Person:Jacob Miller (72)

Jacob Miller
b.22 October 1697 Germany
d.bef. 16 August 1768 Augusta County, Virginia
m. bef. 1697
  1. Jacob Miller1697 - bef 1768
  2. Adam Miller1703 - 1783
m. ABT 1725
  1. Christian MillerABT 1725 - BET 1805 AND 1810
  2. Jacob Miller, Jr.1726 - 1806
  3. George MillerABT 1728 - BEF 1820
  4. Henry Miller, Sr.1732 - ABT 1796
  5. John Miller1733 - 1836
  6. Mary Elizabeth Miller1736 -
  7. Barbary Miller1739 -
  8. Katherine Miller1741 - BEF 1830
  9. Mathias Miller1743 - 1805
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Miller
Gender Male
Birth? 22 October 1697 Germany
Marriage ABT 1725 Faukner's Swamp, Montgomery County, Pennsylvaniato Catherine Mueller
Death? bef. 16 August 1768 Augusta County, Virginia

Jacob Miller was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 1.--Adam Miller to Jacob Miller, 16th August, 1748, on Shanandoe. Witnesses, Jno. Cormichel, Wm. Burk, Henry Downs. Delivered: Henry Miller, 24th July, 1756. (Note: Adam and Henry Miller appear to be possible siblings (or cousins?), more research necessary).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 152.-(undated, no other information) -Jacob Miller, Sr., to Christian Miller.

Estate Records of Jacob Miller

  • Page 129.--16th August, 1768. Catherine Miller's bond (with George Martin) as executrix of Jacob Miller.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1768. - (310) Jacob Miller's nuncupative will partly proved and Catherine, widow of Jacob, qualifies admx.
  • Page 168.--11th November, 1768. Jacob Miller's estate appraised, by Benj. Logan, Francis Stuart, Joseph Cravens.

