Person:Johannes Roller (4)

Johannes "John" Roller
b.1726 Germany
  • HJohannes "John" Roller1726 - 1816
  • WAnna UnknownBEF 1745 - BEF 1788
m. ABT 1762
  1. Jacob RollerABT 1763 - 1872
  2. Casper Roller1770 -
  3. Catherine Roller1772 -
  4. John Roller1773 - 1858
  5. Barbara RollerABT 1775 -
  6. Mary Roller1775 -
  7. Anna Roller1779 -
  8. Rachel Roller1783 -
  9. Leah Roller1783 -
  10. Paul Roller1786 -
  11. Andrew Roller1786 -
m. 1 DEC 1788
  1. George Roller1788 -
  2. Margaretha Roller1789 -
  3. Sarah Roller1792 -
  4. Michael Roller1795 - 1887
  5. David Roller1798 -
  6. Peter Roller1804 - 1854
m. 15 JUN 1808
Facts and Events
Name Johannes "John" Roller
Gender Male
Birth? 1726 Germany
Marriage ABT 1762 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Anna Unknown
Marriage 1 DEC 1788 Prob. Rockingham County, Virginiato Catherine Dosserin
Marriage 15 JUN 1808 Shenandoah County, Virginiato Magdalene Price
Death? 1816 Rockingham County, Virginia
Probate? April 1816 Shenandoah County, Virginia[Will Probate]

Johannes Roller was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Johannes Roller

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1807 (A to G). - CAUSES ENDED NO. 3. - Roller vs. Roller--Copy of will of John Roller, dated 7th June, 1806; probated Rockingham, April, 1816. Children: Jacob, Casper, Catherine, Roller, Mary, _____, Jno., Barbara, Rachel, Paul, Andrew, George, Margaret, Sarah, Michael, David and Peter Roller. Copy of settlement of estate.
  • Vol. 2 - Paper endorsed: John Roller's last will. A copy. I, John Roller, of the County of Shenandoah. Some of children of very tender age. All real estate to be sold by executors and proceeds divided between all the children, viz: Jacob, Casper, Catharine Roller, Mary ____, John, Barbara, Rachel, Paul, Andrew, George, Margaret, Sarah, Michael, David, Peter. All to share alike, except my son, Paul Roller, whose share is to be $200 less than any of his brothers or sisters. This deduction I make from his share in consequence of his disobedience to me and ____ of before he come of age and taking up with a woman of profligate character. Sons to be put to learn trades. Executors: Casper Roller and Andrew Zirkle, Jr. Dated, 7th June, 1806. (Signed in German. Test: John Crondson, James Anderson, Jane Allen, James Allen. Proved in Rockingham County, April Court, 1816, by Anderson, and at June, 1816, by Crondson. Executors refused to execute. Widow refused to administer. Administration granted George Roller. Test: S. McWilliams, clerk. Test: H. J. Gambill, C. K. C. A copy.

Possible Sibling in Augusta County?

The following record of a Peter Roling could possibly be a sibling (more research necessary):

  • Vol. 3 - Page 66.--18th August, 1761. George Moser's sale bill recorded--To Nicholas Hufman, Philip Harper. Cash by Smith and Love for Peter Roling. Paid Ephraim Love, Arthur Johnson, Thos. Wilmouth, to nursing deceased 5 weeks when he was under the doctor, and taking care of his creatures.

Information on Johannes Roller

From "Men of mark in Virginia: ideals of American life", Vol. 5, edited by Lyon Gardiner Tyler, pg. 379:

The Roller family, which is a prominent one in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, is of German origin, and belongs to Wurtemberg of the Fatherland. The first Roller of whom history gives an account as an emigrant to America was Johannes Roller, who came to this country in 1748.

From tree:

•ID: I2087 •Name: Johannes Roller •Sex: M •Name: John Roller •Birth: 1726 in Germany •Death: 1816 in Rockingham Co., Virginia •Note: Information on John Roller's family from James Roller, 1612 Sarsfield Ave, Camden, SC 29020 via Mabel Harp, 401 S Powell, Wagoner OK 74467. Sources cited: John Roller's will probated Apr 1816, Rockingham Co., VA Rockingham Co Mg. Records Church Records Jacob Roller's Estate probated Jan 1816 Scott Co., VA Johannas or Johannes Roller (German for John) Roler-Roller-German spelling Rohrer came to the American Colonies in 1744. He was a patriot of the Revolutionary Warr serving as a private of the 3rd Virginia Regiment. Died maybe 1816 since his will was proved in April court in 1816 in Timberville, Rockingham County, Virginia. He married Anna--------? She died before 1788 because he remarried to Catherine Dossier January 12, 1788 Rockingham County, Virginia. First Census of Virginia in 1782 lists our John Roller with 11 white souls-1 dwelling-1 building. 3rd wife Magdalena Prince.

This Johannes Roller of Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties, and his wife Anna is the father of all the Rollers of Scott County, Virginia. All of his children born in Rockingham or Shenandoah County. The family did not move from Rockingham County to Shenandoah County, instead the part of Rockingham County in which they lived was changed to Shenandoah County. In fact our Johannes Roller was one signer of a petition to change their county from Rockingham to Shenandoah county in 1792....In about 1809 or before 3 brothers came to Lee County Virginia. The part that in 1814 became Scott county Virginia. They were sons of Johannes and Anna Roller. They were Jacob, Casper, and John Roller. Jacob and Casper lived and died in Scott County, Virginia. John moved from Scott County, Virginia to Hawkins County, Tennessee and later to Barry County, Missouri and died there. Aided Colonists during the Revolutinary War

Marriage 1 Anna Unknown b: WFT Est 1730-1750 •Married: ABT 1762 Children:

1. Jacob Roller b: ABT 1763 in Rockingham County, Virginia
2. Casper Roller b: 1770 in Rockingham County, Virginia
3. Catherine Roller b: 22 OCT 1772 in Rockingham County, Virginia
4. John Roller b: 1773 in Rockingham County, Virginia
5. Barbara Roller b: ABT 1775 in Rockingham Co., VA
6. Mary Roller b: 23 JAN 1775 in Rockingham Co., VA
7. Anna Roller b: 7 JUL 1779 in Rockingham Co., VA
8. Rachel Roller b: 8 NOV 1783 in Rockingham Co., VA
9. Leah Roller b: 8 NOV 1783
10. Paul Roller b: 5 DEC 1786 in Rockingham Co., VA
11. Andrew Roller b: 5 DEC 1786 in Virginia

Marriage 2 Catherine Dosserin b: WFT Est 1720-1770 •Married: 1 DEC 1788 Children:

1. George Roller b: 9 OCT 1788 in Virginia
2. Margaretha Roller b: 16 DEC 1789 in Rockingham Co., VA
3. Sarah Roller b: 4 MAR 1792 in Rockingham Co., VA
4. Michael Roller b: 15 FEB 1795 in Rockingham Co., VA
5. David Roller b: 4 MAR 1798 in Rockingham County, Virginia
6. Peter Roller b: 3 APR 1804 in Rockingham County, Virginia

Marriage 3 Magdalene Prince b: WFT Est 1750-1770 •Married: 15 JUN 1808 in Shenandoah County, Virginia 1

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