Person:Johann Hipskind (1)

Johann Phillip Hipskind
  1. Johann Phillip Hipskind1790 -
  1. Katharine Elisabeth HIPSKIND1819 - 1897
  2. Catharina Elisabetha MIEDREICH1824 - 1895
m. Abt 1812
  1. Phillip W. Hipskind1816 - 1865
  2. Katherine Elizabeth Hipskind1818 - 1897
  3. John L Hipskind, Sr.1821 - 1888
  4. Catherina Elisabetha Hipskind1824 -
  5. Peter HIPSKIND1827 - 1886
  6. Adam Hipskind1833 - 1912
Facts and Events
Name[2] Johann Phillip Hipskind
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1790 Schmitterweiler, Bayern, Germany (Becherbach)
Marriage .
to Elisabeth Ann "Joanna" Wittemer
Marriage Abt 1812 Becherbach, Rheinfalz, Bayern, Germanyto Maria Friderica Catharina Gilcher
Occupation[2] Blacksmith
Death? Germany

Johann's Birth Place may be Becherbach. His occupation was as a Blacksmith. Note: Some of this information comes from "Brian Hartley" and the Family Tree of Alan & Tessa Davis

There were seven children born to Johann Phillip Hipskind. Records indicate five of those children immigrated to the United States.

ADDENDUM from "White Creek": Schmittweiler is a village about six miles northwest of Rockenhausen, in the modern German state of Rheinland-Pflaz. Once known as the Bavarian Palatinate. Sometimes called Bayern. The area had other names as well. The only thing "Bavarian" about it was the rule of the Bavarian King, which began in circa 1837. Some parts of the Palatinate came under the rule of the Kingdom of Prussia.

Becherbach is a village about two miles south of Schmittweiler. To the east of Schmittweiler and Becherbach, is the village of WALDGREHWIELER. From a radius of about five miles from Waldgrehweiler, are the villages of many pioneers who first settled in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Later many of them moved on to the Urbana area of Wabash County. It would seem the HIPSKIND family, like many others, went directly to Wabash County.

The larger story is that some of these Palatines from the Waldgrehweiler area, migrated just to the north of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in Stark County. Many of these pioneers then later moved on to the townships of Dallas, and Warren, adjacent to Wabash County, in Huntington County. They inter-married with the Palatines from Wabash County.

Some Urbana, Indiana area families related to the HIPSKIND family, who were originally from the Waldgrehweiler area, include: Geibel, Henry, Pretorius, Keafabber, Schlemmer, Maurer, Schmidt, Mattern, Fetzer, Muehler (Miller), Wasem, and no doubt others. Many of these families are listed on the website.

--White Creek 11:09, 1 August 2012 (EDT)

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    Data posted by Alan and Tessa Davis. The website says: "information provided by Bryan Hartley". However, the website gives a birth as: "ABT 1793".