Records of Jacob Miller in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MAY AND AUGUST, 1748. - Abraham Oldhouse vs. Jacob Miller.--Bond by plaintiff and defendant to John Miller, 4th February, 1746. Both of Township of Canistoga, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Page 210.--1st December, 1749. Jacob Miller's bond as administrator of Christian Miller, with surety Theobald Carlock. (Note: probable sibling?)
  • Page 313.--27th February, 1750. Jacob Nicholas' bond as executor of John Lawrence, with surety Jacob Miller.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1750 (A). - John Theobald End vs. Jacob Miller.--I, Jacob Miller, of Conastogoe Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 6th December, 1745. Writ dated 5th September, 1750.
  • Page 393.--26th November, 1751. Jacob Thomas' bond as administrator of John Windlekite, with sureties Henry Long, Jacob Miller.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1752. - (247) James Urrey, Steven Hans Burger, John Fought, Wm. Burk, Saml. Thornhill, John Fornice, Little Patrick, Jacob Miller and son, Adam Miller and son, Charles Cross, Henry Lung, Jacob Coger, George Warrell-to be added to Hans Magart's road hands on road from Shanando River to top Blue Ridge.
  • Page 440.--20th August, 1752. Elizabeth Thomas' bond as administatrix of John Windlekite, her former husband, with witnesses John Crum, Jacob Miller.
  • Page 460.--15th November, 1752. Jacob Gogure, Jacob Miller, Solomon Bryan appraise John Windlekite's estate at his house, and also at Michael Gommers and John Grumbs the part that is in their hands, and produced by Eve Elizabeth, widow of said Windlekite and Jacob Thomas, deceased.
  • Vol. 2 - 1749. - Papers relating to Augusta Levy. Robert McClenachan's account, 1748-9. Credit by John Bruce. Credit by James Dawkins, four levys. Credit by Jacob Miller, two levys.
  • Page 716.--6th February, 1749-50. Christopher Franciscus, Sr., of Lancaster County, Penna., to Jacob Thomas, 185 acres. On Shannadore and Cub Run, part of Christopher's 3,000-acre tract, mouth of Cub Run. Teste: Christopher Franciscus, der Junger. Teste: Nicholas Moll (mark). Signed also Anna Margaret Franciscus. Delivered: Jacob Miller, February, 1753.
  • Vol. 1 - 1750. - List of tithables liable to work on road from Sherrendo River to top of Blue Ridge at Swift Run Gap. Petition of Hance Magard (Magot). James Urry, William Burk, Stephen Hansburger, Samuel Thornbill, John Fought, John Furniss, Little Partrick, Charles Cross, George Wanol, Jacob Miller, Henry Lung, Adam Miller, Jacob Coger.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 18, 1754. - (227) Jacob Miller vs. Elizabeth Thomas } Elizabeth is an infant.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1755. - Jacob Miller vs. Jacob Thomas.--Miller bought land in December, 1740, from Nicholas Null, who had bought from Jacob Thomas, who died January, 1752, leaving his only daughter Elizabeth, an infant, his heir-at-law.
  • Page 177.--21st August, 1756. John Bingaman's appraisement, by Jacob Miller, Hance Magot, Francis Kirtley.
  • Page 322.--15th August, 1759. Catherine Miller's bond (with Jacob Miller, Jno. Miller) as administratrix of Henry Miller. (Note: another probable sibling?)
  • Vol. 1 - VARIOUS OLD PAPERS--1760--1770. - Petition for road from Adam Reader's Mines to Isaac Robertson's, from thence to Widow Wright's Mill; thence to Thomas Harrison's in the Great Road to the Court House, 2d January, 1761. Thomas Pickins, Isaac Robertson, James Wright, Tunes Van Pelt, John Chrisman, Lydia Wright, William Munsey, Robert Bellshe, Jacob Gum, Jacob Gum, Jr., John White, Leonard Herring, John Black, Thomas Harrison, William Dunlop, Robert Kearr, Alexander Painter, Jacob Miller, Scidmore Munsey, William Pickins, John Jackson, David Robertson, Henry Mase, James Thomas.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL, 1763. - Jacob Miller and Adam Yeager vs. Godfrey Bumgardner.--Defendant is gone to settle on New River, 1762.
  • Page 821.--20th March, 1764. Adam Miller to Henry Miller, £50, 600 acres on Shanando River and Elk Run; corner Adam Miller, Jr.; line of Jarob Miller. Delivered: Henry Miller, May, 1769.
  • Page 372.--27th September, 1764. William Frazier's estate appraised, by Jacob Miller, Jacob Persinger, Archd. Huston--Henry Layburn's note.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1765 (B). - PETITION. - To the Worshipful Court of Augusta County:
We, your humble petitioners, pray that your worships would be pleased to grant a road to be cleared from Adam Reader's Mines to Isaac Robertson's, from thence to Widow Wright's Mill, from thence to Thomas Harrison's, on the great road to the Court House, which will be the covenants' road to travel either north or south, to mill or to market. May ye second day, year 1767. Your favor will oblige your humble petitioners. (Signed) Thos. Pickins, James Van Pelt, Lydia Wright, Jacob Gum, Leonard Herring, Wm. Dunlop, Wm. Blear, Francis Munsey, John Jackson, Adam Kinder, Isaac Robertson, John Chrisman, Wm. Munsey, Jacob Gum, Jr., John Black, Robert Kearr, Scidmore Munsey, Wm. Pickins, David Robertson, Mathias Kinder, James Wright, Timothy Warren, Robert Bellshe, John White, Thomas Harrison, Jacob Miller, Alexander Peanter, James Thomas, Henry Maze.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (A). Jacob Miller deposes: That being at the house of John Fetch some time in March, 1749, he heard George Carpenter ask three Gerles, that were heirs to the estate of _____, if they were satisfied with what they had received. Jacob Pershinger deposes like Augustine Price. Barbary Miller deposes, that being in company with Usley Shutling in 1750, Usley said she had received a mare and some clothes, and was well satisfied. (Note: Barbara Miller was the wife of Adam Miller, Jacob's probable brother).
  • Page 148.--10th May, 1767. Isaac Bracpeil's (Barefield, Brackfield?) (his mark ) will, farmer--Wife, Catherine; youngest son; oldest daughter, Elizabeth, now married and living in Pennsylvania, and her oldest daughter, Catherine; 3 sons, Stophel, Jacob and Isaac; 2 youngest daughters, Catherine and Barbary; to son, Stophel, 1/3 of home place; to son, Jacob, tract on Slate Lick Branch. Executors, Jacob Miller and Catherine Brackpiel. Teste: Abm. Bird, Jacob Trumbo. Proved, 15th November. 1768, by Andrew Bird and Trumbo. Executors qualify (Catherine Brackfield). (Note: Jacob Miller apparently died a few months before Isaac Brackfield, whish explains why he did not qualify as executor).
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 22, 1768 - (127) Thomas Barnett, son of Pat. Barnett, to be bound to Jacob Miller.
  • Page 334.--11th April A. D., 1769 (vid p. 150, supra.). The moveable effects of Isaac Brackfield. deceased, sold at public auction as follows, viz: Drs. William Barefield, John Bear, Anthony Rader, Michael Lamb, Jacob Holman, Mathias Rader, Jacob Miller, Conrad Humble, Michael Kintner, Thomas Pickens, James Johnson, Christopher Brackfield, George Kintner, Saml. Nicholas, Rese Thomas, Martin Craider, Adam Rader, Sr., George Trumbo, James Cain, James Beggs, Michael Hannegam, Jacob Brackfield. (Note: this would have been Jacob Miller, Jr., as Jacob, Sr. had died before).
  • Page 328.--Isaac Brackfield's estate settled by Jacob Miller--Paid a minister's stipend. (Note: this would have been Jacob Miller, Jr., as Jacob, Sr. had died before).

