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Capt. James Hall
  1. Andrew Hallbef 1735 - bef 1799
  2. Isabella Hallabt 1735 -
  3. Agnes Hallabt 1737 -
  4. William Hall, Jr.1741 -
  5. John Hall1741 -
  6. Nathaniel Hallbef 1745 -
  7. Capt. James Hallabt 1745 - bef 1816
  8. Elizabeth Hall1746 - bef 1772
  • HCapt. James Hallabt 1745 - bef 1816
  • WMartha Gilmore1750 - bef 1808
m. bef 22 Jun 1781
  1. Elizabeth Hallbef 1788 -
  2. Martha Hallbef 1788 -
  3. James Hallbef 1796 -
  4. William Hall
  5. Nancy Hall
  6. Isabella Hall
  7. Margaret "Peggy" Hall
  8. Mary "Polly" Hall
  9. Sarah "Sally" Hall
Facts and Events
Name Capt. James Hall
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1745 Augusta County, Virginia[guesstimate]
Other[1] 27 Dec 1772 Botetourt, Virginia, United Statesnamed in Will of William Hall, father
Marriage bef 22 Jun 1781 Virginia[per Will of James Gilmore, father of bride]
to Martha Gilmore
Will[3] 30 Dec 1808 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Death[3] bef 4 Nov 1816 Rockbridge County, Virginia[probate]
Probate[3] 4 Nov 1816 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Burial? Rockbridge, Virginia, United StatesOxford Presbyterian Church Cemetery

James Hall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Virginia

13 April 1778: Rockbridge County, Virginia - Order Book I - trial of Capt. James Hall for being concerned in the murder of Cornstalk Indian his son & two other chiefs of Indians on the 20th November last. Hall appeared & denied the facts with which he was charged. Trial was adjourned; he was tried again on April 28 and because no witness appeared before him, he was acquitted.

May 5, 1778: Rockbridge County, Virginia - Order Book I - John Gilmore and James Hall qualified as Captains of Militia.

  1. Will Abstract of William Hall, Secondary quality.

    HALL, WILLIAM. Botetourt County, Virginia. 27 Dec 1772. 8 Feb 1773.
    Wife: Jean
    Children: Andrew Hall, Agnes Berry, John Hall, Isable Buchanan, William Hall, Nathaniel Hall, James Hall,
    Exe: son [in law] George Berry
    Wit: Joseph Walker, John Thompson, Andrew Mackinley
    [WB A:21]

  2.   Augusta County, Virginia Court Records, in Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. (Rosslyn, Virginia: The Commonwealth Printing Company, 1912-1913 in Three Volumes), Secondary quality.

    [cos1776 Note of Caution: clearly not all of these belong to this James Hall. Research in progress.]
    MAY 28, 1751. (580) Road ordered to be cleared and kept in repair on the cowpasture by these inhabitants: Wallace Estill, Robert Carlile, John Carlile, Loftus Pullen, Richd. Bodkin, Saml. Ferguson, Mathew Harper, Thomas Wright, Michael Harper, Hance Harper, John Miller, William Price, James Anglen, James Hall, Philip Phegan, John Shaw, Herculus Wilson, William, and John Carlile. [OB 2:44]

    JUNE 19, 1764. (497) Susanna Hall qualified admx. of husband, James Hall. [OB 8:113]

    AUGUST 18, 1768. (314) Constable: James Hall, vice Charles Campbell. [OB 12:150]

    APRIL 15, 1783. (43) Commission to take deposition of James Hall, who is about to remove to Ireland. [OB 18:230]

    NOT A MATCH JULY 22, 1795. (337) James Hall, orphan of Henry Hall, aged about 12, to be bound to Michael Garber, Jr., to learn art, trade and mystery of coppersmith. [OB 23:281]

    Inhabitants of Bull Pasture and head of Cowpasture petition for a road from Walles Asten's Mill to the road on the head of the Calfpasture: Robert Carrolile, Richard Bodkin, Thomas Wright, John Miller, James Hall, Horcklas Willson, John Carrolile, Samuel Forgerson, Michael Harper, Wm. Price, Philip Phegan, William Carrolile, Loftus Pullen, Mathew Harper, Hance Harper, James Anglen, John Shaw, John Carrolile. Wallas Aston to be overseer [misc:438]

    AUGUST, 1762.
    Stuart vs. Lusk.--17th June, 1757. Received of James Hall, £2.5.0, part of County dues, 1753 and 1754. 25th November, 1754, received of Robert Hall, on account of his father's quit rents for year 1754. [COURT ORDERS:476]

  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Will Transcript of James Hall, in Rockbridge County, Virginia Will Book, 4:187, Secondary quality.

    In the name of God Amen. I James Hall, of perfect mind and memory but calling to mind that it is ordained for all men once to die do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament (to wit). I commit my soul into the hands of god who gave it and my body I commit unto the earth to be buried by my executors in a decent christian manner hoping to receive the same at the general resurection and as to what worldly estate it hath pleased God to bless me with, I devise, will and bequeath in the manner and form following (Vizt)

    Item first I will, devise and bequeath unto my son William the following tracts of land (viz) 225 acres adjoining William Murphey and John Leech, Junr. 126 acres adjoining Samuel Willson and Robert Skeens. 76 acres on Thompsons Creek adjoining Elijah Forsythe and Robert Clark. 44 1/2 acres adjoining George Cross and William Harper and the undivided half of 391 acres in Patrick County held in partnership between me and William L. Bailley for which I have his bond or the said William to have the money arising from the sale of any or all of the above lands.

