Person:James Kerr (90)

m. 27 Mar 1730
  1. William Kerr1731 - bef 1793
  2. Jane Kerr1732 - 1782
  3. James KerrABT 1734 - Aft 1797
  4. Barbara Kerr1735 -
  5. Lucy KerrAbt 1736 -
  6. Martha Kerr1738 -
  7. Isabella Kerrabt 1740 -
  8. Elizabeth KerrABT 1742/43 - 1824
  9. Letitia Kerrabt 1745 - aft 1788
  10. Margaret Kerr1747 -
  11. Mary Kerr1749 -
m. 25 Feb 1764
  1. Moses KerrAft 1773 -
  2. Sarah KerrBet 1774 - 1782 -
  3. Rachel KerrBet 1775 - 1783 - Bet 1820 - 1826
  4. James KerrBef 1778 -
  5. John KerrBef 1788 -
  6. Isabel KerrBef 1797 -
Facts and Events
Name James Kerr
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1734 Prob. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 25 Feb 1764 Augusta County, Virginiato Isabella Robinson
Other[2] 1783 James Kerr on 1783 Tax List in Greene County, TennesseeTax Record
Death? Aft. 1797 Prob. Washington or Greene County, Tennessee

James Kerr was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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James Kerr that married Isabella Robinson has not been proven to be a son of John Kerr and Lucy Pickens, although this researcher believes it to be a very strong possibility. Little is known of this James Kerr. It was thought that James Kerr, son of John Kerr and Lucy Pickens was the James Kerr that married Jane Robertson in 1762 in Augusta County, Virginia, but based on other evidence, that James appears to be a younger BROTHER of John Kerr. There is a James Kerr that married two years later in 1764 in Augusta County, Virginia records, with an unnamed wife. This is most likely this James Kerr, since other James Kerr's in early Augusta County, Virginia researched were not of marrying age in 1764. James Kerr's wife, Isabella Robinson was a daughter of John Robinson (1705-1789), of Rockbridge County, Virginia. According to Robinson family history, much of this family migrated to nearby Greene County, Tennessee around 1790, shortly after John Robinson died. This seems to mirror the migration of James Kerr, who was thought to be from the Augusta/Rockbridge County, Virginia area. Also, several other Augusta County, VA families migrated to the Greene County, TN area around the same time. The residence(s) and location/dates of this James Kerr's death are unknown at this time, although he probably died in Washington or Greene County, Tennessee, (Greene County was created from Washington County in 1783) where most of the records of his family exist. There is also a James KING Kerr listed in Greene County, Tennessee records, born in October 1739, but this appears to be a different person, since James King Kerr/Carr married a Hannah Hobbs (according to some researchers) . Not sure where the "King" comes from, but thought it might be worth mentioning. Much Additional research is necessary to conclusively prove this James Kerr's ancestry.

From the Washington County, Tennessee Court Minutes:

p 1192 Aug 18, 1784 Andrew Cowan plaintiff vs ELISHA OGELSBY, Hannah Kerr, James Kerr & Richard Kerr defendants. To be arbitrated by a committee appointed with the approval of the parties.

A James Kerr appears on the list of Tennessee Land Grants in 1788, most likely for Revolutionary War Service. Shortly thereafter, this James Kerr appeared on the Tax List of Greene County, Tennessee in 1791 and 1792 in the "Taxables of Robert Campbell's Company" with 150 acres, one white person (head of household) and no negroes. He appeared again on the Tax List of Greene County, Tennessee of 1797 in the "Taxables of Captain John Gibson's Company" with 150 acres, located at Holly's Creek, with one white poll, no black polls and no stud horses.

Kerr Marriages in Greene County, Tennessee
Possible children?:
David Kerr m. Betsey Robinson 3/22/1809
George Kerr m. Susanna Roberts 4/28/1800
James Kerr, Jr. m. Polly Bell 3/27/1810
Robert Kerr, Jr. m. Amy George 12/12/1786
Robert Kerr, Sr. m. Agnes Wagoner 6/13/1786
Martha Kerr m. Robert Allen 3/19/1791
Elizabeth Kerr m. Hezekiah Ashmore 12/8/1786
possible grandchildren:
John R. Kerr m. Mary Green 8/13/1831
William Kerr m. Peggy Williams 9/1/1831
Isabel Kerr m. David Alexander 1/25/1827
Louisa Vine Kerr m. Amaziah Morgan 5/25/1832
Rebecka Kerr m. William Morgan 1/17/1834
Milly Kerr m. John Peterson 7/16/1839
Margaret Kerr m. Silas Marler 7/14/1842
Matilda Kerr m. Grant Jones 10/31/1848
Kerr Marriages in Washington County, Virginia:
John Kerr m. Elizabeth Robinson 1/1/1805
Phillip m. Nancy Comer 9/28/1790
Kerr Marriage in Washington County, Tennessee:
Mary Kerr m. Raleigh Travers 7/7/1794

Listings of James Kerr in Washington County, Virginia court, April Court session:
"Ordered that James Kerr be fined two hundred pounds for insulting Joseph Scott in open court"
"Ordered that William Robinson be fined two hundred pounds for insulting Joseph Scott"
"Ordered that Joseph Scott be fined two hundred pounds for flashing a pistol at James Kerr in the court yard"
"Ordered that James Kerr be fined twenty pounds for insulting James Montgomery"

From post:
Posted by Joyce Kerr on November 03, 1998 at 21:00:28:
Did James Kerr b abt 1755 marry Hannah Robinson? Was it their daughter, Rachel, that married William Edmiston? :Another dau married David Edmiston?
Sarah Robinson married Moses Edmiston?
I need help sorting out this family. They were living in Greene Co TN late 1700's. May have come to TN from Augusta Co VA. Please help! Than

Greene County, Tennessee Tax List
Taxables of Captain Robert Campbell's Company
1791 and 1792
                                               1791                                                          1792                                                    Name                 Land               White             Negroes          Land            White            Negroes
                                                   Persons                                                    Persons
David Edmonson 300 1 300 1
John Hayes 150 1 150 1
James Hays 300 1 1 300 1
Nichlos Hays 380 380
James Kerr 150 1 1
David Rankin 900 1 900 1
David Robinson 150 1 150 1
James Robinson 100 1 100 1
Samuel Robinson 200 1 200 1

Greene County, Tennessee Tax List
Taxables of Captain John Gibson's Company
for the year 1797
Name Land Situation of White Black Stud
                                                                    each Tract                 :Polls      :Polls          Horse
James Kerr 150 Hollys Creek 1
  1.   Kerr, Joyce, e-mail:, Genforum Posting of 11/3/1998.