Person:Jacob Holeman (1)

Jacob Holeman
d.bef. 25 March 1784 Shenandoah County, VA
m. abt. 1720
  1. Capt. William Holman1721 - 1796
  2. Thomas Holeman1723 - 1798
  3. Isaac Holeman1725 - 1807
  4. Jacob Holemanabt 1728 - bef 1784
  5. Samuel Holemanbef 1732 -
m. abt. 1753
  1. Elizabeth Holmanest 1754 - abt 1838
  2. Andrew Holmanabt 1760 -
  3. Rachel Holmanabt 1762 -
  4. Mary Ann Holmanabt 1764 -
  5. Daniel Holmanabt 1766 -
  6. Jacob Harold Holmanabt 1768 -
  7. Rebecca HolmanAbt 1770 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Holeman
Alt Name Jacob Holman
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1728 Frederick County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1753 to Margaret Unknown
Death? bef. 25 March 1784 Shenandoah County, VA
Probate? 25 MAR 1784 Shenandoah County, VA

Jacob Holeman was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Land Grant Surveys:

  • Jacob Holeman, son to Daniel; 21 July 1749 - 17 Oct. 1749; 420 acres on Holemans Creek; adj. Dan'l Holeman. Chain Carriers: Wm. White & Richard Marley. Danl. Holeman present on survey. Surveyor: George Byrne. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 25].

Acquisition of Land from "Northern Neck Grants in Virginia":

  • 3 February 1749/50 - Grant to Jacob Holeman of Augusta County of 420 acres on Holeman's Creek where he had begun a settlement ... south east side of a branch of Holeman's Creek ... head of a valley ... foot of a hill ... [Northern Neck Grants, pg. 359].

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants:

  • G-359: Jacob Holeman of Augusta County, 420 acres in said Co. Surv. Mr. George Byrne. On Holeman's Creek where he had begun a settlement. 3 Feb. 1749. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 40].

Will of Jacob Holeman

Will of Jacob Holeman - Will Book B - Page 86 - Dated October 26, 1783
Shenandoah County Clerk's Office, Woodstock, Virginia
In the Name of God Amen the 26th Day of October in the year of ourLord One thousand Seven hundred & Eighty three I Jacob Holeman of Shanando County in the State of Virginia Yeoman Being very Sick & Weak in body but of perffect mind Y Momey thanks be give to God therefore Calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing it is appointed Once for all to die do make & ordain this my Last will & Testamentthat is to Say principally & first of all I give & recommend my Soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it & my body to the Eart to be buried in a Christian like & Decent manner at the Discretion of my Executors nothing Doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the Same by the Mighty power of God. And as touching Such worldly Estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to help me with in this world I give Devise & bequeath of the Same in the following manner & form Vix -
First it is my will & Desire that all my Just Debts & funeral Charges be paid as soon as Convenient after my Decease -
Imprimis it is my will and I do order &c.
I do give & bequeath to my well beloved wife Margaret Holeman the plantation or tract of Land whereon I now live in two tracts containing five hundred & fifty Acres more or less to be in her possession during life together with the following Slaves Vix. -Boatswin Nan Mary Winney George Tom James Ann Suse & Jack to her only use & property During life. Also the whole of my house hold goods & furniture with all other moveable Stock & Chattles to her use & behoof for the Support of my family & to be Divided amonagst my Children as they come of age at the Discretion ofmy wife -:Item I give & bequeath to my Son Daniel Holeman all that Plantation or tract of land whereon he now lives Containing four hundred & twenty Acres to him his heirs and Assigns forever with thefollowing Slaves John Nan Junr & Lydia to him & his heirs & assignsforever.
Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Deskin one Survey or tract of land whereon She now live be the Same more or less to her & the heirs of her body forever with the following Slaves Viz. Reuben &Doll with their Increase to her & the heirs of her body forever.
ItemI give & bequeath to my Daughter Rachel Holeman the following Slaves Viz. Sall & Jenny Boatswin & Nan Senr. to her & the heirs of her body forever with one Sorrel Mare to her her heirs & Assigns forever alsofourteen head of Cattle now in her Possession & one father bed &furniture to her & her Assigns forever.
Item I give & bequeath to my (son) Andrew Holeman all the plantation or tract of land whereon I now live Contg. four hundred Acres after the Decease of my wife to him & himheirs & Assigns forever, also the following Slaves Jim & Ann to him his heirs & Assigns forever.
Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Rebecca Holeman the following Slaves Mary & Suse to her & the heirs ofher body forever -
Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Mary Ann Holeman the following Slaves Viz. Winney & Goerge to her & the heirs of her body forever.
Item I give & bequeath to my Son Jacob Herod (or Sterad) Holeman all that plantation or tract of land adjoining theformer tract willed to Andrew Holeman Contg. one hundred & fifty Acres with the following Slave (Tom) to him & his heirs forever.
Item it ismy will & I do Ordain my well beloved wife Margaret Holeman & my trsty friend Reuben More to be my only & Sole Executors of this my Last will & testament Ratyfying & Confirming this to be my last will & testament also Disallowing revoling & Disannulling all & every other former wills Testaments & legacess whatsoever before this.
In Witnesswhereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Affixed my Seal the month & Year first above writen -
Signed Sealed & pronounced
Jacob Holeman (Seal)
& Declared by the sd. Jacob Holeman
for this to be his last will & Testament in the Presence of us
Samuel Miles
Thos. Lewis
Wm. Cathey
At a Court held for Shanando County on Thursday the 25 of March 1784
This Last Will & Testament of Jacob Holeman Gt. was Proved by the Oath of Samuel Miles a witness thereto & was Ordered to be Certified Reubin More an Executor therein named having refused to take upon himself the Executorship of Sd, Estate Mrs. Margaret Holeman an Exx. also named Came into Court & motioned that Letters of Administration of the Sd. Estate Should be Granted her upon She together with Fred Woolford, John Brown, Josias Allen, Chas. C. Taylor, Reubin Moore & Joseph Haskins her Securities in the Penalty of Ten Thousand Pounds Conditioned for her true and faithful Administration of the Sd. Estate Certifica is Granted her for Obtaining a probate thereof in Dur form of Law.
Test: T. Marshall c.s.c.
At a Court held for Shanando the 27 of May 1784
This will was further rpoved by Wm. Cathey & Ord. to Record.
Test: T. Marshall c.s.c.

