Person:James Rutherford (34)

James Rutherford
  1. Catherine RutherfordABT 1682 - 1738
  2. James RutherfordABT 1684 - 1768
  1. Samuel Rutherford1725-1735 -
  2. Isabella Rutherford1727 - BEF 1749/50
  3. Jean RutherfordABT 1730 -
Facts and Events
Name James Rutherford
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1684 County Down, Northern Ireland
Census[1] OCT 1738 United StatesCame to America
Death? 26 April 1768 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Census? AUG 1794 Rockbridge, Virginia, United StatesRockbridge County, Virginia, Deed Book C, pg. 172-174, lists property division

James Rutherford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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List of Records for Wallace in Chalkley's Chronicles
List of records for Rutherford in Chalkley's Chronicles


James is commonly identified as the brother of person:Katherine Rutherford (1), wife of John Walker II of the Wigton Walker Lineage. The basis for this identification is Source:White, 1902, but it is not supported (or refuted) by original source documentation. However, James owned property in the Walker Creek Watershed, in the same portion of Borden's Grant settled by other Wigton Walkers.



James Rutnerford's land (Borden Tract NE, 322½ acres, acquired from John Wallace in 1755; part of John Wallace's original 895-acre patent) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 538.--18th March, 1755. John Wallace, plantationer, to James Rutherford, plantationer, £20, 322-1/2 acres of Borden's tract on Walker's Creek: corner Wm. Reagh; Archibald Reagh's corner. Livery, &c. Delivered: John Buchanan, weaver, September, 1755. (Note: John Wallace was the son-in-law of James Rutherford).

Disposition of Land: (from James Rutherford's Estate)

Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book C, pp. 445-446. (Abstract)
5 September 1797 73 pounds 161 Acres
William Buchanan only living Executor of the last Will and testament of Jame (sic) Rutherford late of Augusta County Deceased to Andrew Kennady of Rockbridge County and state of Virginia. Tract of land in which the said James Rutherford was seized containing 161 acres more or less in the County of Rockbridge on Walkers Creek, bounded as follows:
Beginning at a white walnut and small hickory on said creek corner to John Fultons land and with his line, S 45 deg, E 130 poles to a blazed Chestnut, S 30 deg, E 200 poles to 3 chestnut oaks, S 31 deg, W 82 poles to a broken locust and 2 small maples near a chestnut and near the top of a hill, S 40 deg, W 34 poles to a locust and Chestnut Oak, N 40 deg, W 40 poles to a post, N 40 deg # 40 poles to a walnut and hickory, N 40 deg, W 98 poles to a chestnut, N 40, E 30 poles to a small walnut, N 28, W 116 poles to a walnut and beach near a spring head, S 54 1/2. W 46 poles to 2 large Black oaks, N deg, W 112 poles to the said creek and up the several courses of the same to the beginning.
Land now in possession of Andrew Kenady with all ways water courses, houses, and advantages whatsoever unto the said land and premises belonging n any ways appertaining and all the Estate right title interest of him the said William Buchanan Exor of said James Rutherford Deceased in the same. to have and hold land with appurtenances unto Andrew Kenady his heirs and assigns forever.
William Buchanan his heirs and all other person whatsoever claiming under them will warrant and forever defend by these presents
(Signed) William Buchanan
Rockbridge Court 5 September 1797
William Buchanan Executor of James Rutherford Decd acknowledged this his Indenture of Bargain and sale for land to Andrew Kenady & ordered to be recorded
Teste A. Reid Cl


