Person:John Campbell (203)

Lt. John Campbell
m. 16 JAN 1734/35
  1. Martha CampbellBET 1735 AND 1741 -
  2. Sarah CampbellBET 1735 AND 1741 -
  3. William CampbellBET 1735 AND 1741 - BEF 1765
  4. Mary Campbell1737 -
  5. Lt. John Campbell1741 - 1825
  6. Col. Arthur Campbell1743 - 1811
  7. James CampbellABT 1745 - ABT 1795
  8. Margaret Campbell1748 - 1799
  9. Judge David Campbell1750 - 1812
  10. Patrick CampbellBET 1751 AND 1755 -
  11. Robert Campbell1755 - 1832
  12. Ann Campbell1760 -
m. 10 JAN 1778
  1. Gov. David Campbell1779 - 1859
  2. Elizabeth Campbell1781 -
  3. Catherine Campbell1783 -
  4. Mary Campbell1783 -
  5. Col. John C. Campbell1785 - ABT 1861
  6. Arthur Campbell1787 -
  7. Edward McDonald Campbell, Esq.1789 -
  8. Mary CampbellEst 1790-1800 -
  9. James Campbell1793 -
Facts and Events
Name Lt. John Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? 21 APR 1741 Augusta County, Virginia
Baptism[2] 12 JUL 1741 Tinkling Spring Church, Augusta County, Virginia
Military[1] BET 1774 AND 1776 John Campbell was a Lieutenant in William Campbell's Company, Colonel Christian's Regiment, in 1774, which arrived at Point Pleasant too late for the battle of October 10th.
Military[3] JUL 1776 Was second in command at the battle of the Long Island Flats of Holston which was a victory over the Indians
Occupation[1] BET 1778 AND 1824 Appointed Clerk of Washington County, Virginia
Marriage 10 JAN 1778 Botetort County, Virginiato Elizabeth McDonald
Death? 17 DEC 1825 Washington County, Virginia

John Campbell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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John Campbell's in Chalkley's Chronicles


Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 218.--11th October, 1765. David Campbell to John Campbell, £5, 232 acres woodland ground. Teste: John Buchanan, Robert McNutt, Arthur Campbell. Delivered: John Campbell, March, 1769. (Note: this 232 acres was part of David Campbell's 466-acre patent in Beverley Manor, acquired in 1741).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 260.--25th May, 1771. John Campbell, of Botetourt, to James Trotter, £150, 232 acres, part of his father's survey in Beverley Manor. Teste: James Lockhart, James Hargrave, Sampson Archer. Delivered: Samuel Trotter, 21st October, 1772.


John Campbell MAY have been married twice. A John Campbell obtained a marriage license in Augusta County, Virginia on September 7, 1764. (Source: Chalkley's Virginia Abstracts, Marriage Licenses).


Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name 

Born:  21 Apr 1741  Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia 
Died:  17 Dec 1825  Place:  , Washington Co., VA. 
Married:  10 Jan 1778  Place:  , Botetourt, Virginia 

Father:  David CAMPBELL (AFN:MFZH-1R)    
Mother:  Mary HAMILTON (AFN:MFZH-2X)   

Wife's Name 
Elizabeth MC DONALD (AFN:958P-ZC)    

Born:  29 May 1753  Place:  , Augusta Co., VA. 
Married:  10 Jan 1778  Place:  , Botetourt, Virginia 

Father:  Edward MCDONALD (AFN:3DG5-D4)    
Mother:  Mary (Maria) ROBINSON (AFN:958P-X6)   


1.  Sex  Name  
M  David CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-G3)    

Born:  7 Aug 1779   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>  
Died:  1859   Place:   

2.  Sex  Name  
F  Mary CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-N4)    

Born:  17 Apr 1783   Place:  Abingdon, Washington, Virginia  

3.  Sex  Name  
M  James CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-P9)    

Born:  < 1793   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>  

4.  Sex  Name  
F  Elizabeth CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-H8)    

Born:  < 1781   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>  

5.  Sex  Name  
F  Catherine CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-JF)    

Born:  < 1783   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>  

6.  Sex  Name  

Born:  < 1785   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>  

7.  Sex  Name  
M  Arthur CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-LR)    

Born:  < 1787   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>  

8.  Sex  Name  
M  Edward CAMPBELL (AFN:MFX9-MX)    

Born:  < 1789   Place:  <, Botetourt, Virginia>

42. John5 Campbell (David 'White David'4, John3, John2, [Unknown]1) was born 20 Apr 1741 in Augusta Co.,VA, and died 1825. He married Elizabeth McDonald 01 Oct 1778 in VA, daughter of Edward McDonald and Elizabeth Robinson. She was born 29 May 1753.

Notes for John Campbell:

"In 1765 he explored the western wilderness with the noted Dr. Thomas Walker. He participated in the battles of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774, and Long Island Flats, July 20, 1776, which were fought against the Indians. His name is attached to a paper in which a number of prominent citizens of Fincastle County, Virginia, "declare they will not submit to tyranny of the English Government and her officers in the Colony of Virginia," dated 1775. He enlisted in 1776, and served throughout the Revolutionary War, a brave and useful patriot. He was at the battle of King's Mountain, also four of his brothers and five cousins of the Campbell name were in this battle."

Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher, and Kindred Families

Children of John Campbell and Elizabeth McDonald are:

125 i. David (Gov.)6 Campbell, born 07 Aug 1779 in Royal Oak, Washington Co., VA; died 1859 in Montcalm, Abingdon, Washington, VA. He married Maria Hamilton Campbell 15 May 1800 in Knox Co., KY; born 22 Feb 1783 in Campbell's Sta., TN; died 1859 in Montcalm, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA.

Notes for David (Gov.) Campbell:

Governor of VA, TN, and a legislator in the independent colony. Gov. of VA 1837-1840.

126 ii. Col. John C. Campbell, born Abt. 1789 in Washington Co., VA; died Abt. 1861.

Notes for Col. John C. Campbell:

Secretary of the Treasury during the administration of President Martin Van Buren, in 1837.

127 iii. Edward McDonald Campbell, born 1781; died 1833. He married Rhoda Trigg 25 Feb 1812 in Montgomery Co., VA; born 26 Sep 1797 in Christianburg, Montgomery, VA; died 23 Nov 1864 in Halls Bottom, Washington, VA.

128 iv. Arthur C. Campbell, born Abt. 1791 in Washington Co., VA; died Abt. 1868.

129 v. James Campbell, born 1794 in Washington Co., VA. He married Musidora Anderson 1822; died in of Nashville, TN.

130 vi. Mary Campbell. She married James Cummings; died in of Abingdon, VA.

131 vii. Eliza Campbell.

132 viii. Catherine Campbell.

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