Person:John Cowan (65)

John Cowan
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Name John Cowan
Gender Male


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person:John Cowan (65)
person:John Cowan (66)
Person:David Cowan (1)
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Wife of John Cowan (65)


This John Cowan settled in Albemarle County, VA by 1745 when he is listed as a member of a roadcrew for the portion of Three Notch'd Road leading from the DS Tavern, Albemarle County, VA to Woods Gap on the Blue Ridge.[1] He is likely to have been present in the area much earlier than that, probably arriving with Person:Michael Woods (1) and his extended family about 1733-1734.

He appears again in 1756 he secured a land grant for 268 acres on the branches of Meachums River. [2] After that date are several records that refer to a John Cowan as present in this area, including a 1758 militia roster [3] It appears, however, that these records refer to person:John Cowan (66) who may be his son. [4]

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  4. The 268 parcel obtained by grant in 1756 comes into the hands of person:David Cowan (1) by 1759. David is believed to be the son of John (65) and his wife Eleanor, who seems to have inherited the property. John (65) died intestate, and the basis on which David received this parcel (instead of a share in the property) is unknown. In anycase, in 1759 David sells this parcel to John (66). As a result records for John Cowan in this area, immediately before, and after the transfer of the land from David to John, probably refer to John (66).