From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

  • Page 143 - - 24th December, 1760. James Rutherford's will, weaver - - Wife, Margaret; son, Samuel, deaf and dumb. My son (in-law), John Wallace, and my son (in-law), Thos Hudson. Executors, wife Margaret and Wm. Buchanan. Teste: William Thompson, Archibald Buchanan, James Buchanan, Wm. Buchanan. Proved 17th August, 1768, by Archibald Buchanan.
  • Page 135.--7th July, 1768. James Rutherford's estate appraised, by Joseph Culton, John Berry, John Walker; John McCampbel's bond; Thos. Hutson's; Mat. Moorchead's.
  • Page 119.--18th May, 1768. James Rutherford's will was presented by Wm. Buchanan, one of the executors, who refused to execute. It is proved that Margaret, the willow, likewise refuses. Will is proved, by William Buchanan (another witness, James Buchanan, being dead). The other witness, Archibald Buchanan, is ordered summoned. Administration granted Alex. Walker.
  • Page 219.--17th June, 1769. Margaret Rutherford's receipt to Alexander Walker, executor of James Rutherford, for her portion of her husband's estate. Teste: William Buchanan, Thos. Hutson, John Wallace.

1756 Processioning

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 178.--1756: Processioned by Andrew Hays and Jacob Anderson, viz: For Capt. Joseph Culton, for John Stuart, for Robert Stuart, for Alex. McCroskey, for Alex. Miller, for James Moor, for James Robson, for Wm. Reach, for Robert Roech, for James Ritherfoard, for Jno. Bounton, for Wm. Givin, for Robert Culton, for Wm. Porter, for John McCroskey, for Wm. Buchanan, for Charles Hays, for Alex. Walker, Jr., for Alex. Walker, Sr., for James Walker, for John Walker, for John Wallis, for Andrew Hays, for Jacob Anderson.


From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 145--Wm. Patton, aged 64, deposes, in Rockbridge, 7th November, 1806, he has lived in Rockbridge 56 years since last May. After the Revolution there was a rapid increase of immigration from the North. James Wardlaw and deponent's father were intimate. James had a son Hugh and a son Robert. There were Indian troubles for about 10 years. Fifty years ago there was a fort at McClung; the last incursion was 43 years ago, when 16 or 17 people were killed. Deponent helped bury them and they were attacked at the burial. These were very early settlers, viz: James, Alexr. Saml. Walker, James Moore, Saml. Coalter, Jno. Wallace, Archd. Rhea, James Rutherford, James Buchanan, Andrew and Charles Hays. Deponent was born September, 1742. McDowell was killed Christmas or New Year's, after his birth. (Note: William Patton appears to have listed residents who may have been living nearby and/or whose families may have had members killed in the Indian incursions during the 1760's).
  • 3:333 Page 538.--18th March, 1755. John Wallace, plantationer, to James

Rutherford, plantationer, £20, 322-1/2 acres of Borden's tract on Walker's Creek: corner Wm. Reagh; Archibald Reagh's corner. Livery, &c. Delivered: John Buchanan, weaver, September, 1755.

  • 3:471 Page 491.--16th May, 1768. Joseph Rediford (Redeford, Rutherford)

to Joseph Rutherford, Jr., £50, 134 acres on Cub Run, part of 400 acres patented to James Wood, 12th January, 1746, and by him bequeathed to Mary Wood by will recorded in Frederick and by Mary conveyed to Joseph Rutherford, 31st December, 1760; corner Thomas Rutherford in line of Felix Gilbert's land on spur of Peaked Mountain. Teste: John Dickenson, Ralph Lafferty, Daniel Kidd. Delivered: Jas. Rutherford, 23d February, 1773.


Margaret and James are said to be cousins. They are believed to have come to America about abt 1738, and had three children: Samuel, born deaf, Jean, and Isabel.

Husband: James RUTHERFORD
Born: ABT 1684 at: Ireland

Married: UNKNOWN at:

  Died: 26 APR 1768      at: Augusta Co., VA  
Mother:Isabella ALLEINE
       Other Spouses: 


Wife: Margaret MCMAHAN
Born: UNKNOWN at:
  Died: ABT 1774         at:   
       Other Spouses: 


  Born: UNKNOWN          at:   

Married: UNKNOWN at:

  Died: UNKNOWN          at:   

Spouses: Thomas HUTSON

  1. Genealogy of the Descendants of John Walker of Wigdon, Scotland, 1.