Person:James Cowan (14)

James Cowan
d.bef. 1815
m. Abt. 1738
  1. John Cowan1739 - 1792
  2. Andrew Cowan1742 -
  3. Mary Cowan1743-1748 -
  4. James Cowanest 1745 - bef 1815
  • HJames Cowanest 1745 - bef 1815
  • WHannah Woods1750 - 1819
m. 24 December 1767
  1. Isabella 'Drucilla' Cowan1768 -
  2. Hiram Cowanest 1769-1779 -
  3. John Cowanest 1769-1779 -
  4. James Cowan, Jr.1775 - 1849
Facts and Events
Name James Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1745 Prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 24 December 1767 South Carolinato Hannah Woods
Death? bef. 1815

James Cowan, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Transcript:Will of Hannah Cowan, wife of James Cowan, 1815


Cowan Plats in Colonial South Carolina
Upper 96 Militia lists members of the militia, including a Captain James Cowan.
Data. Cowan's in Chalkley's Chronicles, name ordered

Augusta Records

From Chalkley's:

  • AUGUST 20, 1768. - (353) James Cowan, Jr., appointed Constable, vice John Hunter. (Note: this record establishes James Cowan , Jr. as an adult in 1768).


Seven Cowan Brothers

Three kits in the Cowan YDNA project trace their descent to James Cowan (14)=Hannah Woods.


These kits tested at 25 markers or fewer. A firm conclusion as to group affinity can not be reached from this level of testing. While these results are not definitive they do show similarity to the Seven Brothers group, and the haplogroup designation of two of the kits (R1b1a2a1a1b4b) matches that of other Seven Brothers kits that have tested at 67 markers or better. It is likely that the owners of these kits do in fact descend from the common ancestor of the Seven Brothers

Old 96 records


The following information comes from the Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 51, pages 366-67, which quotes from Michael Woods' "Age Book"; and Vol. 52, page 48, which quotes the Woods-McAfee Memorial" by Rev. Neander Woods:
1. Michael Woods wrote "We left Virginia Oct. 11, 1764 and settled on the Savannah River Jan. 3, 1765." Three sons and four daughters of Archibald Woods were living in South Carolina in 1768.
2. James Cowan Married Hannah Woods, sister of Michael Woods, on the same day that Michael Woods married his second wife, Dec. 24, 1767 in South Carolina.
3. Hannah Woods had a brother by the name of John Woods.

James Cowan petitioned the State of South Carolina for 100 acres of land in Granville County, which was later the 96th District, and still later Abbeville County, December 1767 (Record in the Veterans' Memorial Library, Columbia, S.C.) James Cowan received from the State of South Carolina a grant of the above land, described as lying on the banks of the Savannah River, and being surrounded by vacant land, December 1768. (See Land Grants, Vol. 17, page 96, in the Office of the Secretary of State, Columbia, S.C.)

James Cowan, Sr. received from the State of South Carolina 220 acres in Abbeville County, 96th District (old Granville County) January 1798. The land was described as lying on Rocky River, a branch of the Savannah River, and bound by William Baskin's land and Joseph Trimble's land. (See Land Grants, Vol. 43, page 273, office of the Secretary of State, Columbia, S.C.)


Children of James and Hannah (Woods) Cowan:

James Cowan's wife Hannah (Woods) Cowan, wrote her will in Abbeville District, South Carolina, on 21 July 1815, naming her sons Hiram, John and daughter Drucilla Baskin. James Cowan Jr. was not listed.

Their son, James Cowan, Jr. was not named in his mother's will and may have been received land or other personal property prior to his mother's death. Alternatively, this couple may not have had a son James Jr. Or the Hannah Cowan whose will this is, is not Hannah Woods, wife of James. Note that in 1810 Hannah Cowan is listed as HOH in Abbeville. This implies that her husband was deceased by 1810. Either the DOD for James of 1815 is in error, or Hannah of the census record and will is the widow of a different Cowan. Alternatively, James son of James and Hannah, died prior to 1815.

Military Service:

This is likely the | Capt. James Cowan who served with the Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment from 1779-1783, and participated in the Battle of Savannah, Georgia.

From post:

From: Subject: Re: Robert Cowan & Susan Woods Date: 23 Jul 2006 16:11:54 -0600

Surnames: Cowan, McDowell, Woods, Jones and Dillard Classification: Query

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Is this Susan Woods the same as Susannah Woods, daughter of Archibald Woods and sister to Michael and Hannah Woods?

Hannah Woods is my ancestor. She was married to James Cowan. I descend from their son James Cowan Jr. and Agnes Jones. I know quite a bit about this family but would like to know more. Most came from the writings and will of Michael Woods.


From Ancestry U.S. Census Reconstructed Records, 1660-1820 about James Cowan

Name: James Cowan
Gender: M (Male)
State: South Carolina
County: Ninety Six District
Town: Long Canes and Places Adjacent
Residence Year: 1780
Household Remarks: He is on "A List of Petit-Jury Men and Jury Men in Civil Causes."