Person:James Brownlee (32)

James Brownlee
b.02 Feb 1743/44 Augusta County, Virginia
d.May 1826
m. Bef. 1740
  1. John Brownlee1740 - bef 1800
  2. Margaret Brownlee1741 - Abt 1800
  3. Alexander Brownlee1743 -
  4. James Brownlee1743/44 - 1826
  5. William Brownlee1746 - 1831
  6. Isabella Brownlee1748 -
  7. Susanna Brownlee1749 - Aft 1834
  8. Rachel Brownleeest 1750-1760 -
  • HJames Brownlee1743/44 - 1826
  • WFlorence DuncanEst 1740-1748 - bef 1796
m. Abt. 1783
  1. Margaret Brownlee1782 - 1835
  2. Sarah Jane Brownlee1784 - 1825
  3. Jenny Brownlee1785 -
m. abt. 28 Sept. 1796
  1. Andrew Joseph Brownlee1796 - 1885
  2. James Brownlee1800 - 1865
  3. William Brownlee1803 -
Facts and Events
Name James Brownlee
Gender Male
Birth? 02 Feb 1743/44 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Abt. 1783 to Florence Duncan
Marriage abt. 28 Sept. 1796 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesto Rebecca Unknown
Death? May 1826

James Brownlee was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Brownlee in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 180.--23d April, 1789. Jennate McCutchen's will--To James Brownlee, Sr., two-thirds of her share of Wm. McCutchan's estate; to the rest of her legatees, tract on Pine Run patented in name of Wm. McCutchan. Teste: John, William, Alexander Brownlee. Proved, 15th September, 1789, by William and Alexander Brownlee. Executor qualifies. (Note: Jennate "Janet or Jean" McCutcheon was the wife of 1st Andrew Duncan and 2nd, William McCutcheon. Both are mentioned in the suit below).
  • Vol. 1 - Suit between Samuel Buchanan and Elizabeth, his wife; David Craig and Mary, his wife; John Edmonson and Jennet, his wife; John McKinny and Jane, his wife; James Brownlee and Florence, his wife, vs. William McCutchen, John McCutchen and John McCutchen, Jr., heirs-at-law of Wm. McCutchen;--Spa. 23d July, 1791. Writ, redocketing, 27th September, 1793. Whereas, I, Andrew Duncan, of Lincoln County, have authorized and given to James Brownlee, Sr., of Augusta County, power of attorney to convey a tract of land on Pine Run, joining Hugh Torbet and William Brownlee and John Shields, which McCutchen claims by caveat from Andrew Duncan, heir by law. 25th May, 1785. Witnesses: Alexander Brownlee, Jr., and John Brownlee. James Brownlee and Florence Brownlee, heirs-at-law of Andrew Duncan, deceased; all the above wives were daughters of Andrew Duncan, deceased, who left also a son, Andrew. Andrew, Sr.'s widow was Jannet. Andrew, Jr., was dead, 1791, intestate. Widow Jannet married William McCutchen. Alexander Douglas bought the land from Francis Beatty. William McCutchen was dead, 1791, as also Jannet. Francis Beatty first improved the land. Francis Beatty, shortly after making his entry, went to Carolina. William McCutchen entered a caveat versus Beatty and obtained judgment in 1769 and a patent in 1773. William Alexander deposes that in 1766, November, he was with William McCutchen at Williamsburg, when William McCutchen told him he had put in a friendly caveat to save the land for Andrew Duncan's children.
  • Vol. 2 - NOTES OF MILITARY SERVICES IN FREDERICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA1783, April 1st.--May 6th, Thomas Blakemore, a soldier, killed. (Note: appears to tie-into record below).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1796--September 28, James Brownlee (widower) and John Gates, surety. James Brownlee and Rebecah Blackamore, widow.