Person:James Walker (160)

James Walker
  1. James Walker1670 -
  • HJames Walker1670 -
  • W.  Elizabeth (add)
  1. William Walker, of the Conodogunit1691 - 1757
  2. Robert Walker1692 - 1750
  3. Samuel Walker1694 -
  4. James Walker1696 - aft 1758
  5. Henry Walker1698 - 1742
  6. Andrew Walker1700 - 1762
Facts and Events
Name James Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1670


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Robert Walker 1630-1690 Descendancy
Descendancy:Cumberland County Walkers
Data:Walker Land Records in Lancaster County


Sometime before 1734 five brothers, sons of person:James Walker (160) and his wife Elizabeth, and grandsons of Robert Walker (52), immigrated from Letterkenney, Ireland, to Pennsylvania with their parents Source:Egle's Notes and Queries. The earliest records for these Letterkenny Walkers date from 1734. Some authors give an immigration date of before 1715, others indicate that they landed in Baltimore Maryland in 1725. Supporting original source documentation has not been found for any of these views. It is of some interest that YDNA evidence supports the view that descendants of the Letterkenney Walkers are closely related to descendants who trace their heiritage to the Wigton Walkers. IN this regard it is interesting to note that the later line is identified in Source:White, 1902 as having settled in what is now Cecil County Maryland, about the same time as the Letterkeeny Walkers are said by some to have settled in Maryland. While we have some original source documentation that tends to confirm the Wigton Walker presence in Cecil County Maryland circa 1734, we have no documentation as yet for their presence in the area in the 1726 time frame. Nor do we have original source documentation for the Letterkenney Walkers in Baltimore about the same time. Additional research is needed on these points.

James Walker (160) is believed to be the immigrant ancestor of the Letterkenny Walkers who settled in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties PA, sometimes around 1734. The following diagram shows a "concensus view" of the family relationships among these Walkers.[1] The wife of James is commonly identified as "Elizabeth", but the basis for this is unknown. He is said to have settled in Lancaster County, but exactly when and where is not known. [2]


  1. See Descendancy:Cumberland County Walkers for a discussion of the basis for this diagram. The information shown here should be considered a "working diagram"; as the understanding of this lineage develops, the diagram may disagree in some respects from the text, at least until the diagram has been updated.
  2. At least one of James children (William 186), is said to have married in Philadelphia before 1715. If true, then the date of immigration would have been somewhat earlier than that. At this time the earliest records for the family seem to date to about 1734.