Person:James Kenney (9)

Capt. James Kenney
m. 1751
  1. Capt. James Kenney1752 - Bef 1814
  2. Moses Kenney, of PABef 1754 -
  3. Joseph KenneyAbt 1754 - Bef 1782
  4. John KenneyAbt 1756 -
  5. Sarah KenneyAbt 1758 -
  6. Elizabeth KenneyAbt 1760 -
m. 1771
  1. David Kenney1772 - Abt 1804
  2. Elizabeth Kenney1773 -
  3. John C. Kenney1775 - 1847
  4. Mary 'Polly' Kenney1779 - Aft 1850
  5. James Kenney, Jr.1782 - 1813
  6. Moses Kenney1784 -
  7. Sarah Barnett 'Sallie' Kenney1786 -
  8. Nancy Kenney1788 -
m. 17 Jun 1799
  1. Marie Louise Kenney1800 - 1850
  2. Abigail Kenney1801 - 1856
  3. Helena Kenney1804 - 1849
  4. Joseph Bonaparte Kenney1806 - 1887
  5. Napoleon Bonaparte Kenney1808 - 1836
  6. Charlotte Corday Kenney1809 - 1897
  7. Victor Mareau Kenney1812 - 1877
  8. Margaret Kenney1813 - 1900
Facts and Events
Name Capt. James Kenney
Gender Male
Birth? 29 Nov 1752 Augusta County, VirginiaFort Defiance
Marriage 1771 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary 'Polly' Frame
Residence[1] Bet 19 Apr 1776 and Jun 1776 Kentucky, Virginia, United StatesFort Boonesborough, Kentucky
Marriage 17 Jun 1799 Bourbon County, Kentuckyto Margaret "Peggy" Johnston
Other[1] 1809 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition
Other[1] 10 May 1813 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesage 60 - gives deposition
Death? Bef Jun 1814 Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States[probate]

James Kenney was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Kenney in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 213.--22d May, 1781. John Archer's estate appraised by Jas. Trimble, William Young, Jno. Gardner, James Kenny. [Note: this record may refer to James Kenney's father James.]
  • Page 268.--3d March, 1783. Inquisition at same place before John McCreerey, Coroner, on view of body of John Mitchell--Witnesses Leonard Bell, Van Swearingen et als., believed to have died a natural death at Frame's Still House on 2d March. Leonard Bell, Van Sweoringen, Joseph Mays, Geo. Francisco, John McRoberts, Wm. Young, James Kenny, Robt. McCreery, Jno. Montgomery, Geo. Benston, Jas. Montgomery, Jeremiah Frame.
  • Vol. 1 - (78) James Kenny, oldest brother of Joseph Kenny, who died in Continental Service, has it certified in order to obtain land. (79) Admn. of estate of Joseph Kenny granted heir-at-law, James Kenny.
  • Vol. 2 - 15th July, 1783--James Kenney, administrator of Joseph Kenney.

Will Abstract

Kenney James Sr., of Bourbon County. - Will written March 12, 1814.
Names wife, Peggy, sons John, Victor, Joseph, Moses, Napoleon, Daughters, Maria, Abbe, Helena, Cordee and Peggy. Daughters Sally Barnett, Elisabeth Trotter, Nancy Rhodes, and Polly Hildreth.
Exec's Wife Peggy Kenney, James Hughes and John Barnett.
Witnesses, Thomas Rogers, Josiah McDowell and Alexander Barnett:
Will of James Kenney, deceased proved June Court , 1814.
[Source: Abstracts for Bourbon County, Kentucky, Master Commissioner's Deed Book "A", page 70].

James Kenney's (Sr.) heirs, John Kenney, Moses Kenney, Victor Kenney, Joseph Kenney, Napoleon Kenney, John Barnette and Sally Barnett, James Trotter and Elizabeth Trotter, late Elizabeth Kenney, William Hildreth and Polly Hildreth, late Polly Kenney, Nancy Rhodes, late Nancy Kenney, Maria Kenney, Helena Kenney, Abigail Kenney. Cordelia Kenney; and children of James Kenney, dec'd who was the son of James Kenney, via Dosia Kenney, Nathan Kenney, Eli Kenney, Polly Kenney, Archibald Kenney, Eda Kenney, James Kenney, Madison Kenney, Amanda Kenney; and David Kenney's children Polly, Elizabeth, John, Sally, Moses Jr. and Elam, Peggy Kenney, Maria Kenney, Helena Kenney, Abigail Kenney.

Information on James Kenney

(Capt.) James Kenney (1752-1814), of Stonerside Farm, North Middletown, Kentucky; married (1) Mary “Polly” Frame (1742-1796). He served as a Private in the American Revolution, and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Germantown in 1778. After the war, he obtained a land grant in Kentucky, and was one of the early settlers at Boonesborough. He was a Captain in the local militia. [Source:]

James Kinney (1752-1814) enlisted in Virginia in Capt. Joseph Crockett's Company, 7th Virginia regiment, commanded by Lieut. Col. Holt Richeson, Also No. 110361. And also, "Captain James C. Kenney served in the Revolutionary war in Captain Joseph Crockett's Company, 7th Virginia commanded by Lt Col Holt Richeson, as a mere boy. Reinlisted in 1778, taken prisoner Oct 4, 1778 at Germantown." from DAR membership application dated 6/15/1914.

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    Benjamin Bedford vs. Thomas Stark, Box 423

    Rubin Rankins states he has known one-eyed John Taylor since yr. 1784, said Taylor lived at Boonesboro mostly in yr. 1784, but in 1785 at Col. John Holders.
    - Deposition of David Jameson, aged 56, taken May, 1813.
    - Deposition of Archibald McNabb, Sr., aged 75, May 10, 1813.
    - Deposition of Josiah McDowell, aged abt. 60, May 10, 1813.
    - Deposition of James Kenney, aged abt. 60, May 10, 1813.
    - Deposition of Moses Thomas who states he resided at Boonesboro in 1779, Strode's Station, winter of 1779 and spring of 1780, taken 1812.
    - Deposition of James Kenney taken 1809, states his residence from 19th day April until June 1776 was at Boonesboro.
    - Samuel J. Dowson, deposition taken 1813, states he is 37 yrs. old.
    - Isaac Clinkenbeard states he came to Ky., 1779, in fall.
    - Charles Scott, Secty to Gov., signs Treas. Warrant to Thomas Stark.
    - Deposition of Enock Smith, Montgomery Co., was at Boonesboro, states there were about a dozen, families at Boonesboro and about 15 or 20 hunters.


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