    Item Second, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Houston one hundred dollars to be paid her as soon after the debts of the estate are discharged as the money can be collected.

    Item third, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Montgomery one hundred dollars in addition to what she has received to be paid herout of the product of the farm on which I now live after my daughter Elizabeth is fully paid.

    Item fourth, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy a good horse saddle and bridle two good feather beds with their furniture a Bureau & two Milch cows with their calves.

    Item fifth, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Isabella a good horse saddle and bridle two good feather beds with their furniture a Beaureau & two Milch cows with their calves.

    Item sixth, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Peggy a good horse saddleand bridle two good feather beds with their furniture a Beaureau and two Milch cows with their calves.

    Item seventh, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Polly a good horse saddle and bridle two good feather beds with their furniture a Beaureau and two milch cows with their calves.

    Item eight, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Sally, a good horse saddle and bridle two good feather beds with their furniture a Beaureau and two milch cows with their calves.

    Item ninth, I will and bequeath unto each of my now unmarried daughters (vizt) Nancy, Isabella, Peggy, Polly & Sally,one hundred dollars in addition to the above; to make them equal in portion to the two married daughters.

    Item tenth, I will and devise and bequeath unto my son James the plantation on which I now live with all the land adjoining supposed to be about 430 acres with the mansion House and all the appurtenances, priviledges & advantages with all the moveable property and stock on said farm and the negro man Caleb to continue with him on said farm for the purpose of assisting him to raise my family until my youngest child is of age and then to be finally his (vizt) my son James' own property and further I will and ordain that my son James shall out of the moneys that may be due me and out of the estate I have left him together pay all my lawfull debts and all the Legacys that I have given to my daughters. It is further my will and desire that my family should continue together on the farm until they marry and should any of them go away and break off from the family before that time without sufficient provocation they shall foreit the one hundred dollars I have left them and the said money to be divided equally between the rest of my daughters and should any dispute arise at any time between the legatees about any matter whatever they shall abide by the award of two or more men sternally chosen by the partys or forfeit their plea - and further it is my will that if any of my unmarried daughters and should my son James die and leave no legitimate living Issue to inherit the land his whole estate is to go to my son William who is to have it appraised and then equally divide between the rest of my living children the one half of the value of the whole estate b oth real and personal after deducting the then unpaid Legacys or debts out of the whole amount and further it is my will that my daughters shall have their portions paid them as soon after they marry as it is in the power of my executors to do it.

    And lastly I appoint, constitute and ordain my sons William Hall and James Hall, Junr. My Executors of this my last will and Testament and I do by these presents publish declare ordain and notify this to be m6y last will and Testament revoking all other as witness my hand and seal this 30th day of Decr 1808.

    Signed Sealed published & declared

    (signed) James Hall (SEAL)
    by the said James Hall to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us The Subscribers
    F_____ R. Price
    John Wilson
    Joseph Wilson
    Wm. Wilson

  4.   Family Notes, in Rootsweb, Secondary quality.


    James Hall was a Captain in the militia stationed at Pt. Pleasant when Chief Cornstalk was killed on Nov 10, 1777. James was indicted and tried for his murder, but the case was dismissed because no one would testify against him. (Source: Rockbridge Order Bk 1778-1784, pp.8,9.)

    He was also one of the men at Pt. Pleasant in 1774 listed along with James, John and Robert Gilmore, James Logan, John McKee and Lt. Wm. McKee serving in Murray Co. After his trial for murder of Cornstalk, James was commissioned a captain in the Militia May 5, 1778. He served under Gen. Muhlenburg in Eastern Virginia in 1780 and 1781, participating in the Battle of Hot Water on the Williamsburg Front. (Source: Freda Strampe)

    James Hall's grandfather was William Hall, born in 1702 in County Antrim, Ireland. William immigrated to the United States and eventually settled in the area that is now Rockbridge County, VA. ...

  5.   Family Notes, Secondary quality.

    James Hall was indicted for the murder of the Shawnee Indian Chief, Cornstalk, which occurred in Pt. Pleasant. It is recorded that Capt. James Hall became upset after learning that a relative by the name of Gilmore had been killed by an Indian while hunting. Capt. James Hall was very upset with Cornstalk's past raids on neighbors, friends, and relatives (as well as other Indian massacres that occurred around Kerr's Creek in Rockbridge Co.,VA that left several dead and others abducted by the raiding Indians). Thus, he flew into a rage and ordered some of his men to kill Cornstalk who was at the Fort. Pt. Pleasant is currently located in Mason Co., WV. The place where this occurred can be seen at Tu-Endie-Wee Park in Pt. Pleasant.

    ... Rev. Samuel Houston was the brother-in-law and friend of Capt. James Hall. James and Martha had a son named James Hall, Jr. James Hall, Jr. married Patsy Leech. ...

  6.   Story of Cornstalk's Death, in Waddell, Joseph A. (Joseph Addison). Annals of Augusta County, Virginia: with reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers biographical sketches of citizens locally prominent, and of those who have founded families in the southern and western states : a diary of the war, 1861-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction by Joseph Addison Waddell. (Staunton, Virginia: C.R. Caldwell, 1902), 224, Secondary quality.