Person:James Paul (10)

James Paul
b.Est 1754-1760
d.BEF 1831
m. bef. 1749
  1. Margaret Paulbef 1749 - 1830
  2. Mary Paul1749 - 1789
  3. Esther (Easter) Paul1754-1780 -
  4. Andrew Paul1754-1780 - BEF 1833
  5. Jean Paul1754-1780 - BEF 1826
  6. James PaulEst 1754-1760 - BEF 1831
  7. John Paul, Jr.BEF 1765 -
  8. Isabella PaulBEF 1772 -
  9. Jennet PaulBEF 1772 -
m. ABT 20 JUL 1801
Facts and Events
Name James Paul
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1754-1760
Alt Death? BEF 17 DEC 1789
Will? 17 DEC 1789 Knox Co., TN USA
Marriage ABT 20 JUL 1801 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Isabella Helena Craig
Death? BEF 1831
Will? BEF 28 FEB 1831 Rockbridge Co., VA USASecondary date: 27 FEB 1831

James Paul was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Paul in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • 1801--July 20, James Paul and James Frazer, the elder, surety. James Paul, widower, and Isabella Hillanah Frazer, widow of Saml. Frazer, deceased.
  • Vol. 1 - File No. 926.--Frazier, &c., vs. Paul and wife. John Watkins Frazer, James Frazer, Isabella Frazer, Samuel Craig Frazer and Polly Frazer, children and heirs of Samuel Frazer, complain no one has taken out letters of dministration, but their mother, Isabella (who has since married James Paul), has continued in possession. Prayer to have dower assigned and estate settled.
  • Vol. 2 - Paul vs. Paul--O. S. 107; N. S. 36--Petition for a new trial at law from Rockbridge. Bill, 1798. In May, 1798, decree was entered in Rockbridge County Court at suit of Andrew, Easter, Jean, Jennet Paul, James Beaty and Isabella, his wife, Joseph Weir and Margaret, his wife, heirs of John Paul, deceased, upsetting John Paul's will. Orator here is John Paul. Mary Paul was John's widow. Bill was filed in Rockbridge 1795. John Paul died in 1794, very aged. John Paul's will dated. Wife, Mary; son John and his two eldest sons, John and Andrew; daughters, Easter, Jan, and Jenney, Isabella Betsy, (Mary Paul, John's daughter?) son, James; son, Andrew; Mary Ray; Ester Ray, granddaughter. Dated 11th May, 1794. Offered in Rockbridge 6th January, 1795, but Court refused to allow it to be recorded, but 1st September, 1795, by order of District Court it was recorded in Rockbridge. Answer says John Paul, Sr., died 28th September, 1794, 78 years old.
  • Page 276.—24th May, 1809. Johin Frazier's will—To nephew, Samuel C. Frazer, son to deceased brother, Samuel, adjoining testator's brother, James ; to brother, James; to nephew, Jno. W. Frazer, and his brother, James. Teste: James Paul, Ezekiel Cooper, Archibald Gay. Proved, 26th June, 1809. Administration granted James Frazer.