Information on Jacob Miller

272. Jacob Miller, son of Johann Peter Mueller and Marie Margaretha Ulrich , was born on 22 Oct 1697 in Germany and died on 18 Dec 1772 in Augusta County, VA. at age 75.

General Notes: Source; The Miller Family by Oscar G Miller. (3rd great grandson of Jacob.)

When he was 12 years old he came to America and settled near the city of Philadelphia. He met a young lady on the ship he came to America on. She was not related to him, and came from another part of Germany. One spoke high German and the other low. They were married in 1725. For many years they lived on a farm about thirty miles from Philadelphia, near a place called Falkners Swamp. They had seven children.

Jacob Miller was born on 22 Oct 1697 in Germany and died on 18 Dec 1772 in Augusta County, VA. at age 75. Jacob married Catherine Mueller about 1725 in Falkner's Swamp, PA. (30 Miles From Philly). Catherine was born in 1704 in Germany and died in 1768 at age 64. Catherine Mueller was born in 1704 in Germany and died in 1768 at age 64.

Children from this marriage were:
i. Christian Miller was born about 1725 in Faulkner's Swamp, PA. and died between 1805 and 1810 in Rockingham County, VA. about age 8
ii. Jacob Jr. Miller (born on 12 May 1726 in Faulkner's Swamp, PA. - died on 13 Apr 1808 in Monroe County, (W) VA.)
iii. George Miller was born about 1728 in Faulkner's Swamp, PA. and died before 1820 in Madison Co. KY..
iv. Henry Sr. Miller was born in 1732 in Faulkner's Swamp, PA. and died on 9 Mar 1798 in Rockingham County, VA. at age 66.
v. John Miller was born in 1733 in Indian Creek, Monroe County, VA. and died in 1836 in Monroe Co., VA. at age 103.
vi. Mary Elizabeth Miller was born on 9 Nov 1736.
vii. Barbary Miller was born in 1739 in Indian Creek, Monroe County, VA..
viii. Katherine Miller was born in 1741 and died before 1830.
ix. Mathias Miller was born on 11 Oct 1743.

40. (Boone County Genealogical Society, 1979). Children of Jacob Miller, b. 1702 and his wife Margaret Miller
1. Jacob Miller, b. 1726, m1. Elizabeth Fudge
2. George Miller
3. Henry Miller, b. 1732
4. John Miller, b. 1735, m. Barbara Mauzy
5. Barbara Miller, m. Jacob Mann
6. Catherine Miller, m. George Conrad
7. Christian Miller

41. (Boone County Genealogical Society, 1991). Jacob Mueller/Miller was b. nr. Munich, Germany ca 1702, came to America c1715 with his parents, landing at Philadelphia and settling about 30 miles away at Faulkner's Swamp. He m. c1725 a girl, perhaps named Margaret Miller, also from Germany. They later moved to Harrisonvurg, in Rockingham Co. VA. Children:

1. Christian Miller, remained in Rockingham Co.
2. Henry Miller, remained in Rockingham Co.
3. Jacob Miller, moved to Monroe Co.
4. John Miller, Sr, moved to Monroe Co.
5. George Miller, moved to Monroe Co. then west abt 1810, setting in Madison Co., KY
6. Barbary Miller, 1774-1819, m. Jacob Mann, moved to Monroe Co.
7. Kathern Miller, m. George Conrad, moved to Monroe Co. then to KY