Person:James Risk (3)

James Risk, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
b.WFT Est 1710-1720
  1. James Risk, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1710-1720 - 1763
  2. William Risk1710-1720 -
  3. John Risk, Sr., of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAABT 1715 - 1776
  4. Samuel Risk1715-1725 -
  5. Robert RiskABT 1717 -
  • HJames Risk, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1710-1720 - 1763
  • WMargaret UnknownBef 1746 -
m. 31 January 1763
  1. James RiskAbt 1763 -
Facts and Events
Name James Risk, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1710-1720
Marriage 31 January 1763 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesto Margaret Unknown
Death? 26 SEP 1763 Killed by Indians at William Mann's Mill, Augusta County, Virginia

James Risk was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 305.--14th May, 1760. Thomas ( ) Meek, farmer, to James Risk, £10, 200 acres at foot of the Brown Hill, Wm. McCutchen's land. Teste: Jno. Clark, Jno. Kirkpatrick, James Hunter. Delivered: Samuel Craig, 12th May, 1785. (Note: this land was most likely located on the Calfpasture in Augusta County).

Confusion on this James Risk

Some researchers believe that this James Risk was possibly a son (and not a brother) of John Risk, who acquired land in 1740 in Beverley Manor, Augusta County, Virginia. This is not the case. The most convincing evidence that this James Risk was a brother of John Risk of Beverley Manor is in the marriage record of James Risk Jr., the son of James Risk Sr., who was killed by Indians in 1763:

Marriage Licence in Augusta County - 1785--December 14, James Risk and David Risk, surety. James Risk and Elizabeth Risk, daughter of John Risk, of Rockbridge (consent).

This record clearly identifies James Risk, Jr. (born around the time of the death of James Risk, Sr. in 1763) as marrying Elizabeth Risk, "daughter of John Risk of Rockbridge". If James Risk, Sr. would have been a son of John Risk of Beverley Manor (and later Rockbridge County), then his sons future wife, Elizabeth would have been his aunt, which even during those times would have been out-of-the question. As it was, James Risk, Jr., son of James Risk, Sr. and Elizabeth Risk, daughter of John Risk, were first cousins.

Estate Records of James Risk

  • Page 308.--18th November, 1763. Margt. Risk's bond (with John and Robt. Risk) as administratrix of James Risk.
  • 1771. 21st May. Page 403.--Robert Risk's bond (with Moses Moore, Danl. Meek) as guardian to James Risk, orphan of James Risk. Source:Chalkley Vol 3:118 (Note: James Risk, Jr. the "orphan" mentioned in this record would have been about 8 years old in 1771).