Person:James Buchanan (43)

m. 1722
  1. Alexander BuchananAbt 1726 - Aft 1780
  2. Archibald Buchanan1728 - 1806
  3. James Buchanan1732 - 1763
  4. Capt. John BuchananAbt 1732 - Aft 1806
  5. Rebecca Buchanan1734 -
  6. Janet Buchanan1738 - 1745
  7. William Buchanan1740 - Abt 1805
  8. Robert Buchanan1742 - 1809
Facts and Events
Name James Buchanan
Gender Male
Birth? 1732
Occupation? Shoemaker
Death[1] 17 Jul 1763 killed in 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre, Augusta County, Virginia


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The French and Indian War and Kerr's Creek Massacres

The French and Indian War

Prior to the Kerr's Creek Massacre, it appears that it was this James Buchanan who served in the French and Indian War. He appears to be the James Buchanan in the following entries from Virginia’s Colonial Soldier’s by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck:

  • Page 55, Pay Roll of Robert Stewart’s Troop of Light Horse, 16 Jan 1755: James Buchanan.
  • Page 58, Muster Roll of Troop of Light Horse Command by Captain Robert Stewart, 11 May 1756, at Maidstone. James Buchanan, 27 Dec 1755, 20, 5’7”, shoemaker, dark, Scotland.
  • Page 82, Size Roll of Cap. Robert Stewart’s Troop of Light Horse, 30 July 1756: James Buchanan, 27 Dec 1754, Virginia, 20, 5’7”, shoemaker, Scotland, brown hair, long visage
  • Page 300, Warrant for 2,000 acres issued to Alexander Buchanan, eldest brother and heir at law of James Buchanan, dec., who was a lieutenant under Captain Alexander under Col. Thomas Nash in the campaign against the Shawnee in 1757; continued to serve until four months later when the corps was disbanded. May 1780

The Kerr's Creek Massacres 1759-1763

According to multiple sources, James Buchanan was killed by Shawnee Indians in the "2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre" on 17 July, 1763, which is confirmed in the deposition of William Patton (listed below). Additional information is listed in the following article:

  • Vol 2: Page 269. - 1806 November 7 Page 145--Wm. Patton, aged 64, deposes, in Rockbridge, 7th November, 1806, he has lived in Rockbridge 56 years since last May. After the Revolution there was a rapid increase of immigration from the North. James Wardlaw and deponent's father were intimate. James had a son Hugh and a son Robert. There were Indian troubles for about 10 years. Fifty years ago there was a fort at McClung; the last incursion was 43 years ago, when 16 or 17 people were killed. Deponent helped bury them and they were attacked at the burial. These were very early settlers, viz: James, Alexr. Saml. Walker, James Moore, Saml. Coalter, Jno. Wallace, Archd. Rhea, James Rutherford, James Buchanan, Andrew and Charles Hays. Deponent was born September, 1742. McDowell was killed Christmas or New Year's, after his birth. (Note: this deposition names James Buchanan as one of the victims in the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre, which according to Patton "occurred 43 years ago" when his deposition was taken in 1806, which would be in 1763).


  1. Killed by Indians in the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre