Person:James Hogshead (2)

James Hogshead, Sr.
m. 1717
  1. Mary Mollie Hogsheadabt 1721 - 1788
  2. James Hogshead, Sr.1723 - 1782
  3. John Hogshead1724 - 1798
  4. Walter Hogshead1725 - 1766
  5. William Hogshead1726 -
  6. Michael Hogshead1732 - 1818
  7. Agnes Nancy HogsheadABT 1734 - 1787
  8. Rebecca Hogshead1736 -
  9. David Hogshead1737 - 1799
m. 1743
  1. John Hogshead1744 - 1781
  2. James Hogshead, Jr.1746 - 1801
  3. Jean H. Hogshead1747 - 1822
  4. William Alexander Hogshead1748 -
  5. Mary Hogshead1750 -
  6. Robert Hogshead1752 - Abt 1786
  7. David Hogshead1754 -
Facts and Events
Name James Hogshead, Sr.
Alt Name James William Hogshead
Gender Male
Birth? 1723
Marriage 1743 Virginiato Elizabeth Davis
Death? Feb 1782 Augusta, Virginia, United States

James Hogshead, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • James Hogshead was patented 400 acres "on Moffet's Branch" on 5 June 1746 (most likely by William Beverley), apparently adjoining a tract of 400 acres acquired by his father, John Hogshead, Sr. that he had acquired four days earlier on 1 June 1746, as listed in the records below. (Note: the original transaction for the acquisition of this land is apparently not listed in the Chalkley's records of Augusta County, although there is some indication that some deeds during the years 1746 & 1747 may have been lost or mis-placed and are missing from the records).
  • Vol. 2 - 1751, April 22d--James Hogshead, 100 (acres), his own and Robert Ralston's land; surveyed. William Hogshead, 300, Gilkeson's and Jennings' Branch.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 396.--18th May, 1768. James Hogshead and Elizabeth ( ) to John Hogshead, Jr., 20 shillings. 45 acres on Moffet's branch being part of his father's tract of 400 acres bearing date 1st June, 1746,; corner said John's line. Delivered: George Moffett, Michael Hogshead, James Allen Delivered: James Hogshead, 25th July, 1770. (Note: John Hogshead listed in this record was the brother of this James Hogshead).
  • Page 401.--17th May, 1768. James Hogshead, Sr., and Elizabeth ( ) to James Hogshead, Jr., £10 shillings, 31 acres on Moffet's Branch, part of 400 acres patented to James Hogshead, 5th June, 1746; also 29 acres adjoining above patent to James, 16th August, 1756.

Will Abstract

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 225 - - 25th June, 1779. James Hogshead's will (senior) - - to wife, Elizabeth, two bound children, viz: Robert and Mary Finney, until they come of age; to son Robert; to son, John; to son, William; to daughter, Mary; to son, David, entry of land adjoining Alexander Gardner. Executors, wife Elizabeth and son James. Teste: David, Michael, John Hogshead.

Records of James Hogshead in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 305.--19th August, 1747. John Anderson to John Hogshead, £9 current money Virginia; 270 acres patented, 1st December, 1740, to Jno. Anderson. Teste: Thos. Lewis, John Maxwell, James Hogshead. Acknowledged by John, and dower released by Jane, his wife, 19th Auagust 1747.
  • Page 472.--22d January. 1747-8. £75. William Anderson to Robt. Gilkeson, 400 acres on a branch of Cathey's River called Anderson's

branch granted to Wm. Anderson by patent, 1st December, 1740; corner to James and John Hogshead. Teste: Samson Archer, John Francis, George Anderson. Acknowledged by William, 16th March, 1747, and dower released by Elizabeth.

Information on James Hogshead

From IGI:

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name James HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-67)

Born: Abt 1722 Place: Pennsylvania Died: Feb 1782 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Buried: Place: Old Aug. Ch. Cem, Augusta Co., Virginia Married: 1743 Place: Virginia

Father: John HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7P-VJ) Mother: Nancy WALLACE (AFN:KW7P-WP)

Wife's Name Elizabeth DAVIS (AFN:KW8D-74)

Born: 1725 Place: Prob. Penn. Died: Aft 1782 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Married: 1743 Place: Virginia

Father: Mother:

1. Sex Name

M David HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-FF) Born: < 1754 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Died: Place: No. Carolina, Prob.Rowan Co.

