Person:James Edmondson (9)

James Edmondson
b.est. 1715-1723 Ireland
m. est. 1715
  1. James Edmondsonest 1715-1723 - 1783
  2. William Edmondson, of Rockbridge County, VAest 1718 - bef 1782
  3. David EdmondsonBet 1725 - 1736 - 1764
  4. Jesse EdmondsonBet 1725 - 1738 -
  5. John Edmondson1732 -
  6. Moses EdmondsonAbt 1739 - Bef 1806
  7. Martha EdmondsonEst 1740-1745 -
  • HJames Edmondsonest 1715-1723 - 1783
  • WAgnes ThompsonEst 1723-1730 - 1801
m. Abt. 1749
Facts and Events
Name James Edmondson
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1715-1723 Ireland
Marriage Abt. 1749 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes Thompson
Death? 1783 Rockbridge County, Virginia

James Edmondson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

James Edmiston of Beverley Manor


Personal Data
Vita Husband Spouse
Name James Edmiston

Source Materials
Edmondson Tapestry

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Families Old Chester OldAugusta Germanna
New River SWVP Cumberland Carolina Cradle
The Smokies Old Kentucky




Personal Data

Personal Data
Father:David Edmiston
Spouse:Agnes Thompson
DOM:Abt. 1749
POM:Augusta County, VA
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes

Land in Augusta County, Virginia

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 69.--20th February, 1745. Moses Thomson, late of County Augusta, to James Edmiston, £13.17 current money Virginia; 100 acres patented 20th August, 1745, to Moses, on east side South River, Shanandoe, on the Red Banks. Witnesses, Thos. Lewis, John Preston, David Edmiston. 15th April, 1746, proved by Lewis and Edmiston. 12th May, 1746, proved by John Preston.
  • James Edmiston received the 350 acre tract in "Beverley Manor" as heir of his father, David Edmiston, after his death in 1751. This land was subsequently sold by James Edmiston to Hugh McClure in 1752, as shown in the transaction listed below:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 459.--20th August, 1752. James Edmiston, son and heir and administrator of David Edmiston and Isabella Edmiston, relict and heir and administrator of David Edmiston to Hugh McClure, 350 acres in Beverley Manor, from Beverley to David, 24th July, 1740. Teste: Anrdew Kerr. Teste: John Henderson, Adam Thompson.


From EFAB 31(2):35-40

Sixteenth day of December seventeen hundred and eighty two. I James Edmundson of Rockbridge County and state of Virginia calling to mind the Mortality of my body and noing this it is appointed for all men -(?) to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament this is to say principally and first of all I give and recomend my soul unto the hands of God that gives it and for my body I recomind it to the earth to be buried in a Christion like and decent manner at the direction of my Executors not doubting but at the general (?) I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God as touching such worldly -(?) Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life. I give Bequeath and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First of all I will that my just debts be discharged. In (?) I give and bequeath to Agnes my dearly beloved wife three Negroes now in my possession their names as followeth, Anthony, Nan and Doff to be held and enjoyed by her while she liveth and to be at her disposal and likewise two young Negroes names Isacc and Holbert to be disposed by her in like manner all at her death only to my children or grandchildren as she shall see fit. I likewise give and bequeath to her all my movable estate that shall be posessed by me at my dcalh out of which she is to pay twenty pounds current money to each of my five Grand daughters that is now living (Viz) Elizabeth, Agnes, Jean and Sarah Edmundson and Sarah Tedford when they are of the age of twenty one years or when they ar marryed.

I likewise give my said wife my land and tenements I now live on and other possessions to be by her held and enjoyed while she liveth.

Item I give my well beloved son David Edmundson the part of my land he now liveth on at my demis and all my lands mafuages (sic) and tenaments by him freely to be possesses and enjoyed his Mothers D(?) out of which he shall pay to his Sister Jean Tedford the sumof sixty pounds if she be then alive, but if she be dead it shall be to her child Sarah Tedford when of the age of twenty one years or if she dieth before married or without children it shall be equally divided amongst my gmad daughters before mentioned. I likewise give and bequeath to my son David Edmondson one mulato boy named Samuel.

Item I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Jean Tedford one Negro winch and child named Philis and Easther and at her death to go to her daughter Sarah Tedford and if she dieth whouth children Philis goeth to my son David and Easther to my grand daughters before mentioned.

Item I give and bequeath what ever my father in law hath willed to me in his last will and Testament to be equally divided between Sarah now married to Samuel Henry and her granddaughter Agnes Thompson daughter to his son Alexander Thompson.

I do make and ordain Constitute and appoint my beloved wife Agnes Edmundson my son David and James Templcton my only and soles executor of this my last will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disalow revoke and all and every former testament wills and Legacy Requests and Executions by me in any way before this time named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and none other to be my last will and testaments in witness where up I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above wroten.

Signed, Sealed, Published pronounced and declared by the said James Edmoundson as his last will and Testament in the presents of the Subscribers Viz John McNutt, Wm. Paxton, Isaac Trimble

At a court held for Rockbridge County March 4th 1783

This last Will and Testament of James Edmundson Deed. was presented in Court by David Edmundson and James Templeton Exec. therm named and - by the Oaths of William Paxton and James Trimble witness thereto and Ordered to be recorded and on the Motion of said Exec. who made Oath according to Law Certificate is granted them for obtaining Probate thereof in due form giving Security whereupon they together with John Paxton and John Thompson their Securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the Penalty of 2000 pounds conditioned according to law.

[As we see there is a granddaughter named Sarah Tedford; However, the others are Elizabeth, Agnes, Jean and Sarah Edmondson. Also there is no daughter mentioned named Sarah.]

Note: (from same article as above....

Will of James Edmondson of Rockbridge Co.. VA The book Virginia Wills before 1799 on page 30 abstracts the will of James Edmundson in the following manner: Edmundson, James Rockbridge Co., VA Will filed March 4, 1783 Wife Agnes S. David Edmondson D. Jean Edmondson D. Sarah Edmondson G.D. Elizabeth Tedford G.D. Agnes Tedford G.D. Jean Tedford G.D. Sarah Tedford

Unfortunately this abstract is most incorrect as to the granddaughters and one of the daughters. A complete transcription of the will follows: