabeth Davidson, three had children of their own. Son Samuel married Elizabeth “Betsy” Gilmore and had seven children. Daughter Ann married John McKemy and had at least one son, John McKemy, Jr. Son John married Mary “Polly” Thompson and had six children. Family names among their descendents include Davidson, Kirkpatrick, Gilmore, McKemy, Letcher, and Rodgers.

This article is for the John Davidson who settled on Warm Run on Borden's Grant by 1743.


Source:Chalkley, 1912-1913:?-?, as given at USGenWeb Archives extracts of Augusta County WIll Book 4

Page 268.--21st November, 1769. Appraisement recorded of James Gillespie's estate, by John Ramsey, John Black, John Davidson, Jr.

From Mary Richardson July 30, 2009 5:43To:

Your Robert Gibson page sources Davidsons of Western Tennessee (, which describes a lineage of William DAVISON of Ireland. I wonder if he was related to John Goolman DAVIDSON (b. ~1720 Scotland or Ireland?), who at one time owned land in Rockbridge Co. JGD and his wife Martha DRAPER had many children including a William and a George (plus my 6g-grandmother Jane, wife of Low BROWN Sr.). I don't know what happened to William and George. I haven't done any primary research on JGD, but these two links provide clues:


On my personal map where I track properties in the Valley, I have noted with a ? the John DAVIDSON to whom you refer -- he appeared to own land in Rockbridge Co. near the confluence of Buffalo Creek and the Maury River (aka North Fork of the James).
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    John Davidson and Elizabeth Houston had 4 children: Ann m John McKemy, John m. Jove Andrew, Samuel m Elizabeth Gilmore, and Elizabeth m Mr. Adams.

  2. List of processioned land owners by by Wm. Caruthers, David Gray, 1767, 1768:
    refers to "Widow Davidson"; others whose lands were processioned in this list include