2. Sex Name

M John HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW86-PP) Born: 4 Aug 1744 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Christened: 9 Sep 1744 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia, Rev. Jno. Craig, (In Congregation Died: 4 Aug 1781 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia, (Indians) Buried: Place: Gilk-Hogsh.Cem., Nr.Jennings Gap, Siple Farm, Augusta Co.Va

3. Sex Name

M James HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-GL) Born: 1746 Place: Christened: 6 Apr 1746 Place: Augusta Stone Ch, Augusta Co., Va., Rev. Jno. Craig Died: 18 Dec 1801 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia, Poss.Dec.16 Buried: Place: Gilk-Hogsh.Cem., Jennings Gap, Augusta Co., Virginia

4. Sex Name

M William Alexander HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW87-07) Born: 1748 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Christened: 1 May 1748 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia, Rev. Jno. Craig Died: Place: Rockingham Co., Virginia

5. Sex Name

F Molly (Mary) HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-C3) Born: < 1750 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Died: Place: Augusta Co., Virginia

6. Sex Name

M Robert HOGSHEAD (AFN:KW7Q-D8) Born: < 1752 Place: Augusta Co., Virginia Died: 1784 Place: Moffit's Branch, Augusta Co., Virginia

ID: I181 Name: James William HOGSHEAD NPFX: * Given Name: James William Surname: HOGSHEAD NSFX: Sr. Sex: M Change Date: 6 Nov 2003 Note: In the fall of 1739, James Hogshead, the eldest son, went to Augusta Co ., VA and entered 2 tracts of land, about 400 acres each, one in his ow n name and one in his father's name. The one he entered in his father's n ame was situated on Elk's Run in the NW portion of the county, about 10 m iles from Staunton (in 1887 it was owned by Amic Kerricoff). James then r eturned to PA and spent the winter there, returning to VA the following s pring. He settled on his part of the land on Moffit's Branch, 12 miles N W of Staunton, VA.

No date of his wife's death or the birth of his children, except the ol dest son, John (b. 4 Aug 1744) have been found.

Birth: ABT 1722 in Pennsylvania Note: James Hogshead Sr. was one of 10 members of the Hogshead family to s erve in the Revoltionary War. He and seven other Hogshead men served in C aptain Jqmes Trimble's Company of Augusta Militia, Virginia State T roops. Virginia militiamen made up one than one-t hrrd of the American contingent at the Seige of Yorktown. Death: FEB 1782 in Augusta Co., Virginia Burial: Old Augusta Cemetery, Augusta Co., Virginia Probate: MAR 1782 Augusta Co., Virginia Will: 25 JUN 1779 Augusta Co., Virginia Note: see Augusta Co. Will Book 6, p. 225

In his will James provided for his wife, Elizabeth; 2 "bound" children: R obert and Mary Finney, until they come of age; son, Robert; son, James; s on, John; son, William; daughter, Mary; son, David, entry of land adjoi ning Alexander Gardner. Executors: wife, Elizabeth, and son, James. Tes te: David, Michael, John Hogshead (his brothers).

Religion: Presbyterian Church Event: Military Revolutionary War Augusta Militia, Virginia State Troops Note: James Hogshead Sr. was one of ten members of the Hogshead family t o serve in the Revolutionary War. He, and seven other Hogshead men, ser ved in Captain James Trimble's company of Augusta Militia, Virginia Sta te Troops.

James' oldest son, John, served in the same company as his father. H is second son, James Jr., was an ensign in Capt. George Moffett's comp any. The third son, William Alexader, was in Capt . John Dickey's compa ny. Three of his brothers, John, David and Michael served in the Virgin ia militia, as did two cousins, Robert and Thomas Hogshead.

Virginia militiamen made up one third of the American contingent a t the Seige of Yorktown.

Father: John HOGSHEAD b: ABT 1685 in Scotland Mother: Nancy WALLACE b: 1689 in Ireland

Marriage 1 Elizabeth DAVIS b: 1725 in Pennsylvania Note: John and James, their two oldest children, were baptized by the Rev.Joh n Craig, a Presbyterian minister. Gerri Phillips, who has done extensiv e research on the Davis/Davies families in August County, believes Eliz abeth to be a daughter of Davis Davis. He owned land on Mossy Creek nea r James Hogshead and John Hogshead in 1739. Married: 1743 in Pennsylvania Children

John HOGSHEAD b: 4 AUG 1744 in Augusta Co., Virginia
James HOGSHEAD b: MAR 1746 in Augusta Co., Virginia
William Alexander HOGSHEAD b: APR 1748 in Augusta Co., Virginia
Robert HOGSHEAD b: 1752 in Augusta Co., Virginia
David HOGSHEAD b: 1754 in Augusta Co., Virginia
Mary ("Molly") HOGSHEAD b: 1758 in Augusta Co., Virginia

Sources: Abbrev: Hogsett/Hogshead Title: compiled by Mary Hakes Jones, 1951 (now deceased), "The Genealogical Re cord of the Hogshead Family of America" Transcribed and indexed, includ ing margin notes, corrections and additions, by Jean T. Gillett, 1991 ( 134 Lido Circle, Sacramento CA 95826-1615) cord of the Hogshead Family of America" cord of the Hogshead Family of America". Transcribed and indexed, inclu ding margin notes, corrections and additions, by Jean T. Gillett, 1991 ( 134 Lido Circle, Sacramento CA 95826-1615).

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