Person:Jeremiah Clements (1)

Jeremiah Clements
m. abt. 1725
  1. Abraham ClementsAbt 1726 - 1785
  2. Jeremiah Clements1732 - 1811
  3. James Clements1734 - 1795
m. abt. 1763
  1. Ezekiel Clemens1764 - 1809
  2. Gersham Gillespie Clemens1766 - 1839
  3. James Clemens1768 - 1811
  4. Samuel B. Clemensabt 1770 - 1805
  5. Christina Jeanett Clemens1775 - 1817
  6. Mahlon Clemensabt 1782 - 1824
  7. Deborah Clemensabt 1785 - aft 1848
  8. Phoebe Clemensabt 1787 - 1846
Facts and Events
Name Jeremiah Clements
Gender Male
Birth? 1732 prob. New Jersey
Marriage abt. 1763 Trenton, Burlington County, New Jerseyto Elizabeth Moore
Death? 1811

Jeremiah Clements was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1800 (M to Z). - Robert Shaw vs. Clements (Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Gersham & James)-- Trespass. Rockbridge 375 acres, cor. James McClung; cor. Robt. Campbell.

Notes for Jeremiah Clements

Notes for Jeremiah Clements: After the 1788 decision Abraham's brother, Jeremiah and his Sons, Ezekiel, Gershom and James begann to cultivate the farm and cut trees on it. Robert Shaw in 1789 sued the four Clemens' for trespass. They responded in 1793 by saying that "their right of possession is derived from said Abraham Clemens, heir at law of Abraham Clemens the elder and Ezekiel Clemens, deceased". The suit was finally dismissed in April 1800 after the land suit was settled and after the death of Robert Shaw.

In connection with this suit Samuel Clemens, evidently of Rockbridge County, was summoned to appear at Staunton as a witness.

The commonwealth of Virginia to the sheriff of Rockbridge County: Greeting, you are hereby commanded to summon Joseph Stricklin and Samuel Clements to the courthouse in...Staunton on the 4th day of Sept court next to testify and the t ruth to say in behalf of Jeremiah Clements and a certain matter ...,.between Robert Shaw, plaintiff and said Jeremiah Clements and othe rs. defendants...this 10th day of August 1791.

Samuel was born about 1770 and in 1789 was a minor, but by August 1791 he had reached 21. There is no record of what he said as a witness. On Aug 20-1792 Jeremiah Clements, Ezekiel Clements, Gershom Clements, Major Dowell, Samuel Hite and John Purris were ordered to appear in court Sep 2-1792 in the case of Clements vs. Shaw. One of them became ill and this letter, written by Samuel Clemens, grandfather of Mark Twain, is on file. The original is reproduced on the next page. For comparison on the following page is the Samuel9 Clemens marriage bond in Bedford County. Bedford was the county south of Rockbridge.

My brother, being in company last Sunday , was a week then started, told me he was a-going to Richmond for papers respec ting a suit in this court between Clemens and Shaw....After being gone some days a messenger came to me and informed me that he, my brother, was sick and requested me to come to him. I went and found him some what recovere d. As he informed me, he also told me he had taken unwell after he started and proved unable to prosecute his journey. Samuel Clemens Sworn to before me this 6th day of Sept, 1792 Alex St. Clair St. Clair was a magistrate at Staunton.

Robert Shaw's claim to the farm was based on the followings: Oct 18-1753 R obert McClenachan put in a claim for the Clements land, since "Abraham Clements , in whom the said land is since become vested, (is) not, inhabitant of th is colony". McClenachan was granted a patent Sep 16-1765. In 1791. when he will ed the farm to his son, Alexander, Robert Shaw was living on it. The long chain of events in both law suits is listed below. It covers the period 1739 to 1800. he final disposition was at Richmond on November 1, 1798.