Records of Jacob Holman in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 334.--11th April A. D., 1769 (vid p. 150, supra.). The moveable effects of Isaac Brackfield. deceased, sold at public auction as follows, viz: Drs. William Barefield, John Bear, Anthony Rader, Michael Lamb, Jacob Holman, Mathias Rader, Jacob Miller, Conrad Humble, Michael Kintner, Thomas Pickens, James Johnson, Christopher Brackfield, George Kintner, Saml. Nicholas, Rese Thomas, Martin Craider, Adam Rader, Sr., George Trumbo, James Cain, James Beggs, Michael Hannegam, Jacob Brackfield.
  • Page 275.--27th March, 1780. Privy examination of Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Histent, of Shannando County, deed to Paul Summers, 13th July 1779, before Jacob Holeman, Richard Branham.
  • Cathey vs. Brown--O. S. 184; N. S. 65--Bill 1811. In 1783 Jacob Holman made his will in Shenandoah and shortly afterwards died. Orator William Cathey married the widow in December, 1784. Jacob's daughter, Rebecca, married John Martin. Martin died and orator took the widow and children to live with him. Then Rebecca died. Orator moved to Kenawha. Defendants are, viz: Charles Brown, Wm. Whitaker, Joseph Brown, John Hodge and Elizabeth, his wife; Larkin Raines and Hanah, his wife, late Hannah Martin; John Martin; Elizabeth, Hannah and John being children of Rebeccah Martin. Will of Jacob Holman of Shenandoah County dated 26th October, 1783. Wife, Margaret; sons, Daniel, Andrew, Jacob Herod Holeman; daughters, Elizabeth Dobkin, Rachel Holeman; daughters, Rebecca, Mary Ann.

Records of Jacob Holman in Frederick County, VA

  • 6 November 1770. - On the motion of Jacob Holdman Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration of the estate of Daniel Holdman decd ... Ordered that Joseph Allen, Robert Oneal, Henry Gore and George Riddle ... appraise in current money the slaves (if any) and personal estate of Daniel Holdman ...

Information on Jacob Holeman

One year prior to Jacob's passing, he disposed of the 395 acres "originally granted by Thomas Lord Fairfax unto Daniel Holeman, who was the father of the said Jacob Holeman (Deed Book K, page 346, to Henry Houser, which tract is now owned by John K. Andes (at the time of the writing of this book).

Shenandoah County Clerk's Office, Woodstock, Virginia, Deed Book c -p. 522 - June 245, 1763 - Jacob Holeman and Margaret his wife to Henry Houser tract granted to Danl. Holeman Aug. 2, 1750-395 ac.

(Most of the ch. not of age) at date of will.)

