Person:Jacob Stover (3)

  • HJacob StoverABT 1680 - 1741
  • WSarah Boone1691/92 - bef 1738
m. 15 Mar 1715
  1. Jacob StoverABT 1716 - abt 1767
  2. Abraham StoverABT 1717 - Aft 1787
  3. Magdelena Stover1718 -
  4. Barbara Stover1719 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Stover
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1680 Switzerland
Alt Birth? 1 JUN 1688 Berne, Bern, Switzerland
Marriage 15 Mar 1715 Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaChrist Church
to Sarah Boone
Alt Death? 23 MAR 1740 Augusta County, Virginia[prob. 1740/41]
Death? Mar 1741 South Fork, Shenandoah River, Augusta County,Virginia

Jacob Stover was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of Jacob Stover

  • Pages 150-51. Jacob Stover. Inventory. Made in obedience to order of 26 March 1741. Appraisers sworn before John Lewis, Gent. Total valuation £155.03.03 including two slaves valued at £43 and debt of John Barton of £3.7.8. A note of Jacob Die at £0.13.1½ is not included in the total. [Names of the appraisers are not shown]. 28 May 1741. Returned by Jacob Stover, admr. [Orange County Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 30].

Land Grant in Virginia

  • 1730 - Jacob Stover granted conditionally 10,000 acres in the Massanutten country.
  • 1733, December 15 - Jacob Stover's grants for 10,000 acres confirmed.

[Source: "A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia", by John Walter Wayland, pg. 7].

Early Land Survey

Page 447. Surveys made in Orange County between June 1737 and June 1738.
March 18 (1738) - Jacob Stover, 1,000 acres.
J. Wood, Surveyor.
23 June 1738. Ordered to be recored.
[Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 59].

Early Land Acquisition in Virginia

From "The German Element of the Shenandoah Valley", by John Wayland, pg. 39:

On June 17, 1730, Jacob Stover, a native of Switzerland, obtained for himself and "divers Germans and Swiss Families, His Associates", from the Virginia Colonial Council a grant for 10,000 acres of land on the Shenandoah River, in such tracts as he should select, upon the condition that within two years he should settle upon it the required number of families. He succeeded, by methods fair or false, in getting his grant confirmed to him by two deeds bearing the date of December 15, 1733, each for 5,000 acres. Both of these 5,000-acre tracts were on the Shenandoah River: one in the victinity of Lynwood and Lewiston, now in Rockingham County; the other southwest of Luray, now in Page County.
Jacob Stover received a patent for 5,000 acres in Virginia on the Shenandoah River on 15 Dec. 1733, as listed in the Chalkley's record, below:
  • Patent to Jacob Stover, 5,000 acres in Spottsylvania. Dated 15th December, 1733: In St. Mark's Parish, on West Side of the Great Mountains, and bounded: black walnuts and a hickory on Shenandoah River, two sycamores, to foot of a naked mountain at upper end of a large island, white oak, Spanish oak, three pines, a red oak, three locust trees. Consideration: The importation of one hundred persons to dwell within our Colony and Dominion of Virginia, whose names are: Jacob, Catherine, Abraham, Christian, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Mathew, Sarah, Catherine, Ann, Susanna, Barbary, Dorothy, Rachel Miller, Jacob, Anna, Isaac, Abraham, John, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, George, Calkins, Christopher, Anna, Rachel, Catherine, Sarah, Susanna, Barbary, Dorothy, John, Anna, Jacob, John, Abraham, Isaac, Rosina, Susanna, Catherine, Ragley Mire (Nure?), Henry, Catherine, Henry, John, Isaac, Catherine, Anna, Rachel Sowder, Henry, Christiana, Jacob, Henry, Paul, Rudy, Joseph, Peter, Isaac, John, Hamudy, Stophar, Susanna, Rachel, Barbara, Claplir, Margaret, Elizabeth Hain, John, Barbel, Rudy, Chr., John, Mathew, Joseph, Isaac, Peter, David, William, Anna, Christiana, Frenley, Robby, Dorothy Funk, Jacob, Frina, Christian, John, Isaac, Rudy, Mathew, Stopher, Peter, Joseph, David, Jacob, Jane, Dorothy, Christiana Sowder.

Records of Jacob Stover in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • MARCH, 1755. - Russell vs. Francisco.--There was a patent (5,000 acres) in 15th December, 1733, to Jacob Stover, on Shenando, and this land descended to Jacob, Jr., son and heir of Jacob, Sr., but Jacob, Jr., failed to pay rents, and in 1746 William Russell got an order from the General Court forfeiting same.
  • SEPTEMBER, 1804 (E to G). - Mary Gilmer vs. Peter Sipe--Deed, 27th October, in Orange. Peter Bowman to Christian Riddleberger, 400 acres, Shenando, part of grant to Jacob Stover and part of the land whereon Jacob now lives. Deed, Jacob Stover to Peter Bowman, above. Deposition of Jeremiah Webb, 7th April, 1804. Deed, 1741, Stover to Francisco. Cub Run. Affidavit by Charles Lewis, 17th August, 1802, that Augustine Price is upwards of 80. That Robert Hook is upwards of 90. Following deed, viz: 25th June, 1741, Stover to Christopher Francisco, 176_. Grant to Francisco et als., 20th September, 1736, Stover to Peter Bowman. Patent to William Russell for the Stover patent abandoned. Will of Christopher Francisco. Deposition of Augustine Price, 16th October, 1802, aged 80 years: Was driven from his home on New River by Indians in year of Braddock's defeat; he encamped on the land now Mrs. Gilmer's, then John Madison. Deposition of Robert Hook, same time and place, aged 90 years: He has known the walnut tree for sixty years.