Person:John Brownlee (35)

John Brownlee, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
d.Bef. 27 Oct 1800 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Bef. 1715
  1. John Brownlee, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA1715 - Bef 1800
  2. Alexander Brownlee, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA1718 -
  3. William BrownleeAbt 1720 - Bef 1788
  4. James Brownlee1735 -
  • HJohn Brownlee, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA1715 - Bef 1800
  • WSarah WilsonBef 1723 -
m. Bef. 1740
  1. John Brownlee1740 - bef 1800
  2. Margaret Brownlee1741 - Abt 1800
  3. Alexander Brownlee1743 -
  4. James Brownlee1743/44 - 1826
  5. William Brownlee1746 - 1831
  6. Isabella Brownlee1748 -
  7. Susanna Brownlee1749 - Aft 1834
  8. Rachel Brownleeest 1750-1760 -
Facts and Events
Name John Brownlee, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1715 Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1740 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Wilson
Death? Bef. 27 Oct 1800 Augusta County, Virginia

John Brownlee was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 206-10. 26-27 May 1742. Finley McLure of Orange County to John Burnlee (s/b. Brownlee) of same. Lease and release; for ₤24.7.6 current money. 144 acres, part of the Manor of Beverley.. corner to Patrick Campbell's... line of the pattent of Beverley Mannor... to David Mitchell (line)... (signed) Phinley McLure. Wit: Shurley Wattley [Whatley in release], James Clark, Cattlett Conway. 27 May 1742. Acknowledged by Finley McLure. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 5, Dorman, pg. 11].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's

  • Page 3.45.—20th August, 1756. John Brownlee and Sarah to Alexander Brownlee, £15, 222 acres, part of 444 acres conveyed by Phinley McCluer to Brownlee, 27th May, 1742, recorded in Orange, in Beverley Manor, cor. said Jno. Brownlee's land on Pine Run, line of Fulton's land.

Will of John Brownlee, Sr.

From Chalkley's

  • Page 79.—6th September, 1800. John Brownlee, Sr.'s, will—To son, James Brownlee; son, Alexander; to son John's orphans; son, William; to daughter, Isabella; daughter, Rachel, and her son, John; to granddaughter, Sarah Brownlee, daughter to son James; to daughter, Margaret; to son-in-law, James Mitchell. Executors, sons James and William. Teste: James Mitchell, Sr.; Jno. Christian, Jno. Mitchell. Proved, 27th October, 1800, by all witnesses.

Records of John Brownlee in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 146.—17th May, 1756. William Smith's appraisement, by John Mitchell, Robert Wilson, Robert Alexander—Widow Howston, Thomas Tate, Jno. Brownlee, widow Fulton, owe by accounts.
  • Page 216.—5th September, 1757. John Wilson's will, shoemaker—To wife Agness; to daughter Sarah; to brother Robert Wilson and brother James Wilson's son John; to brother James' son William; to James Mc- Knut, 1/2 of shoemaker's tools. Teste: John Christian, John Brownlee, Alex. Brownlee. Proved, 18th November, 1757, by John Christian and Jno. Brownlee. Agness renounces the provisions, and Agness qualifies, with Robt. McClenachan, Richard Woods.
  • Vol. 1 - COUNTY COURT RECORDS - 19th March, 1793.--James Brownlee deposes: That John Brownlee, aged about 78 years, is a material witness. (Note: this record establishes John Brownlee's birthdate as abt. 1715).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1801 (A to B). - Brownlee vs. Myers.--Original deed by Phinley McClure, of Orange County, to John Brownlee, of same place, dated 26th May, 1742, conveys tract in B. M. Glade, of Hammock's Branch, Cor. Pat. Campbell, Cor. David Mitchell, 444 acres. Test, Shurley Whatley, James Clark, Catlett Conway.