Dunmore Co. (Woodstock) Va. Ct. order Bk. 1772-1774. Jacob was made Justice of Peace, etc. (in 12th yr of reign of Geo. the 3rd. 3rd dayof June.

  • 1 June 1781 - tithables. Shanando Co. Va. Jacob Holeman Gent. same in Capt. Seaborne's Company.

Jacob is a Yeomen and a Gentleman

  • Deed book h- p. 522--june 25, 1763--Jacob Holeman and Margaret his wife to Henry House tract granted to Daniel Holeman Aug. 2,1750--395. acres.

Excerpts from Court Order Books,Shenandoah County Clerks Office,Woodstock, Virginia

  • Page 8-9--At court held for Dunmore county at the Courthouse in Woodstock the 23rd day of June in the twelfth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George III by the Grace of God of Great Britain, Franceand Ireland King Defender of the Faith @c. Annoque Dominie MCCLXXII.
  • Jacob Holeman one of Gentleman named in the COmmission of the Peacefor this County came into Court and took the usual oaths to his Majesty's paerson and Goverment, and Subcribed the oath of Abjueration and Test, and then took the oath of a Justice of the Peace, and of the County Court in Chancery, as also the Oath of a Justice of Oyer and Terminer.

Court Order Book 1781-1784--Shenandoah County, Virginia

  • Page 2--As a Court held for Shanandoah County at the Courthouse in Woodstock the 29th day of March in the fifth year of the Commonwealth& the year of Our Lord one 1781
  • Page 5--Upon mention of Jacob Hoelman & Alexander Hite Commisioners of this County for providing of Provisions @c Agreeable to the Act ofAssembly are Allowed the Sd. Holeman 23 days and Hite 24 Days each Twenty pounds pr day.
  • Page 25--At a court continued & held for Shanando County at theCourthouse in Woodstock this 1st day of Juen 1781 & the Fifth year of the Commonwealth--"is appointed to take a list of tithes in the County within the bounds of _____ Company" (B.B> This is text of order preceding this one pertinent to Jacob Holeman.) "Jacob Hoelman Gent.Samein Capt. Seabornes' Compy."
  • Page 52--At a Court held for Shanando County at the Courthouse in Woodstock on Thursday the 28th day of March 1782 & the Sixth year ofthe COmmonwealth.
  • Page 55--Jacob Holeman, Alexander Hite, & Abraham Keller Gent. are apointed Commisioners to Carry into Exectuion an Act of Assembly Pass'd in November 17891 for receiving the Specific Tax who gave bond of Security for their due & Faithful performance of Sd. office.

Court Order Book 1771-1774--Shenandoah COunty, Virginia

  • Page 162--Jacob Holeman Gent. is apointed to take List of Tithablesfrom Holeman's Creek to Stony Creek, between the North Mountain and the Masanutten Mountain.
  • Page 294-1774--Jacob Holeman appointed to take list of Tithables" from the county line of Augusta to Jumping run between the mountains."

Shenandoah County Clerk's Ofice, Woodstock, Virginia

  • Will Book A-Page 75--"We the Subsribers being first duly sworn by Order of Court for Dunmore County in the Colony of Virginia on the 2dday of December 1774 do appraise the moveable Estate of Mr. Christian Holderman decd this 3rd day of January 1775. CUnrod Bantar. Recorded APril 25, 1775.
  • Will Book A-Page 228--November 25, 1779--Guardian bond of Jacob Holdman guardian of Samuel White orphan of Wm. White dec'd. RecordedNov. 25, 1779.
  • Will Book A-Page 382--Bond of Jacob Hoelman & Abm. Bird--"Jacob Holeman shall receive and pay the Tax grain or Commodities required byan Act of assembly payable in certain Enumerated Commodities to the Commonwealth of Virginia from Shando County as Commisioners elected by the county court for the same." Recorded April 25, 1782.
  • Will Book B-Page 80--Inventory dated May 27, 1784 of personal Estate &Slaves of Mr. Jacob Holeman decd. pursuant to Court order dated March 1784. Page 89--Exx. Bond Dated March 25, 1784. Recorded March 25,1784.
  • Deed Book C, Page 522--Deed of LEase--dated June 25, 1783--JacobHoleman of the county of SHanando in the state of Virginia of the onepart & Henry Houser of the County & State afroesiad of the otherpart....for 5 shillings gold or silver current money ofVirginia....tract in Shando County on Shannando River which was granted to Daneil Holeman by deed from the proprietors office August2, 1750-395 acres. Recorded June 26,1783.